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  1. I just wish I wasn’t looking at a 9500 out the door price.. lol
  2. Wow, you guys are awesome! Thank you for all the feed back! It seems like the RR is the way to go.. that’s even what the dealership mentioned. How is the parts availability and oem prices for rebuilds and such? Always like to plan ahead. The weight of the RR is very appealing too and looks are unmatched after seeing it. Some shercos were next to it and a couple gasgas but as my dealer said.. them boys that sip the orange juice, once they taste the red/white juice they drop there cups lol
  3. I'm 23, 6'1 and 195lbs.
  4. Hey guys, so I headed to a local dealer to check out some used bikes and the owner of the shop got to talking with me and showed me some of the betas. First time at these dealer so never had been around these bikes, but he swears by them. Saying they're one of the best woods bikes you can buy. Now, I have some experience on bikes, had a pit bike(pitster pro) as well as a crf250 and rmz450, just woods riding bikes. I've never owned a 2 stroke and I'm really interested in the 300 trainer or the 300rr Enduro? What the bike had written on it. I'm not a beginner rider but I'm not a hard experienced rider, is a 300 2 stroke too much bike for me? I know it has power valve .. I just don't want a 8k bike that I am not ready for or shouldn't be riding. Thanks for the info guys, recommendations welcomed!
  5. Just picked her up today, 04 yz125, sold my rmz450 and went for it! What ya think?
  6. Another pic
  7. Just got rid of the rmz450 and biked up an 04 yz125.. he also have a whole slew of extra parts including an extra steel frame, bigger gas tank, extra bars, and misc parts I'll post tomorrow. How's it look? Came with asv levers, hand guards, new top end, electronic engine monitor and more!
  8. All new plastics, new grips, new brake line, new rear tire, all new chain and sprokets, new coolant lines, flushed brakes and coolant. Only issue small bend in front rim I'll post that tomorrow. How's she look?! 06 450 with 8 hours on new build.
  9. This is when I first got her to now. She was a pretty well put together bike just had some minor errors. Threw new grips on, rerouted the brake line correctly, replaced the choke plunger, new rear tire, new hour gauge, all new chain and sprokets, new brake fluids and coolants and a new line to connect radiators, how's she look? The front rim has a very small bend and rear rim one of the spokes the end where I tighten the spoke is split are these major issues?
  10. Well I went to my local shop and they did a once over for me. Bike is in really good condition. All the valves were mint, none were tight or out of spec. Needed some little things like new grips, new choke plunger, air filter, rear tire (my choice) new chain and sprokets (my choice) that was really all. Pads rotors and lines all good. Suspension was set very nice and was solid. He said the previous owner knew what he was doing so it looks like I'm in the clear
  11. It was an 05
  12. Just picked this up as a trade for my crf250r and alittle bargaining. 06 rmz450.. full drd exhaust, tall seat, full suspension, wide radiators, wide foot pegs, rims, Renthal bars, pivoting foot brake, 2 extra front fenders, sprokets etc. Just rebuilt in April 2014 and since has about 8 hours on it with all receipts.
  13. Picked up a 2006 rmz450 that has 8 hours on the rebuilt motor, it was raced but it was very well cared for so that's an ok in my book. Only picture I have at the moment.. Full drd exhaust,tall seat, full suspension, wide radiators,wide foot pegs, rims, Renthal, pivoting brake pedal, carbon fiber skid plate and chain guard and some more. What ya think?
  14. Just picked up a crf250r for a steal runs very good but I've been reading alot and it seems Yamaha the way to go. I will be doing some racing along with trail riding.. the crf is 05 if that helps
  15. It's my first bike so I want to keep it a while just want to make sure I made the right choice