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  1. Nordegg

    08 530 concerns

    That would be the BAD Japanese bike reliability it lacks, right?
  2. Again, full respect to Dwight, but I've had 13-52 on my bike since 2003 and still have the same slider on. And yes, I actually do ride it! It probably depends on the positioning of the rear wheel, as some people HAVE had an issue. I like the gearing for the riding I do; very tight mountain trails. I've never been much for fanning a clutch, so ability to pull from LOW speed is critical and I can still go as fast as I'd like even on a gravel road. If 14-52 doesn't feel low enough I wouldn't be afraid of 13-52, but do check the slider.
  3. It is a 5-speed because it has a reverse gear, I understand.
  4. Nordegg

    KTM cool down

    Really with the right jetting the right amount of coolant, and not idling the bike you shouldn't overheat, fan or no fan. Have you re-jetted from the excessively lean stock set-up? Supposedly the restrictive exhaust makes the '07 EXC's run a bit hotter; I'm not a loud exhaust fan, but steps 1, 2 & 3 for me would be fix the jetting, set the coolant level correctly (barely covering the fins when level), and remove the highly restrictive reduced diameter internal pipe. I've never had a need for a fan or engine ice even with a highly restrictive rad guard. Good luck
  5. Nordegg

    rare opportunity

    I don't know, do you want the lighter, faster, more reliable, better equipped bike or do you want the Honda? Of course you are asking on a KTM section, but even the magazines (who don't get a ton of advertising from KTM) say that the KTM 450 is one of the most bullet-proof dirt bikes out there. Expensive mods? Like what? The carb mods are the same as they use the same basic carb. Motor mods? The EXC 450 can be converted into a 510 with factory parts; that is a better mod than just about anything you can do to the Honda. Dirt Bike compared the new version of both bikes this month; read the article and buy the Orange bike. BTW: KTM parts are no more expensive on average than Honda parts, and availability depends on your dealer; KTM keeps lots of parts available.
  6. Nordegg

    06 ktm 450exc vs. 06 honda crf 450x

    Last I heard when put on a scale the KTM is the lightest, in the specs it is the heaviest. KTM puts their REAL weight in the specs (GASP!). IMHO the KTM is also the most reliable, and my riding group has 3 CRF's and a WR to compare to. The WR seems pretty solid, but still feels considerably heavier; it didn't get much riding last year, so comparisons on reliability will have to wait. The CRFs are not UNRELIABLE, but seem to require more maintainance and that work is harder due to the @#$* aluminum frame being in the way of everything. Power seems comparable on all the brands to me, though they "hit" differently. They're all good bikes, really.
  7. Nordegg

    dosen't like water

    Could be a couple of different things. If the puddle is deep enough that even the very bottom of the motor is submerged, then I would say it is the carb vents that are your problem. There are two that vent the float bowl, you just have to run one of them up high enough to let air in and your stall will disappear. If you are just splashing through a puddle, then it probably is your spark plug wire/cap. Doesn't take much water there to cause a stall. You can screw the wire in to the cap more, or replace it. Some people like to put dielectric grease in there to keep the water out. The drain hole filling or not wouldn't kill the spark if your wire was still making a good connection. Good Luck!
  8. Nordegg

    Questions for KTM 450 XC owners

    Having both available to ride, I notice the difference. In the tricky mountain terrain we ride in, a "granny" gear is helpful and we gear them down to 13-52. We use logging roads to move from trail to trail and the EXC has as much speed as you'd ever want, the XC hits its limit in this situation. I'll say that the XC has more than enough speed for any trail, and frankly as much as you SHOULD use on gravel, too. I don't find the EXC too gappy, but for tight racing or sand where you need the RIGHT gear, the XC would be better. As far as I can tell we agree on the suspension. Travis or Dave Hopkins could give all of the potential for displacement increase, but the EXC (XC-W) starts with a longer stroke so for every bore increase it will have an advantage. With stroker kits (obviously) you can end up with the same motor.
  9. Nordegg

    Questions for KTM 450 XC owners

    Ah, KTM's "alphabet soup" model line up strikes again. The 450EXC is a road legal long-stroke enduro bike. The 450XC-W (W for "wide ratio") is the same bike but without lights etc (and doesn't show up on the KTM usa website). The 450XC (a.k.a. 450XC-G) is a short stroke/big bore bike with different tranny and suspension. Very simple:foul:
  10. Nordegg

    2007 KTM 450XC or WRF450

    I'm going to mention that the 525XC and 450XC have some significant differences. The 525 is basically the old 525MXC and has a close ratio gear box and (I believe) very similar suspension to the EXC. The 450XC has a special "semi-close" ratio tranny (low 1st and 2nd, close ratio 3-6 gears), and fully adjustable suspension from the 450SX (but softer). The 525XC is primarily a desert racer, the 450XC was designed to be an agressive enduro that can go to an MX track. I think the comment about the 450XC being geared for MX true, but both desert racers and MX racers like close ratios (the final drive ratio is different by using different sprockets). For trail riding/enduro I like wide ratio boxes, but the 450XC is a pretty good compromise.
  11. Nordegg

    ktm fork seals

    If your seals leak all the time, you have a problem (and it isn't just the seal design). My '02 got a minor leak in my first year and before replacing them I decided to try cleaning out the seals. I ran some old film negetive along the sealing surface, pulling out loads of crap, which fixed the leak. On someone's advice I filled the seal retainer with waterproof grease and have been leak-free ever since. Annually (sometimes 2x/year) I clean the old grease and crud out of the retainer. Mis-aligned forks can also cause a leak, BTW. Loosen the lower fork mounts and bounce them up and down a little to re-align, (then remember to re-tighten:ride: ). Good Luck!
  12. Nordegg

    JD Jet Kit on 2005 450 MXC

    I've had good luck with the JD needle kit, but it won't cure all ills. My bike was jetted correctly before I started, so the bottom end response was no different, but the mid-high range became MUCH stronger with the new needle. I also noticed an improvement by getting my accelerator pump squirt down to 1 second (with the "Honda" diaphragm). Not a huge difference, but instant throttle wheelies got easier. Both of the above changes improved my mileage, too. As far as I can tell the P-38 goes the wrong way for these bikes, giving you a bigger squirt of gas. That might help if you were initially lean, but if it is jetted correctly this accessory might CAUSE a (rich) bog. For bikes with a leak jet in the carb the P-38 could be okay. Good Luck!
  13. Nordegg

    some HP please

    Yes, all HP numbers are open to question, but I think 2whlrcr covered it well in his post. Just because I've seen so many questions on this, I'll put down the numbers I've seen. 250SXF 36.8 hp 400EXC 37.5 450EXC 44 450XC 45.5 450SX 50-52(?) 525EXC 48 525XC 48 525SX 53 Reasonable? Depends on the dyno etc etc etc. I'd never compare the SXF with the 400EXC (or XC-W) as I personally would never rev the little one enough to get its full hp. YMMV
  14. Nordegg

    Best 2007 Off-Road 450cc

    I guess the decision is through, congratulations on the new bike Rocco. I can't help but comment a bit on some of the misinformation in this thread, though. Linkless suspension is (or can be) still progressive; as the suspension moves through its arc the angle on the shock changes. If you engineer it correctly (and some argue KTM didn't to start with) it is BETTER than link suspension as it is more direct. KTMs used to have linkage and chose a route they believe is better. They have not proved their theory in Supercross, but for a small company with low rider budgets they own Enduro racing and represent very well in MX (in Europe and now in the "Lites" class). Nonetheless, have you ever read an ENDURO comparison where people complained about KTM suspension? The 400EXC and then 450EXC won the vast majority (virtually all) of the enduro shootouts I have read for five years. And please don't tell me you think tiny little KTM "bought" their reviews with advertising! Hilarious to suggest KTM popularity is purchased with corporate $, as many people on KTM sites complain endlessly that KTM provides no contingency $ to racers. All those privateers are spending those "extra" dollars on KTMs because they like the bikes. I've ridden both the new WRs and CRFx. Both great bikes but I like my Pumpkin better: YMMV
  15. Your water pump seal is leaking and needs to be replaced. The seal has coolant on one side, oil on the other and a leak path in the middle so a bad seal shows. Do a search here or on ktmtalk.com for instructions on how to do this common repair. The fix is relatively cheap and simple, but if you do it wrong you'll have to repeat it . There is a member named Jeb on both websites that has a nice "how to" linked on the bottom of his posts . Good luck!