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  1. spaz

    rear Tire selection

    Gues I'll try either the M12 or the 739. Before asking the question I was going to try a hard terrain MX tire, if nobody suggested me that, it probably mean that I will loose to mnuch traction on soft terrain. Thanks again, hope it helped other TT'ers with the same fast wearing tire problem.
  2. spaz

    rear Tire selection

    Need advise for the selection of a rear tire from experienced riders. I use to buy intermediate terrain MX tires. I run many types of terrain from soft sand to compact dirt, going trough mud. I buy intermediate terrain tire to have a good average on all those types of riding. My problem is when hit gravel roads I either litteraly rip the studs off or the tires wears off really fast. Does anyone know wich intermediate type tire can withstand gravel roads. If impossible, wich brand and model of tire will give me the best life expectancy on gavel roads. Thank you! ------------------
  3. spaz

    engine noise after timing change

    Thanks Bryan, I don't think this could be it. It sounds like tac, tac,tac,tac at the same time as the revolutions of the engine. That is what makes me beleive it could be the valve clearance after I changed the cam timing. I think I will go to the dealer and ask them to hear it, and probably ask for a price quote. What kind of job is it to adjust and measure precisely and fix the valve clearance, if it is easy I will do it myself since I have been there when I changed the timing. Thank you for any other advise! SPAZ!
  4. spaz

    Starting suspension setup

    Salut Robin! J'ai fait un tour une fois vers Mascouche, je n'ai pas trouvé de trails très intéressantes, peut-être vers Terrebonne! Je vais tenter de procurer une carte de trail de VTT chez le dealer. Au plaisir de se rencontrer sur la piste!!
  5. spaz

    engine noise after timing change

    It really feels to me as a timming chain or valve noise. I will have a look at the valves adjustment. It is probably normal to adjust the valves after a cam change! From what you guys are telling me, the noise seems normal after the timming change! Thank you for your advise.
  6. spaz

    engine noise after timing change

    I would like anybody to confirm me if it is normal to have more noise coming from the engine after I changed the exhaust cam advance to Yz specs. I did everything as discribed in the technical section of this site. It looks to me as a cam noise. The bike was running so smoothly before, I am wondering if I have done anything wrong. Could I damage anything running like that. The bike is WR400 1999. Thank you!
  7. spaz

    Starting suspension setup

    Salut Robin! Hors contexte, de quelle région est-tu? J'habite à Lachenaie, je me promène dans la région de Joliette et en Mauricie près de Grand-Mère. J'aimerais connaître d'autres trails dans la région de Montréal. Salut!
  8. spaz

    engine noise after timing change

    I went for a 1 hour ride and the bike runs perfectly with great power. The mechanical engine noise never increased or lowered. Guess it is O.K. Hope so!
  9. spaz

    Yoshimura pipe!

    I have a deal on a Yoshimura pipe. Would like to know if it is a good idea to buy that make of pipe. Any suggestion on wich pipe to install would be appreciated. Would I be better to keep my stock pipe and modify it? Thank you for your help!
  10. spaz


    What is the difference between a DRZ400e and a DRZ400s other than the streetability. Are the DRZ400e avalaible with or without the electrc start. [This message has been edited by spaz (edited 03-09-2001).]
  11. spaz

    DRZs on the highway

    Just warn your buddy that you will probably need to take a break every 45 minutes.
  12. I finaly decided that I am going to buy a DRZ400 instead of a WR426. I will be dealling the price of the bike with a couple of components. What are the first components to install to the bike to improve it's performance or to fix known common problems. I would appreciate having a couple of ideas. Of course if anybody have any idea on what modifications to do to actual components please let me know. Thank you for your help!!