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  1. johnk408

    Magura slave cylinder failure

    I just read another thing about it in MXA and supposedly only affects the bikes with the DDS clutch (I think that is what they call it, with the Belleville washer), the TC250 and 4 strokes I believe it said.
  2. johnk408

    Magura is a complete joke

    One of the magazines did a test on the brembo, magura and threw in some aftermarket brake I think. If I remember, the magura came out on top but many said they were actually too aggressive.
  3. johnk408

    out the door price for 2018 husq

    Not sure how your state is, but in KY if I buy out of state I don't have to pay the sales tax. That's why I always bought my bikes across the river in Ohio as it saved quite a bit. I haven't bought new in about 5 years, so they may be cracking down on this now, but that's how it was.
  4. johnk408

    '11 wr300, good bike??

    Not owned by KTM in '11...parts may be harder to find. Others on here can chime in as I don't have personal experience on that model.
  5. johnk408

    125 to 150 conversion

    did you buy the SXS kit? It comes with a different black box and everything and should have what you need...assuming they made it for the 2015. I know they do for 2016+
  6. Figured it out myself, somehow at work I guess I just logged in with google.
  7. Mmmmm......somehow above it says I am a newbie and gave me a user name of my real name? How does that happen???
  8. johnk408

    Magura slave cylinder failure

    I would think it would be all with the magura as it is the same whether on the 4 stroke or 2 stroke. I haven't really seen anyone on here with an issue, just read about it in MXA personally.
  9. johnk408

    Magura slave cylinder failure

    mineral oil
  10. johnk408

    What have you done to your Husky today?

    Changed my rear wheel bearings....say that 10 times real fast.
  11. johnk408

    Magura slave cylinder failure

    MXA said that they all will fail at some point for some reason and recommend changing it out with the brembo one (the part by the countershaft that is). The seal goes bad on the magura ones they say....but I still am running my magura one personally.
  12. johnk408

    2018 TX300 Rear Spring

    Just changed mine on my 125 and it is pretty easy, same as any others I have done. the manual should list how much to compress the spring when one as well, I think mine was like 8-10 mm (i.e. a 260 mm spring would tighten preload until it was 252mm). Of course you may change that once you set your sag, but it is a good starting point. Some easy to follow videos on you tube.
  13. You have to take links out in 2, so make sure it definitely is right before cutting. Easiest to just count the old, remember to add masterlink to the count as well. I just ordered a chain from rocky mountain as well for my 125 and it listed the wrong size. I generally buy a 120 and just cut to length. And 155 hours seems like A LOT OF HOURS for a chain and sprocket. Are you the original owner? Maybe previous owner changed the gearing.
  14. johnk408

    Anybody gone from KTM to Husqvarna?

    What I find interesting is how different magazines rate the two in shootouts, even though they are basically identical. I guess if you are technical enough you could feel the difference with the composite airbox and the different swingarm, but there really isn't much difference between the two since KTM started producing them. The more closed airbox on the Husky does affect performance supposedly too.
  15. johnk408

    TC 125

    I just picked up a 17 TC 125 a few months ago that was used. So far I love it. I weigh about 190 or so and suspension works for me, especially since the fork is easily adjustable. I probably should go up on rear, but will play with the sag and clickers for now. To be honest though, if you take care of a four stroke or 2 stroke they will last quite a while any more. But when they need rebuilt, that's when the 125 is much better as it's about $100 top end. I have about 30 hours on bike with no issues other than I had to do some fork seals which were really simple. Also, I don't like how the oil drains on the sides and gets all over the place as my glide plate isn't easy to remove. Other than that, I love it. I have read in magazines about issues with spokes loosening and sprocket bolts as well, but I have not seen this personally. Also, now sure your mechanical ability as I order all my stuff online and do my own work because, at least around me, the closest dealer is about 100 miles I think. Most of the KTM parts other than the body are the same too, so it does give you more optios.