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  1. yzkid_85

    Setting timing on my Klx110

    So I took the head off of my klx110 for the first time to send it out to have some port and polish work down. My bike is a 2010. Problem is, i was reading instructions from a 2009 and older. Now my problem is, I took the head off while the piston was not at TDC. When I go to put the bike back together, how can i be sure that the timing is correct?
  2. yzkid_85

    Rebuilt my CR.. Need help

    the crank almost looks new. no burn marks or anything. Little side to side play and absolutely no up and down play. but ok, flip it upside down and flush with diesel? seems like theres a drain on the bottom of the engine, could i take that bolt out? I'll try and get a picture of what i'm talking about tomorrow
  3. yzkid_85

    Rebuilt my CR.. Need help

    So I picked up an 02 cr125 with a blown top end. I tore it down and the head looked like so... I ordered a new head and piston but want to make sure this isnt going to happen again, so what exactly caused it? Piston in backwards? Looks like theres barely anytime on the piston. Another question i have is, there appears to be liquid in the bottom end, seems to be antifreeze. I may have gotten some in there while i was tearing the bike apart. Will this cause any harm to the motor? Is there anyway for me to drain it? Any and all answers will help! Thanks
  4. I need a stator gasket for my 2007 crf450r. I found one cheap on ebay for a 450x and was wondering if it would fit on my F
  5. yzkid_85

    2008 Yz125 screeches to a stop

    Yeah guys after what everyone's saying I think I'm gonna pass on the bike and just try and find a running bike. Thanks for the help!
  6. yzkid_85

    2008 Yz125 screeches to a stop

    He wants 1400 for it and I'd be doing the labor. So basically there's too many things that could be wrong to go with it?
  7. I have the opportunity to pick up a seized 2008 yz125 for a decent price. What the previous owner is saying is his son was in a mud race and all of a sudden he started hearing a screeching noise and would have to work the bike harder to get any power then it just seized. He said the cylinder and piston were just replaced and when he looked up the exhaust port there was no signs of scoring. My question is, what could possibly be wrong? Crank bearings lock up? Could it be transmission problems? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
  8. yzkid_85

    Factory Backing Graphics?

    I liked them. They were cheap, good quality, and shipped fast
  9. yzkid_85

    Bike destroyed at Lorettas!

    Definitely sucks but how was he eligible to race a bike that he bought two weeks ago? I thought you had to race the same bike at the area qualifier, regional, and lorettas
  10. yzkid_85

    2007 Honda CR125r

    akraproviac on a two smoke?
  11. yzkid_85

    Chad Reed crash

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-POxxAl10mU nope, you're right. But yeah, i was so impressed by chad reed getting back on. especially seeings how in past years he stopped racing due to certain illnesses..
  12. yzkid_85

    I'm a Bit Behind But...

    i thought that rule was more or less, help getting his bike started.. His bike wasn't going to start. I remember at southwick two years ago, Christophe Pourcels mechanic pushed his bike back to the pits after an engine failure
  13. yzkid_85

    2011 kxf250! done

    you are a genius with bikes
  14. yzkid_85

    Help me!

    a 125 piston isnt interchangeable with a 250...
  15. yzkid_85

    3-Day Ride Trip!!!

    motoland looks sooo sick. Make sure you take plenty of pictures!