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  1. Hello there fellow tters anyway i have been riding motocross for quite some time, just got back on the bike after two years of being in cognito per say lol, ok back to the point, after injuring my self i have decided to make a switch from motocross to try out hare scrambles.. what are somethings i can work on to get prepared for the switch? There arent too many woods around where im at that i can ride at, there are a little bit that i can ride at a local mx track. So what can i do and i also noticed the dead starts, what are some tips for getting a good start? i noticed that can play a huge role in the results you can get from some of the videos i have see... thanks!!!!
  2. libbey91

    Iowa Riders

    Anybody know when any of the harescrambles will be around the fort dodge area?
  3. libbey91

    Broken ankle

    they didnt give me them... but basically what they said was the bone i broke was my tulsa....
  4. libbey91

    Broken ankle

    Well i came up short on a double the other day after hitting a rock just before the face of the double... well i broke my left ankle and brused the right one pretty bad to where its tender... well my question i guess is. will i need therepy for my left ankle thats broke?
  5. libbey91

    Iowa Riders

    my parents are making me sell my bike and stuff... ill always be involved with it. but im done racing for a while... Eventually when i have kids ill pick it back up again but i cant afford to keep doing this... me and my mom were sweating like crazy hoping that i still was insured...
  6. libbey91

    Iowa Riders

    i figured i would come here first to annoucne my retirement from racing at the age of 18, i just got back from the hospital i have a broken ankle after coming up about 8 feet short on a 40 foot double because of a stubip rock the jump that did it all... its a bad angle... couldnt walk over to get a better pic for obvious reasons
  7. libbey91

    Iowa Riders

    yeah i think come this upcoming weekend most tracks should be perfect
  8. libbey91

    Iowa Riders

    I love skidlidvideos i have been going there occasionally for like 3 years i just checked out the video that track looks nice! Wish i could ride there!!
  9. libbey91

    Iowa Riders

    checked out a track near by where i live, the high areas look good but the lower sections look pretty muddy, i didnt see any standing water, so im thinkin if it stays warm outside then im thinkin sunday is gonna be a good day to ride~
  10. libbey91

    Heart Rate while riding

    when i do a regular work out, on a bike or running, my heart rate stays farely low for the work im doing, but once i get going on the bike and try to push it, its insane!! no work out like a race!!
  11. libbey91

    Iowa Riders

    went riding today, unfortunately it was at the sandbox arena lol so it wasnt in iowa... but i figured out the farther north you got the better condition the tracks and stuff looked... hopefully in about two weeks we can ride around.
  12. libbey91

    Iowa Riders

    Fort Dodge
  13. libbey91

    can you spot the difference?!?!

    winner winner chicken dinners!!!! lol now for game #2!! this one is gonna be harder!! so look close! Same bike, but its tough!
  14. There are two things different on the bikes can you spot them both? Good luck!!!
  15. libbey91

    sticking throttle

    would i be able to use like wd40 as a lube?