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  1. Grahamco

    crf450x makeover for a deployed friend

    You sir, deserve a medal!
  2. Grahamco

    polisport plastics?

    I've used Polisport on two different bikes and have nothing but good things to say about the plastics.
  3. Grahamco

    Tusk Impact Wheelsets

    Funny you mention their hand guards. I too have had 3 sets and have been unable to break/bend/make unserviceable any of those sets and I wreck more than any able bodied human should be allowed. Those hand guards have survived a few truck bed-to-pavement falls as well. Every Tusk item I've ever purchased has been outstanding. Just my .02. I'd like to know more about the wheels as well.
  4. I've used a lot of Polisport pieces and have been impressed with the cost to quality ratio, which is why I've bought so much of it. I recently bought a fender that has one bolt hole that wasn't completely cleaned out. Couple of seconds with a file and it was good to go. Haven't had any issues with the stuff breaking of creasing either. But I will be trying Acerbis next go around just for comparisons sake.
  5. Grahamco

    What exhaust?

    Stock KXF system FTW. Had a Yoshi for a few years before I switched. Much better.
  6. Grahamco

    I found an idiot...

    While the ad is obviously crap, and the owner is on drugs, the bike looks clean and is probably worth the price. I'd shoot for a grand, but that's me.
  7. Really wanted to watch it. Couldn't get past the music. Want to hear the bikes!
  8. Grahamco


    Crazy lookin
  9. Grahamco

    sweet vid!

    Killer. Shot and put together extremely well, too.
  10. Grahamco

    Powder coat vs paint

    ^^^ far less likely to have to do any touching up with powdercoat, as opposed to paint, however.