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  1. We have begun [emoji1303]
  2. Appreciate all the feedback, taking everyone’s advice. Gonna be buying some tools to do work at home instead of taking to the shop. Thank you everyone .
  3. 93hp.. [emoji848]
  4. So I just picked up the 17 300rr race edition, and with temps in New York around 26 degrees this week, the season is done for riding. Now I got the bike used with about 24 hours on it. It’s a very clean bike. Rekluse core, stegpegz, aluminum radiator guards, new reed system, almost new tires. Now, since she’s garaged now I wanna tear it down to just the Motor and clean everything up. Planned on changing brake pads, new tranny oil, greasing axles, swingarm and linkage, but now I must ask. If I’m doing all this, should I put new bearings in too? Plan of putting new fork oil in(first time attempting this) , new spark plug, might clean the carb etc am I doing too much and being crazy? The connectors will get dielectric, as I’ve read. Is there anything I’m missing or not doing that I should be? I’m alittle OCD so you can tell me lol. Thanks for the input.
  5. Sweet thanks for the feedback guys, gonna start tearing here down
  6. So question for you guys, with temps dropping here in New York I probably won’t be riding til march(trip to West Virginia) in the mean time, getting the bike slightly used and it just sitting there I have the urge to rip it down and clean it, lube it, have it ready to go. I’m gonna get belray marine grease for the axels, the swingarm, and whatever else may need it. Chain looks good, sprockets look good. Any thing you guys can think of that needs attention with 20 hours on it? I want to rip when the time comes.. I’ll also be working on the 5x8 trailer I picked up, pressure treated wood for the deck and replacing bearings and race for piece of mind!
  7. Lol thanks for you hook up on the deal! Glad to be apart of the beta crew!
  8. Got her with 24 hours on it, tires are pretty mint, only thing horn doesn’t work but not too worried
  9. Lol touché!
  10. Delivered this afternoon from beaver creek, quick rip around the yard I’m in love!
  11. Yeah I know lol I just wanted to get it home with that deal, guy I work with already discussed going south in March to West Virginia (Hatfield McCoy’s) so I’ll see, I’m just pumped to have the bike haha
  12. Check was overnighted. Let’s get this baby home!
  13. That’s for sure. Can’t wait to get the bike !
  14. Getting it shipped, got a great price
  15. Yes I did