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  1. SgtMike

    Off Road Mods

    The DR650 can be modified to really out power even a rejeted and piped DRZ400. Check out mine in my garage. There you'll see a long list of easy mods that really made my 650 alot faster and better in the woods. My DR regularly crushes my friends DRZs for power but the DRZ suspension out classes the DRs badly making them much better over sandy whoops and through the trees. The 650 doesn't like whoops at all and will tire you out on them. Thats not saying its hopeless. A good suspension shop can make all the worlds difference with the bike. 2 up is easy, the bike has plenty of power, more than enough. The stock saddle is like a vinyl covered 2x4 so you may want the gel seat. It was much better for mine but it still ain't cruiser comfortable. You can ride for about two hours before your backside has had enough. Also I'd suggest getting a buddy belt (google it) it gives your girl something to hang onto and she'll need it. When I gas it my wife's grip around my waist would slip. Two up is better with the 650 than the 400 too. Honestly though, if you haven't bought the bike yet ask yourself how much riding offroad you'll really be doing. If the majority of it is offroad you'll do better with the DRZ400 as the bike will be 99% the way you'll need it when you get it. All you'd really have to do is get those dangerous "deathwings" replaced with a proper set of off road tires like Dulop D606's, add bark busters and a skid plate and your good. Good luck with it. Mike.
  2. SgtMike

    DR 650 sometimes dies on acceleration

    This screw controls air mixture for the idle circut only. Once off idle it doesn't come into play. Turn the screw in till it stops and back it out to 2 1/2 turns. Now adjust the idle. The bike will run cool, smooth, and problem free. If the bike still pops on decel check for a slight exhaust leak where the head pipe connects to the muffler. That'll do it every time. Permatex copper plus will seal that up for you. Remember that a little popping is normal for a performance pipe. With a K&N cleaner, opened air box top and screen removed(yes that restricts air too and you can do without it) I have a dyna jet kit using dynajets(not mikuni) 170 main jet. The bike runs like a champ and will crush a stock 650 or a 400 that even has similar mods! Mike.
  3. SgtMike

    Just So Freakin' Happy I had to tell somebody about it...

    You think it comes up easy now, add 14/45 gearing (same chain)and it'll add as much of a change:thumbsup: If you run the majority of time on the street just go with the 14tooth counter shaft sprocket only. Even then you'll still notice a big differance! Mike.
  4. SgtMike

    How to wheelie the truck !?

    I agree, my bike has all the mods that each make it easy to wheelie. Dynojet kit, airbox cut, FMF pipe, and 14/45 gearing. From 1st gear though with all this done its a no clutch just twist the throttle snap to bring the front wheel up. No work is involved. I just crack the throttle in first and up it comes garanteed every time. Second would probably bring it up by dumping the clutch if the rear wheel would bite (D606s). I'm sure if I was fearless I could run through the gears once its up in first but I can't bring myself to risk wrecking the bike learning to do that. I'm content to ride it out in first gear 100' or so. Still... I'm envious of the nut that weekly rides past my house on an XR650L on his back wheel. Its up when I first see him and about a half mile later when hes gone hes still up! Mike.
  5. SgtMike

    New to the forum, just wanted to show a picture of my dr650

    Except for the petcock? You mean you had to reuse the one from the stock tank right? That gives good range. I have an '01 ('96-07, all the same:D ) had it since new. Great durable, trouble free bike! Enjoy yours! Mike.
  6. SgtMike

    Sprocket Change Question

    I have the same 14/45 combo and would agree. Its really buzzy on the street. But I have a cruiser too so the DR doesn't see more than 10% street so it works well for me. For true dual prpose riding I'd say a 14 tooth front with the stock 42 rear and 525 chain(stock length) is about the best all around setup. All you have to buy is a JT 14tooth sprocket for $15 so its a cheap buy as well! Mike.
  7. SgtMike

    New to the forum, just wanted to show a picture of my dr650

    I like the blue IMS tank! Where did you get it and what did it set you back? Mike.
  8. SgtMike

    DR 650 seat

    Tuck I've had my bike down in Florida in the July heat a few times and didn't find the gel seat to be a problem. Riding in 10 degree Jersey winters isn't too bad for ride comfort except that the seat doesn't really warm up. It's like sitting on a cold pack. Wybs is right, don't spray it with anything that will make it slick like armour-all. If you do it'll look great but be dramatically slick. The lowered ride height is good and its a noticable improvement in comfort over the stocker but still doesn't make it as comfortable as a street bike. But thats not what it is, right? I once rode the DR with the stock seat from my home to the Delaware water gap and back, a 5 hour round trip. I can't tell you how sore my butt was and my jewels were numb for a day afterward. Thats what motivated me to get the gel seat. Mine was $140. I hear from many friends that the Cobin seat is better yet so as it costs more you pay for what you get. Anyway you can do better than the stock seat for sure. Mike.
  9. SgtMike

    MPG at 75-80mph: DR650 VS DRZ400

    Sorry Bob, neither bike will make you happy day in and out at those speeds or any real distance. Thats not what they are intended for. Over two hours in the saddle on the road and your back side will really suffer. Holding speed like that on even the 650 will tire you out where you wouldn't even feel it on the average street bike. The DRZ400 is an exceptional woods / street legal enduro bike while the DR650 is a two wheeled counterpart to the Jeep. Neither is a freeway cruiser. Sure they can do it but not comfortably or every day. You sound like an adventure bike is more for you,mostly pavement with gravel roads thrown in. Check out the BMW GS series. I think that would make you happy. Or if you could swing it do like I did. I have a DR650 setup for 90% trail and I have a cruiser for the long road trip. Even if you set the 650 as a supermoto it would be a very fun bike around town and through the twisties but theres no way anyone can honestly say that it would be thier first choice for a road trip involving more than a couple of hours. Mike.
  10. SgtMike

    New Pipe or Valve Adjustment?

    Get a dyna jet kit and a performace air cleaner, I have a K&N and swear by it. Cut out the top of the air box as the dyna jet directions state. Next remove the back fire screen and leave it out. Use the 170 jet supplied with the kit and turn out the idle mixture screw 2 1/2 turns as directed (a lean idle mixture is most probably the cause of the back firing). These things are necessary for you to get the the most out of your new pipe. Until you make these changes the bike may sound louder but probably isn't much stronger. Once you get all this done you will see some real power! Its something that you won't need to check aginst a dyno, you'll feel it immeadiately! The vales were a little loose when my bikes were adjusted at 7500 miles and I didn't see any difference in the way it ran so I'd doubt the vale adjustment is a problem. Check the connection to the headpipe. If theres even a wisp of a leak there it will cause the pipe to backfire. Finally any aftermarket pipe exspecially yours has to be rejetted. Its not hard and will cost about $100 but its worth it. Don't be squemish about cutting the top out of the air box and removing the backfire screen. It may sound like I'm suggesting you butcher up your new bike but it is a proper and time proven way to go! THe pipe works by letting alot of spent gasses out. It can't work that way unless you open up things on the intake side. Mike.
  11. SgtMike

    Anthing better than Copper + out there?

    When I installed my FMF Q-pipe awhile back I sealed the connection to the head pipe with high temp silicon like FMF instructed...and it promptly blew out. Ok, then I got the suggestion to use Permatex copper plus and thats worked good but I've noticed that after blowing around the pines on the last 150 mile Meteor dual sport it developed a leak again. Anyone know of something that works better? Mike.
  12. SgtMike

    Hanguards for an 06 DR650?

    There are about three brands that are identicle to one another. Acerbis being the most expensive. Dennis Kirk sells them all and there is a big difference in price. I'd put money on that they are all made by a subcontracted plastics factory and all each company does after a lot is bought is add their sticker. Think about it, Sears does the same thing so does alot of other companies. All you need is one with a metal bar that has plastic molded around it. I have one with the less expensive stickers (maier) on mine and they work great! Mine have a constantly renewing layer of pine sap on them. Check my garage to see how they look after recieving many hard hits without budging. Mike. Oh yeah, no matter what you buy you'll have to neuter the levers, trust me,those balls you won't miss.
  13. SgtMike

    How hard is it to break the bead?

    The bead breaking tool sounds like something I'll have to get. I have a set of tire spoons from Motion(?) ,anyway they are indispensible. Some beads pop easily away from the rim while I've had to stand on others. One rear I did was memerable as it took about an hour to get to pop. Mounting a tire can be a pain in the:moon: too. I use dish soap too but sometimes it seats crooked and I'll have to re-do it. I've got to think theres a lot of luck involved here too. Mike.
  14. SgtMike

    stble mate for the DR650 - vstrom 650 or 1000?

    I agree, For the street,the more power the better...and safer. Keep the DR for the dirt and trail. The V-strom is a street bike that might handle an occasional gravel road with alot of anxiety. Sure I've seen them on forest trails but their riders were fighting them slowly with alot of effort where the DR650 rolls through without any effort at all. Each has its place. I'd rather ride a V-strom on the street hands down over my DR! If you are lucky to afford two bikes and have a spouse that understands go for it. When I got my Valkyrie I told my wife that trade in value on a dirt bike is minimal and added that the Valk couldn't do trails. She responded with oh,then we should keep the Suzuki then. Mike.
  15. SgtMike

    What's the future for the DR650?

    Your right about the KLR bit, guess I was caught in a time warp (or just showing my age). But... about Suzuki V-strom being a dual sport, I just made a check on their web site and if you click on the Dual sport selection up comes about six choices in bikes. Three are V-stroms. They may back peddle a bit as to thier true dirt capability but they are listed as dual sports. I really like the pictures you posted, wish I could get back into great country like that. The pic of the GS laying on its side is typical. They call those off road bikes too but I've seen a whole lot of photos on ADVrider where one after another was dumped on what looked to be an extremely easy dirt road. Mike.