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  1. speedboot

    2009 65sx please before I throw it into a river

    check reedvalve and crankseal on ign. site
  2. speedboot

    Fastest man on the planet was not Herlings

    Jeffrey herlings did a good job. with glenn in front of him he knows glenn is first and he second . when he passed glenn ,jeffrey know he is first but what abouth glenn . smart riding
  3. speedboot

    How to Torque Cylinder

    use this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Facom-Torque-Wrench-5pc-Accessory-Set-Ring-Spanner-End-Attachments-R-300-3-/231164083008 with this http://www.expert-toolstore.com/facom-torque-wrenches/966-facom-e316d-series-electronic-torque-angle-wrench-case
  4. speedboot

    Can't find aftermarket clutch hub for 14' 300XC

    is this not a compleet steel basket , how can this wear . goes for years .
  5. or the piston seal from the master cilinder is bad , or try this , fill the reservoir compleet , instal the seal and cover . set the bike on the side stand ,with the steering to the left so the master cilinderlever is up . now pump very fast 10 time,s and wait 10 seconds. do this again. when you feel you get a little presurre ,smach the brake lever a few time,s tgo the handelbar and let it release itself. this most work. the air is gomming up in the mastercilinder .
  6. speedboot

    Torn wire on air temp connector.

    you can take out the pins. first remove the white plastic insert , take a needle pick and pray the gray plastic away from the pin. push out the pin. its a 5 sec .job
  7. speedboot

    Stripped oil check plug

    go to 1/4 unc or 7mm .
  8. you can use the pick up coil from a 2009 sxf 250. less expensif ,its the pick up coil alone ,and no stator with it. had the same with our 2014 sxf 250 ,
  9. speedboot

    balance shaft wear 2018

    well ,you can here it , a whining sound. 10w/40 oil ma specif. 800 cc . i am not the only one overhere in the netherlands. its a sx 250 and riding almost altime 7000+ rpm
  10. speedboot

    balance shaft wear 2018

    there is a open needle bearing on that site, so no inner race . 1 site a ball bearing and the other site a needle bearing. its a bearing with a oil grove in the middle and also a hole in the grove to insite. buth in the case there is no oil gally to the middle of the bearing , so i made it one . the b earings ar in the transmision housing , so lubricant is from the tranny
  11. speedboot

    balance shaft wear 2018

    balance shaft wear afhter about 20 hours on or 2018 sx 250
  12. speedboot

    Top end rebuild KTM SXF 350

    https://www.trialsbikebreakersuk.com/products/motion-pro-gear-jammer-08-0427. you can also make somthing like this.
  13. speedboot

    300 shifting problem..help? :)

    i think the return spring is broken . or the pin is off . drain coolant ,drain oil . remove kickstarter and remove big clutch cover . now you can see the shift meganisme just under the kickstarter shaft . .to take it out you have to remove the compleet clutch . its just 15 min. work to get there
  14. the power relais (small relais on the right site of the bat tray ) must switch off afther about 5-10 sec when the engine stops. .you can hear this ,a click. the power relais is activated from the regulator/rectifier. The reculator is a 3 piece in 1 design ,1 regulated the voltage ,2 rectified the voltage from ac to dc , and 3 there is a switch insite to activated the power relais. when the crank turns , the alt coil powered the reg.rect. and there is a seperated wire from it to the power relais . this is a negatif wire (white-blue ) .this wire is also going to the ecu and to the diagnostic connector. .so first disconect the white blue cable from the regulator and see of the power relais is switching of . so yes ,replace the regulator.