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  1. Are you the same DR.billZ who used to be BIllKX250 from like, 20 years ago?  I always wondered if you were duneman from rmd or some other antiquated web site from the 1990's.  I used to post back then and once in a while run into an old handle.  Still trying to find dynodave who was a Maico fanatic.


  2. Did they have the decency to give it a lube job? A header? Did they stroke it or just bore it? Polish the cylinder?
  3. Previous owner averaged ...35 mph?
  4. Picked up a trials bike last year. Sold it for $450 more yesterday.
  5. Pretty much all original right down to the grips.
  6. Scotts. Had one for 15 years. Been on 5 bikes. ....Damper not dampener nor the much-maligned dampner
  7. Now where's all these guys that gave us crap? Hello? Apologies please
  8. Any chance of water ingestion? Lots of instances of stuck rings after that. Even from washing the bike.
  9. Have them watch this in its entirety. It's not MX but they'll get the idea. Wow: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QyvUwMPIxN0&feature=youtu.be
  10. 1 make sure that damned fuel pump electrical connection is on tight on the tank. Can tell you how many times I've forgotten to connect it. Of course that wouldn't cause a no-spark issue, but... 2 look for worn wires around the steering tube that are getting shorted out. 3 make sure that plug cap is on tight. It's a tight fit!
  11. I use National Geographic Trail waterproof maps in Colorado. They have all roads on them also. Cheap and easy to use.
  12. Honestly it's only been on one short ride but my long time riding friend of 20 years got a set and his has done very well. No chain stretch at all over 6 months of use on a ktm 530. He's pickier than me with chains. That's why I got the set.
  13. Here's a method I use and you can disagree with me all you wish and get offended all you want. If they sound and talk normal and use good grammar I know I'm usually talking to a decent individual. If they start low balling before they even know anything about the bike I'll stick firm on price and say goodbye. If they are selling and they tell me a few things that are wrong with the bike I trust them a LOT more. If the ad says "fast bike" I don't even bother with them.
  14. Rmatv. Primary Drive chain plus sprockets for $100! I'm picky with chains and only ran DID or Regina gold but I got the PD. So far so good. Very high tensile strength chain.
  15. Look above in the replies. If you read the replies people took the time to post (especially mine... Lol) you'd see I said your bike is left over '99 stock they rebaged as a 2000. Order '99(and earlier)parts and POST IN THE LC4 FORUM where you'll get better help than here