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    "Could only happen in the States"? Hey she's Canadian So's Pamela Anderson, but I think we've disowned her now.
  2. Hi guys, I am a Thumpertalk fan, but if you want KTM info you might want to jump over to ktmtalk.com: a VERY busy site. I hear lots of talk of high mileage KTMs, but other people do "preventive maintenance" yearly. The XR400 (not sure about XR650) is probably the low maintenance champ, I doubt any high performance 4 stroke will be AS low service. Compared to the other racing engines out there (CRF, YZ etc.) the KTM is very reliable if you change the oil as you should. For overheating, it depends on your riding. If you are not getting airflow over the radiator, you're not getting cooling. Sitting in a mudbog and spinning is not happy. On the other hand XRs regularly overheat, too; it is just not obvious without boiling coolant. On any bike with a rad you can just add a cooling fan and problem solved. Mine hasn't required one, by the way. I switched from an XR to an EXC and couldn't be happier, Good luck!
  3. Yes, not to get too defensive, but I've had it happen to my XR250. In fact one of my riding buddies lost enough oil to seize the engine. Darn unreliable Hondas! Don't think we can hang KTM on this one: should be an easy fix.
  4. I'll second the carb vent fix. I had a very similar problem; mine would actually make it through the water, but stall on the other side. Re-routed the vent and the problem disappeared.
  5. Nordegg

    TT ride in Canada?

    Yes, as Spud says Canada is a big place. I also ride in Alberta, and there is lots of good riding here. If you're interested in this area I can help you out.
  6. I don't hate the WR but I sure love my EXC. I looked at both and found the EXC suited me better. Why? The EXC has a lower seat height, but more ground clearance. It feels MUCH lighter than the WR. Yamaha claims a lighter dry weight, but every magazine that has put them on a scale shows KTM lighter; the seat height and narrow body just accentuate the difference. KTM six speed, WR 5-speed. KTM has better brakes and smoother power. Both bikes have plenty of power, but I like the way the EXC puts it down. Many testers remark that the KTMs stay 'new looking' for longer too. My feeling is ride them both if you can, then pick the one that feels the best (the Orange one ) Good luck!
  7. Nordegg

    Buying advice - 450EXC or 525EXC

    Need the extra power? Definitely not, the 450 has more power than most mortals can make full use of. On the other hand, reading your signature, did your DRZ really NEED the 450 kit etc? My guess is you'll always wonder what the extra power would have done for you. The 525 is the same weight, height etc as the 450. All you need to do is learn throttle control and it will act exactly the same as a 450. Go big now, it'll save you buying hop up parts later, well, delay it anyway.
  8. Nordegg

    WR450F or ???????

    I'll cast a second vote for trying the KTM. I think all of the new bikes are very good at what they're designed for. All of them have had technical problems, too (Red, Blue and Orange): comes from being cutting edge. I tried both available (450cc) high-tech enduros when I was in the market: WR450 and 450EXC. They are both great, but different: KTM suited me best (got a great deal on a year-old 400). Try both: pick your favorite. Good luck!
  9. Nordegg

    Shifting using the clutch...

    I've had very good luck going clutchless on most shifts: street bikes, sports cars, and dirtbikes. Jeb, the smoother part is the power. With the clutch there is always a brief moment when no power is going to the rear wheel: not so on a speed shift (or arguably the moment is shorter). It is unquestionably FASTER to shift clutchless (ask any dragracer w/a manual tranny). The trick is matching the revs to the new gear. Done poorly it seems significantly harder on the tranny, though. In practice now I upshift clutchless in all normal riding conditions, but not in swamps etc. Downshifting 90% with clutch, 10% w/o. My clutches last forever (100,000 miles+ on my sportscar) and no tranny issues either. Mind you, the same could have happened suing the clutch, too. Different strokes...
  10. Nordegg

    Some questions for the KTM experts.

    Okay, seems like everyone has the brake issue covered. My 2 cents is that IS very fast wear, I'd definitely look at hardwear and/or riding style issues. On the breather try this link (or do a search, much discussion on this):KTMtalk Rerouting the carb hoses definitely cured the river crossing sputter for me Vintage Speedy has some good photos of the arrangement in the photos section over there too, although he calls them "breezer hoses" instead of breather. Maybe its a German thing. Happy riding!
  11. Nordegg

    JD Jet kit feedback

    Well, I can't comment specifically on the 525, but on my 400EXC the kit made a notable difference. The bottom end is unchanged, but midrange power is distinctly stronger. As an unexpected side benefit the gas mileage improved, too. Doing two changes at once makes it hard to determine what did what, though. Ronnie: no, Orange bikes come jetted lean from the factory so they can be "green-stickered". No need to change exhaust, cut grey wires etc, though go Orange
  12. Nordegg

    Smoke signals

    JB I give you credit for coming back to set the record straight. I hope you do the same on the CRF forum and the KTMtalk forum you posted on. Perhaps we can all learn not to jump to conclusions and dump on bikes, dealers, or manufacturers before the facts are in. Operator error accounts for a pretty high percentage of 'failures'. Suggestions of unreliability can be pretty damaging to reputations, so I'm reluctant to play that card.
  13. Nordegg

    Alberta & BC riders

    The link worked for me. Seems like the survey is fairly slanted already. I suppose getting involved earlier would have been the answer. I don't ride in the Ghost/Waiprous area, but I'm sure this will spread . It is a shame a few Yahoos spoil things for the rest of us. If everyone showed a little respect for others and the environment these laws wouldn't be required . Snow today, Ugh!
  14. Nordegg

    New EXC 450 this week in my garage!!

    Welcome to the Orange side There are a few things you'll want to do to get the most out of your beauty. The JD jetting comes to mind, along with loctite on a number of bolts (shift lever, kickstand...). You might want to surf over to 'KTMtalk' and do a search, several guys have made *extensive* lists. Breaking in is one of those things people feel really strongly about, sadly no one seems to agree. Personally I just take it a little easy for the first few hours and change the oil very quickly. Oh,yeah... the oil change process is a bit of a pain at first. There was a thread on a forum about a bolt that has been overtorqued on some bikes, but I haven't heard much else. The 2004 seems to be getting high marks for suspension. Setting up the linkless suspension has been a pet peeve of the bike magazines, but everyone seems to love the 2004. I've never driven your WR, so I can't say how it compares, bring them both over and i'll give you my opinion Enjoy
  15. Nordegg

    mxc vs exc

    Sorry OHVrider, I think you were led astray. This subject has been beaten to death and using the OEM part numbers Jeb is correct. No difference in suspension, no difference in flywheel. Transmission, lights, gas tank, instrumentation (& graphics).
  16. Nordegg

    04' KTM 450sx

    Douglas, Buy the JD kit, it is the best mod you can make on these bikes. It isn't noticable at all at low RPM, but BOY does the mid-range rock ! It was such a difference that I had to watch it in the tight tree runs, I just about over-ran several corners . I have also been pleasantly surprized by the mileage I'm getting out of my setup. That not what I bought it for, but it saved me the money I was going to spend on a bigger tank. Thanks James!
  17. Nordegg

    Metal shavings on drain plug magnet?

    Gee NDMF another KTM bashing note in the KTM section, getting bored on the DRZ forum? We've had lots of bored DRZ riders come over to the Orange, but most ride the bikes instead of other owners. The Orange riders seem cheerier. Some metal shavings are normal, especially when the same oil system serves the transmission and the motor, especially when new. A sudden increase would be something to be concerned about.
  18. Nordegg

    KTM450 vs Yamaha 450F 2004

    I agree with Jeb on parts. I've been pleasantly surprized that parts for my KTM have been just as available as for my old XR250. I haven't had a hint of fork seal problem on my 2002 400EXC, by the way. My old XR250's seals blew out twice, though (on the new owner): is this an epidemic? Cloute, the KTM 450 and 525 are exactly the same weight (with the same accessories). They are the same bike other than the cylinder bore.
  19. Nordegg

    KTM450 vs Yamaha 450F 2004

    Hi Robert, I had to decide between these two bikes too. The KTM actually has a LOWER seat height than the Yammie (36.4" vs 39.2"), which is good for me. KTM has more ground clearance (15.15" vs 14.6"), so obviously the peg to seat distance is closer which might be an issue for you. This may be moot, because I would strongly suggest you go for the tall-soft saddle: the KTM stock seat is a rock . The seat gripe aside, I love my Pumpkin. It is a bit lighter than the WR (not by published spec's but on a scale). The KTM carries its weight low, making it feel MUCH lighter and easier turning to me. The power delivery on the KTM suits me, very linear. More power down low and a steady build up vs. the Yamaha 'hit'; steady suits my riding. Six speed wide ratio on the EXC (5 on WR) gives me a lower low and higher top speed . The KTM needs only the proper jetting to fly, the Yammie requires a number of minor mods (exhaust etc) to get its real power. For those that care, the KTM passes California emissions requirements, the Yammie does not (even unmodified). I also love the hydraulic clutch, fat Magura handlebars, wide pegs etc stock on the KTM Anyway, both good bikes, I'm sure you'll be happy either way but color me Orange
  20. Nordegg

    KTM vs. YZ450

    Well, it looks like you've done some thinking about this. If your concerns are stalling and top speed, then I think I would look at the 525EXC. It will chug through anything, has loads of power, and the top end is 100+ . I would guess the 525 would be top or near top in the Rocks, Fire roads, hill climbs and top speed categories. It would be mid pack in the rest, except for MX track (and long rides until you change the seat). The MXC is better on the MX track, but if that was a big priority I would suggest you look at a 525SX and pop the few hundred dollars to add the two extra gears (cheap and easy fix) . The electric start is nothing to sneeze at either Both EXC and MXC have that luxury. Personally I like the EXC wide ratio (lower low, higher top), but some like the closely spaced MXC. Good luck!
  21. Nordegg

    Rubber Grommet in Frame for Radiator Hose

    Hmmm, I thought I was the only dummy that had done that I am hoping Jeb is correct, I never actually saw the grommet drop in, but it sure is a big hole and looks funny with no grommet. Could someone with a 400EXC look and see if they have two grommets (one on either side of the frame) or just one? The one I have is on the right side of the bike. I spent quite some time 'fishing' for the grommet inside the frame.
  22. Nordegg

    yam or ktm???

    Triplejumper, Travis was correct, but so are you... The EXC and MXC are smaller bore, big stroke (89 x 72). The SX is big bore, shorter stroke (95 x 63.4), contributing to its 'snappier' throttle response. The 525 is 95 x 72 on all models. Getting back to the original point, there isn't much difference between the 450 and 525EXC. Some people find the extra power tiring, some don't. When they had different strokes (2002 models) there was a definite difference in turning; the extra reciprocating mass made the 520 feel heavier. Don't think that would be much of a factor now . If the extra money is no object, and you are power hungry, go 525.
  23. You have to be a bit more specific: which model and year? For the four strokes however, the answer is fairly simple: EXC has a headlight, a wide ratio transmission, and a small gas tank (2.1 gal). The MXC has a close ratio tranny and a big gas tank (3.5 gal), no lights, but it does have wiring for lights if you want them later. The MXC is better suited for desert racing, the EXC for Enduros.
  24. Nordegg

    wr450 vs. 450exc, 450 mxc, 450sx

    Hi Graham, sure, we all have opinions! I compared these bikes about six months ago, I'll give my 2 cents. First I assume you know the WR450 comes totally 'corked up'. Pipes and ignition are so bad that no one even tests them stock. The fixes are all cheap, I understand, so this isn't a huge factor. My observations were (uncorked) WR450 has much more bottom-end hit, 450EXC has more midrange. WR450 is slightly heavier, but feels MUCH heavier due to weight distribution and seat height. KTM supplies more high end components (bars, pegs etc.) stock, but prices are a bit higher. KTM has won every magazine enduro shoot-out for the past couple of years, if that matters to you. I think they are both very good bikes, and require the same amount of maintenance. KTM seems to get a reputation for being high maintenance, but to me this is only true vs XR Hondas. Not too many lemons left on the market these days, from any company. If you want more response, try ktmtalk.com; it is a very active KTM site. Obviously I went Orange, and I'm extremely happy. Good luck
  25. Nordegg

    Time to put the XR400 out to pasture!

    Well, having ridden both brands quite a bit, here is my 2 cents. The XR400 is a great bike, lots of torque, comfortable and bullet-proof. My new (to me) KTM400 is lighter, faster, better suspended and easier to ride (E-start, lower seat, lower center of gravity...). If you are riding alone in the wilderness (not really wise) take the XR, it will slog through anything. When I want a fast fun ride with buddies, I'll take my KTM. I have a crowd of buddies riding red modifying their machines to keep up. IMHO they're trading the advantages of the XR for a so-so version of my KTM. If you must ride Red and want to have similar performance, wait for the CRF450X. I think the maintenance scare stories are mostly that. The KTM matches up well with any of the new high performance machines (CR,WR,YZ) the XR technology is pretty sorted out. If ride it and forget it is your style, XR is your answer. They really are nice machines, just aimed at a different market. k