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    Am I the only one still waiting???

    A shipment did come in today, and one is mine. But, they will not give it to me in the crate (I tried and tried, begged even since I'll be taking it apart anyway). They didn't give me a date when it'll be put together, but their service dept. is open weekends so there is hope for the weekend.
  2. YZBlue

    Am I the only one still waiting???

    I'm in Central Calif. and I'm still waiting. The dealer got one this last weekend, so that makes about 30 more of us still waiting on the list. I was told the next shipment is today, Oct. 1st. About 18 will arrive.
  3. YZBlue

    Helmet Cam

    As I wait for the new '05 CRF450 to arrive, I took a little ride on my YZ250 this last weekend. If you'd like a peek, I have the video but only if you have a broadband connect (cable, DSL, T1): http://www.mxcentral.com/Gunnit_Pville_HiRes.mpg It's a 112 meg file so it'll be choppy in Windows Media player as it loads. Once it's done, go to full screen and turn the sound UP! This is a local track in central California called Porterville OHV. Enjoy. YZBlue (Mike Gunn)
  4. YZBlue

    First Impression: 2005 Honda CRF450R

    Cool! Anybody know what the reduced offset on the stock bike will be? 22mm? 24mm? Wow...I have an '05 on hold. Sounds like I'll be riding in stock mode for awhile since it's "that good".
  5. Is that OTD (Out The Door) pricing?
  6. YZBlue

    '05 CRF450 best price available?

    West coast pricing is MUCH different than the rest of the world
  7. YZBlue

    '05 CRF450 delayed because of Suzuki?

    All it would take is one small component for Honda to sue. I agree, and I asked the same question about the delay for Honda. All I got was a shrug. It's only a rumor at this point.
  8. It's probably a rumor but I just heard that Honda has delayed the release of the '05 CRF450 because they are suing Suzuki due to their RMZ450. Thus, Suzuki is delayed as well. The problem seems to be Suzuki's engine components. I heard this through a dealership so take it for what it's worth.
  9. YZBlue

    '05 CRF450 best price available?

    I live in central California (Clovis). I have a deposit on an '05 for $6800 OTD.
  10. YZBlue

    Stalling solution....

    Sounds good to me. I'm so tempted to move up from the '00 YZ250. We'll see how things go in the next couple of weeks.