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  1. Edleson KTM/ husarberg in Troy New york Is the Biggest scam and ripoff. My friend and I called them, he wants to buy a Husaberg 570. He has 2 bikes to trade a 2006 Rm125 and a 2004 Rm250. The guy said he would give him 3,500 for both bikes plus 5,500 in cash. My friend calls the day before we go just to comfirm the deal. All is set. My friend take off a day from work he lives in brooklyn and pickes me up in nj. I have one of his bikes in my garage. So we drive to the shop 200 miles away. We get there and have to wait a hour till the guy gets back from lunch:foul:. In the mean time the mechanic looks at the bikes. Owner gets back from lunch come out and says all he can give is 1000 per bike but he really does not even want the bikes. He said he told us that. Then he says there is something wrong with one of the bikes. A wheel bearing is bad. Ha a wheel bearing is what 5 bucks. plus maybe takes 5 minutes to install. So we drove over 400 miles my friend looses a day of work plus the cost of gas and tolls. So because of Edlesons my friend does not have a new bike and is out over 300 of his own money. People keep away from the shady place. Plus he raised the price of the bike my friend wanted to buy. This place is a ripoff. We will be contacting KTM/husaberg and letting them know how one of there dealers is treating customers.
  2. honda88

    Bike shop/WARNING

    this will be my last post on the subject. First if I could post pics of the bikes I would having problems with computer. I told my story and you can believe what you want. And yes you would think at my age I would of learned my lessons but the way I was raised is to believe the best in people. Unfortunatly this is not the case most of the time. There are alot of scams out there and you young guys just have not lived long enough to see the truth. you think just because a dealer told his side of the story he is an up right guy.he is just trying to protect his a$$. He is running a buisness and is telling you what you want to hear just like he told us. All he cares about is the money ,That my friend is buisness. Not the way I do buisnes but the way most of the world does. All I am doing is letting you know what me and my friend went through and make up your own mind. Happy holidays.
  3. honda88

    yellow plastics 96-2001

    if anybody needs a full set of yellow plastics including graphics for thier 1996-2001 yz250 or 125. there is a guy on ebay selling for 150.00 buy now free shipping. If I had the cash I would buy.
  4. honda88

    Bike shop/WARNING

    We all know salesmen are the most honest people,Nuff said.
  5. honda88

    Need help with cdi yz 250 97

    I just checked, go to ebay guy selling cdi for 1997 65.00 and I saw a coil for 35.00. Pr0bably 1990 to 2001 coil should fit and maybe to 2012.
  6. honda88

    Bike shop/WARNING

    I AGREE that I also know people exagerate about what there bike is. We sent him pics. And pics hide many flaws. I am very anal about how I keep my bikes and are spotless. The Rm250 was stripped to the frame by me and every nut and bolt was cleaned and where need greased but that does not prove anything. the dealer started up the bikes and started 1st kick. All he could complain about was a wheel bearing. really not enough not to buy a bike.And I do agree with alot of what you guys say but again dealer made a mistake buy making the deal we held up our part and he did not. I know you have to take my word but I am one of the most honest people you will ever meet. I have no reason to lie. I beieve people should honor what they say..
  7. honda88

    Bike shop/WARNING

    I was only trying to make a point with the wheel bearings. Both bikes are in perfect shape. The 250 has a complete engine rebuild,new crank, piston ect.... there were no problems with the wheel bearing just an excuse for the dealer to offer less money. yes I agree i would never offer a price over the phone without looking first. but he did ,made the offer and reneiged. the worst part we drove over 400 miles not like it was right around the corner. The dealer made a mistake he should of just bit the bullet and made the deal to make a happy customer. He might not of made money selling the bikes but he would of at least get back the 3,500 he offered my friend. My friend was even willing to take 3000. I know now that the dealer never was going to take the bikes just a ploy to get us there and hoping to sell the bike. Still not cool. And we got screwed and have every right to let people what happened to make an informed decision.Again Edleson's is a SHADY place and run by dishonest Owner.
  8. honda88

    Budget Rider Needing Consolation

    Well you have roof over your head,food and your health and even own a bike. Be grateful for what you have. Believe me it could be worse. Happy Holidays.
  9. honda88

    97 Wr250 & Fat bars

    I got to you too late. I have applied top clamp to fit your bike. 65.00 shipped. oh well.
  10. honda88

    my next bike: YZ250

    If you dont get this bike were all comming over and kick you butt,. Oh it better be blue.
  11. honda88

    my next bike: YZ250

    I thought you were picking up the bike today?
  12. sounds like a good trade since you really want a woods bike. 200 will have more than enough power. That being said you coud probably get some good inexpencive battery opperated led lights that would work for nite riding.
  13. honda88

    Bend diffuser

    ok I know Taddy is a great rider but is it the angle or did he really jump that high.
  14. honda88

    my next bike: YZ250

    Yes it is on cl. If you cant find a good yz the Rm is smokin fast. I can give a great deal.
  15. honda88

    my next bike: YZ250

    I love yamaha but Suzuki turn much better. If your looking at suzuki I have an 04 In perfect shape with engine done by Trpanies. engine has less than an hour I just got done going over bike. Pm me if your interested I will give you price and more details.
  16. honda88

    2001 YZ-250 Winter Rebuild

    like said in another post use a dremel. Make a cut in 2 spots take a screw driver and break apart. the pieces should come right out.. It has happened to me and thats what I did and it works. And you can also use a mini vise grip a loosen a little at a time it should also work well.
  17. honda88

    my next bike: YZ250

    What happened to the 2010.
  18. honda88

    my next bike: YZ250

    I saw the 2010 when u posted. Did not want to let the cat out of the bag. Wait for the 2010. it is the newest for the least amount. Im surprised the guy cant give you a couple of minutes to look and buy.
  19. The 2 rubber orings on cylinder owner manual says to put a lithium soap based grease on orings. I have some K&N filter grease it says high temp grease can I use that or should I just get the Lithium. Or is there something better than the 2.Thanks.
  20. honda88

    Side panel tank?

    Acerbis makes a front number plate gas tank that holds1.3 gallon and a smaller one 0.8 gal also a rear fender mount that is 3.3 gal.
  21. honda88

    97 Yz250 powervalve?

    Wow would of never known. I even orderd a service manual off ebay to see if it was in there.Cheap 8 bux. A big Thanks.
  22. honda88

    97 Yz250 powervalve?

    Working on a 97 yz250. Facing front of bike left side power valve was leaking bad gasket and 2 snapped bolts no big deal but this is my question, screw holding power valve clamp was loose and noticed there is a arm connected to rod and valve,( middle of valve). to the left the arm has a groove and there is a hole in the case. is there supposed to be a pin or a screw keeping the arm in place. Hopefully picture will be in post I have not done this for many years.
  23. honda88

    97 Yz250 powervalve?

    for the life of me I cant get the darn picture loaded.I went to photobucket got the image code and went to load pic and nothing.OK found the part. on micro under governer it is part #1 called the lever. at the end of it it looks like a c. when on the bike it is to the left and there is a small hole in the case where it looks like there should be a pin or a bolt that the lever end© hooks into. but im not sure.
  24. honda88

    97 Yz250 powervalve?

    If someone has the service manual for the 97 maybe you can take a look. again it is on the clutch side power valve cover. power valve is moving freely just the person who had it before me put it together wrong. they put a washer where there should not be and prevented the screw holding the clamp from being tightened. I got that all sorted out except for that arm. Thanks.. I will try again to load a picture.