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    Flygirl, Sorry the comments got to you over at KTMtalk. I can sort of see where it came from, though. Speedy took offense at the "sux" comment, and attributed it to inexperience in servicing the bike. It always bugs old hands hearing "rookies" bashing the machines they love. Your hubby sounds like a crack mechanic, but not on KTMs (yet). One snappy remark leads to another... until feelings got hurt. Take a deep breath and give it another try, they've been quite patient with my rookie questions.
  2. Nordegg

    T-4 music to ears

    I have to agree with the noise "moderates"; I want to share the right to enjoy nature. I hike, mountain bike, rough camp and fish as well as dirt biking. I'm lucky enough to live near areas where all of these activities coexist. One of the main complaints I hear from my non-biking buddies is the obnoxious noise some bikes make. Politicians are going to follow the path they believe will be popular with the most voters. If you want to get laws you like passed, you'd better be able to make your position sound reasonable to the maximum number of people. Non-dirt bikers might not find "I'm going to make as much noise as I want, to heck with other users" too reasonable. It sounds just as extreme as banning all users except hikers (wearing Moccasins), or all humans in general. Make the other people sound like kooks to "joe average" and you'll win. Become a kook and you'll help them win. My 2 cents
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    WR426/450 questions

    I am looking at buying the new WR450 when it comes out, but I have a couple of questions I hope the list can answer. First is seat height; I am 5'8, ride in the mountains and like to touch the ground from time to time. Is there a kit to lower the seat height? Second question relates to the plastic radiator shrouds. I have been riding XR's for years, and have a bad habit of bouncing my bike off rocks. I'm planning on adding a radiator gaurd, but the WR's plastic bits look pretty vulnerable. Do they tend to get ripped off in trees, or is that a needless worry? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Nordegg

    WR426/450 questions

    Thanks for the response. Crashes are my main concern, although I did put a tree through my calf last year. Yes, I WAS wearing my riding boots. Broke off inside my leg, had to have surgery to remove it. Didn't fall off the bike though. Maybe less enthusiasm and/or more skill is called for! Naw, more power.