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  1. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    I'm, alive, well and still racing - it's just a 24v scooter now.
  2. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    Moving from Colorado to Florida- worth bringing my bikes?

    Ocala National Forrest
  3. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    Bartow Hare Scrambles

    OOPS!! It is the 27th and 28th - NOT the 21st! Here are the coordinates - the same as last year; 27 50'45.5"N 81 49'28.6"W Go to Event Schedule on the left: http://www.floridatrailriders.org/index.php
  4. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    Florida Bartow Hare Scrambles

    Is anyone going on the 21st?
  5. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    Just got cops called on me.... best cop experience

    Cops suck.
  6. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    Tampa Bay area riders

    Tru dat! I just took my 17 year-old son and his friend out yesterday. $15 day pass! He learned out there at the kiddie place and took the MSF Dirtbike School there; http://www.dirtbikeschool.org/ He's going to college tomorrow - may be the last time for a long, long time. sniff
  7. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    SOLD! See ya'll later - it's been real.
  8. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    Wanted to Give My Florida Friends First Shot

  9. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    Well I've finally decided to quit. It's been a hard decision but common-sense and my son going to a private college necessitates me acting a little more conservatively/responsibly. No more hooliganism for at least the next four years. Plus two broken legs in three years didn't help any. It's been fun guys - I will miss it! PS - who wants my DRZ?
  10. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    Florida Wanted to Give My Florida Friends First Shot

    I'll be posting it up in Classifieds and Craig's soon but for now I just wanted to give my Florida friends a first shot at my '03 DRZ400S. Although I've ridden fairly injury-free since I was 8 I've broken my leg on it twice in the last three years - that and the fact my son is entering a private college in the fall means I would be a fool to keep riding - at least for the next 4 years. So, until 2017 I will be bike-less and am selling this one. It's stock except for the 3X3, jetting and FMF Titanium header and can. It really rips (for me). Make an offer - shanemac@tampabay.rr.com.
  11. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    Florida Anyone Know This "Stolen" Bike?

    I have not been able to verify the claims here but thought it would be a good idea to post to see if anyone can claim it. ***REMEMBER - NOTHING HERE IS VERIFIED YET*** http://tampa.craigsl...3597810189.html
  12. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    What made you wanna ride?

    That's simple; FREEDOM. I could jump on my XR75 and in 5 minutes I'd be what effectively was a million miles from responsibility - mom & dad. I was a free-bird when I was on that bike - until I came back (or it broke!)
  13. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    50+ riders

    I'll be 52 this year and as I sit here and type I am healing from the 2nd leg break in 3 years from riding my DRZ400. Did the tib-fib three years ago today and on 10-20 I broke the femur on the same leg. Been riding all types since 8 yrs old. Before this - nothing but an ACL repair. Now I don't know if I should quit. The wife & just about everybody else is telling me it's time. If I do get back on and break something AGAIN I'll have to leave town. It's really a conundrum and is bumming me out.
  14. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    Chicks dig scars

    Was that you!!? That's wild getting video of your own self-mutilation! I'm glad mine only exists in my memory.
  15. Suzy03DR-Z400S Lover

    Chicks dig scars

    Good job, Shopguy! I bet it didn't hurt at all when they started the rehab and had you put your foot down flat on the ground for the first time - huh? BTW - how was it that the bike was able to get your foot like that?