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  1. roleyrev

    Random pics.

    I'm liking the limey green flavour. I took the 15' KLX450r for a single track strop today MMMMMmmmmm Mmmmmm lime on the lips.
  2. roleyrev


    I rather hope that's not the case. It sounds like $$$$ spent on suspension. One would assume that plentiful lubrication was applied to suspension when reinstalled on the bike. Good call however.
  3. roleyrev

    Left out small oil filter o ring

    I think you will be fine.
  4. roleyrev

    Yoshimura RS2 Header discoloration

    Here's what they look like after about 34000 km's. I got mine second hand with 24000km on it and so far have done about another 10000kms. I don't think you should stress the little things. LOL
  5. roleyrev

    Electrical question

    I went kiss (Keep It Simple Stupid) with my fuel injection install. I used a double pole relay with a waterproof base and two waterproof blade fuses. One does the fuel pump and the other is the spark coil on cap power supply. The relay is rated at 2 x 35 amps, both fuses are ten amp. I printed a ninja flex holder to hold the relay to the shock body. If anyone is interested I'll get the part numbers and pop the STL for the holder up on thingy verse.
  6. roleyrev


    Check the bottom (and top?) chain guide roller.
  7. roleyrev

    Left out small oil filter o ring

    So lean the bike on a wall, with a oil pan under the filter housing, crack open the housing and let the oil fall into the oil pan. Remedy the o-ring situation by removing the oil filter and fitting the o-ring then refitting the filter. Check the oil level and top up as required (via the correct procedure). It might not hurt to pray to the god of motorcycles that you have not done any damage to the engine by running with no o-ring. I trust that you have not done thousands of miles this way.
  8. roleyrev

    New Owner, New to forums

    Welcome - the 3x3 MOD (airbox hole cut 3x3 inches) this goes with your new free flow exhaust and jetting to suit. A JD jet kit is a good way of getting the right jetting without the trial and error that might be associated with just buying jets. I, like you, have been dirt riding for quite some time. I was a little miffed at how the SM went compared to other dirt oriented bikes (400cc and 450cc) that I had owned / own. Comparing the drz400sm to the last DRZ400e that I owned I realised that there is quite a performance difference between the models. The FCR carburetted DRZ400e is still sold in this part of the world . The difference came down to cams and carb (long and short). I fitted fuel injection, a story for another day, but an FCR carby and a set of hot cams brings the performance back to what I was expecting from a good 400cc dirt bike. The carb is a bit pricy - I'd do it to a new bike though and cams are just the icing on the cake - letting the engine rev-out a bit more freely. there is a great resource for knowledge here thanks mainly to @Erik Marquez it can be found in the FAQ section https://thumpertalk.com/forums/forum/215-drz400-faq/
  9. roleyrev

    Is Eddie still the guy to talk to?

    Eddie don't come round here no more. Ask your questions here though, there are a couple of clued up cookies that can help you out - @Erik Marquez and @ohiodrz400sm spring to mind about making large stroke / bore horsepower beasts and I'm sure there are more.
  10. roleyrev

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    Ohio - how did you get on with the airbox removal and the velocity tube / pod filter - any noticeable gains?
  11. roleyrev

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    Can anybody give measure an airbox they have laying around? Basically fill it with water (maybe tape the holes up) then measure the amount of water on an indexed jug. I normally fill my airbox at the river (while crossing it and taking a bath at the same time) so never have a jug handy to measure the result. They certainly hold way more water than you think, I spend hours trying to get the stuff out.
  12. roleyrev

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    All perfectly valid observations. I agree completely with your thoughts on the helmholt resonator and its ability to alter the cylinder's ability "fill" - even "over fill" if you get the pressure wave right. This is something that has been on my radar now for a while, utilising some loud speaker test equipment that I build about 20 years ago. The ported loudspeaker box is very similar to how the airbox works on a four stroke, utilising resonant frequency of the port and volume of the box to augment the bass frequencies (this comes down to the timing of the wave created by the port on the box acting on the wave generated by the loudspeaker) or in bike speak the resonant frequency of the port acting on the opening intake valve to create the same sort of augmentation (i.e. a pressure wave fill to fill cylinder volume). I'm sure that the peak torque, placement and figure can be manipulated by this method, it may be a little trial and error to see what happens around the augmentation (holes in torque where the resonation causes suck out or incomplete cylinder filling?). Looking at this the other equation the exhaust is doing similar things - creating suck out (less than atmospheric pressure in the cylinder to enable it to "suck" more air/fuel in) or worse the other way were there is pressure build up. Anyway, I figure that since I have fuel injection and can log 8 ways till Africa and a 3d printer I might try a few designs to see if I can come up with a helmholt resonator that augments the fuel / air at a good time to provide benefits. This will, of course depend on what cams you are running ( the exhaust thing is a whole different conversation ).
  13. roleyrev

    dr z400s

    Do you know of any companies that do the wishbone? I've got one on my KLX450R and a kouba link to lower 1 inch. I brought them as a pair - near new but second hand. I'm sure that the wishbone is not kouba only the long link. The package works exceptionally well. The wishbone changes the suspension ratio to allow for the slightly lower rear. I have had the fronts shorted up and re sprung as well. The whole package works incredibly well for the sort legged me. I haven't bothered with the DRZ yet as it see more soft roads and fire trails (or Motard Mode) - not single track and enduro like KLX. I can cope with the DRZ height so long as I'm not doing really technical foot down stuff.
  14. roleyrev

    Another big bore question

    Wow, that's quarter the price of a new DRZ400SM here! ­čś│!!!!
  15. roleyrev

    BSR36 question

    Mmm maybe an FCR carb (FCR39 - from thumpertalk?) - you have just described the reason most people change.