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  1. Update, after 2.5 months in a sling and brace, the bone just isn’t healing as it should. Looks like surgery will be going down on Tuesday for a plate and screws. The road just keeps getting longer.
  2. I went skiing once and I wasn’t too good at it lol maybe that was an early sign!
  3. I’m turned in some, I wasn’t how far you can go with it.. if it will stop or what. The hit wasn’t so bad, it’s more getting used to the throttle control, which that g2 will come in handy. It’s 70 bucks and if I don’t like it I can change it out, no biggie.
  4. I’ll have to look into the springs.. if installed, do you back the powervalve screw back out to flush? I’m assuming turning it in while lessen the hit much more with said spring(green) in place..
  5. Def will be in a big open field practicing technical stuff, throttle and clutch control, my biggest thing is learning all that while standing which is still new to me
  6. Well, after sleeping on it, I may just keep the beta. I’m gonna turn in the power valve some more, gonna get a g2 throttle tamer and just learn the bike some more. The biggest thing I need to learn is riding technique. I suppose that will come in time, but can someone point me in a direction of better control for whiskey throttle while standing and going over obstacles? That’s what I need. I read more body control, hands are only used for control, arms steer and less pressure on the bars. I have a lot of work to do and I’m nervous I won’t get there.
  7. There’s a 17 fe250 for sale where I bought my first beta.. for 7999.. great deal! Thinking about it. What does the throttle tamer actually do?
  8. Well currently , I have a buyer lined up.. my bosses buddy. Agreed on 7800 and I’m throwing it everything I have for the bike. Just waiting on the rear fender to come in, has been back ordered for couple weeks now from beta(ordered from Sierra). Anyways, I used to have a ssr 160tx, full mod pit bike. Now I know it wasn’t full size, but I did very well riding that bike with 1/4 turn throttle and my controls were easy, maybe the size mentally helped. Now on the beta I do have 5 hours, I rode with the bosses son on his property, in the Powerline’s. Now these Powerline’s were tough, hilly, rocky, it was def challenging to ride. This was my first full ride on the bike. I did pretty damn good in my opinion. I didn’t ride fast, I didn’t stand much (still very uncomfortable with standing and throttle control) but I made it over a lot of stuff. I rode up a gear a lot, and the bike just chugged. It was pretty awesome, my reflexes were good, I didn’t go down, almost, but I saved myself. It didn’t help that the sun set and it turned into a night ride but I managed and somehow came out good. Yet I get hurt in the back yard messing around. The torque on the trails I could def feel.. rode with clutch covered at all times, def saved me. But the powerband is something that intimidates me, honestly not sure, just never wanna cross into it and that’s why I think I’m more a 4 stroke rider. Everytime I hear the bike winding up getting ready I always shift up.. maybe 2 strokes just aren’t for me..
  9. I requested mine to get a different option at another orthopedic surgeon. Then he put it on a big screen and I took a pic lol
  10. Regardless. I have been doing some research on the ktm 250xcf along with a husky FE. But only time will tell..
  11. Lost control in my backyard messing around in the snow, whiskey throttled and used my arm as a brace coming down.. X-ray is a month after the incident.
  12. I appreciate all the feedback.. guess there is a lot to think about now. I see for sure I should steer clear of the quads. What bike I end up riding in the next couple months is still up in the air honestly.. doing research and seeing what I actually feel comfortable on.
  13. I get what you’re saying, but I think I’m going go with a different bike.. the beta is too much and too beautiful for me. I don’t deserve it haha. The power is there, torque is there, throttle sensitive and I am not ready for it. When I had it in the trails and tough terrain I was nervous , never wanted to let it hit the powerband. For me, it’s mental right now. I’ll be going with a 4 stroke, won’t be my last bike but for now I’ll work on my skills on a smaller bike and learn to love the sport more.
  14. This is all very true as I’m now seeing.. I was just doing little searching and all the quad accidents I see the bike lands back on them or does significant damage.. my buddy has been keeping my spirits high. He says he’ll work with me and Work on control and really getting handling down on the bike. He’s been riding for many many years and it happens to be my bosses son( my boss asked how my bike was before me lol) so they’re big motorcycle guys. He owns tons of land and that makes me feel positive getting to learn at a pace I can handle. He rides a ktm 350. He has one for sale too with 5 hours. Dealer in Ohio has a brand new husqur fe250 for 8000. Great deal. I need to heal and sell my beta. I’m finally feeling positive about getting back on the saddle and having support. On the other hand, here’s my swelling lol I broke in a very awkward spot and it puffed up just a wee bit. Hot nurses make it feel better