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  1. Is this a common issue or what causes this? Feel like a gasket belongs there.. The power valve is fine with the oil slightly coming out?
  2. Well I have about 4 hours on my 18 300rr, nothing crazy, up and down through the rpms, Heat cycles, etc. Great bike and very challenging at the same time lol have to get used to it. But anyways, looks like the top end has a small gap that emit a small amount of fluid? (See pic) is this normal? Question two, stupid question. I go through the manual but can’t seem to find PV adjustment, too far too little. I have my PV turned in some and it looks like a tiny bit of oil is in the threads. This an issue? I also have the run off, or what you may call it, routed under the bike and sits on skid plate, that emits good amount of oil too, trying to master these 2 strokes but I get too anal I guess. I know rich is okay and safer, also breaking in with OI and mixed tank so maybe that’s issue too? Also not in the power band whole lot.
  3. Yeah basically life is short and wanted to start on a brand new bike again .. first new bike since my raptor 250 back in 2013. Something about starting fresh that you can’t beat.
  4. Pick her up this week.. added: Pipe guard Hand guards Steg pegz That’s it for now, might buy a rotor guard for the front and that’s about it.. Has dealer installed turn signals front and rear, being registered, used the road to connect trails. Can not wait to start ripping!
  5. Past month I’ve had the bike stripped and cleaned and rode it today, man I love the bike. But spending 7000 on a used 17 with 25 hours got me thinking. So I called our dealer and I’m getting an 18 300 within the next week, made me a nice deal. It’ll be nice to start with a clean new bike, heard a lot of good about the 18s.
  6. I def have a lot of life left in the rotors, just caught my eye as I was doing a thorough inspection. I checked the dirt tricks, they will def be my next set.
  7. Ah good to know. Wasn’t sure if the piston was pushing it in too far causing premature wear, I’ll look into EBC. Heading to Hatfield McCoys in March so trying get her ready.
  8. I noticed that too, I believe it’s just the perspective. I rotate the wheel the pad makes full contact with the rotor when the wave rotates.
  9. Whelp had some Christmas Eve fun, started degreasing the motor and underbody, chemical guys product works very well. Bike is pretty well clean until I remove the forks and swingarm. Now I noticed my rear rotor has a deep groove, deeper then the front, which Is odd. Do you think there is too much pressure on the rotor from the pad? Or back brake has been ridden more? Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. The goods got delivered
  11. Okay question .. the bike is pretty well broken down I’m ready to start cleaning .. I have no access to water as my hose is disconnected for winter. What should I use to spray on the frame and engine and plastics to clean it and the dirt? What about the chain? Thanks .. I’ve seen contact cleaners or general soap/water bucket just seeing what you guys do.
  12. Much cleaner bikes on here but thanks!