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  1. Hi, I'm sure you'd be fine running without for a while. you may have to order one in and run without in the meantime. Thermostats are an economy measure to speed the heating of the engine so that the enrichment stage is over quickly. I would think that it would have to be very cold to have a large bearing on how the bike runs. Cheers John
  2. Hi, surly you can maintain geometry by a lowering link? Also some random thoughts about the 21 inch front having a taller measurement from axel to ground than the 17 setup - not quite so much the rear so there might be some "self correction" there. Just thoughts Cheers John 17 FI DRZ 400 SM
  3. Yes, and we are lucky that, unlike some other brands, Suzuki made these bikes hold more oil that most bikes of this size and intended use. Maintenance is the key.
  4. That’s a very nice looking unit. Where about’s does one look for a unit like that?. It looks like It has indicators on the analog face. Does it run a stand alone Hall effect pickup for speed and inductive pickup for RPM (as opposed to the standard gauge) that requires the speedo cable and drive) RPM is not a biggie I can get a tacho signed out of the ECU if need be. EDIT: I've just had a nosey around their site. Lots of good stuff including speedo adaptor cables and the like. It looks like they have an Australian Distributor which will save a bit on freight. I'm liking the look of this!
  5. Yeah now that’s a thought. I have the ability to Bluetooth or OTG to the ECU with a dash app. I think that the dash app also has the ability to use the gps on the device for speed. Good thought.
  6. Hi. Was It a specific kit for the DRZ? Did you have to splice wires or is it plug and play? Cheers
  7. Hi, What are your good folks thoughts on replacement Speedo dash units for the drz400sm. Basically needs speed readout and Km’s traveled. Cheers John.
  8. Nope not the electrons kit - it was a bit, well, under par for my taste. In using a Keihin throttle body and a microsquirt ECU doing fuel and spark. write-up here:
  9. Yes nor mine - I didn't do another bike though - mines still a DRZ, but with fuel injection. I still have near on two litres of oil, an electrical system that will run other stuff, reasonable maintenance intervals, reliability and cheap exquisitely designed Japanese parts and a wealth of after market goodies that are on the market cause the bike hasn't changed in a few years. Probably not as cutting edge as some though.
  10. i.e. is on in the run (engine running) and the park position - engine not running - rear light on (for pilot / park lighting situations).
  11. What - no you don't. Buy the bike and fix the height - (I'm going to get shot for this) lowering links (there I said it) and a shaved seat. How tall are you - I'm 1.72 metres ( 5'6") and I can ride on a DRZ just fine - no lowering link or shaved seat. links are cheap as chips.
  12. Yup - that text right off the website with the DXF files
  13. Ah the full circle..... I'm ready to quit work. Sell the car and muck with the bike! In fact I already have been mucking with the bike - It has the aforementioned fuel injection.... Sorry I know I'm no help. best of luck
  14. Actually I find combo of the neoprene gaiters and some simple maintenance to be the best course of action. Usually the gaiters stop the mud while riding and as you rightly pointed out a bit of maintenance after the ride usually sorts things. I usually pull the gaiters down the tube a bit to let them dry and tidy any dirt and dust that might be going on underneath.
  15. Hi, That is most excellent news as I have ordered one and it is on the way. It will take a while to get here as I am on the other side of the world - It sounds like its worth the wait. Cheers John