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  1. matt415

    Brown Mountain Gate Open?

    ride at brushy. its better anyway
  2. matt415

    Brushy Mountain ST

    5b and the enduro trial for sure. they have recently added some new trail to the enduro trail and plan to add more. i dont really consider 9c or the goat trail single track but they are both fun challenging trails. also should hit up 11c.
  3. matt415

    suspension shops

    Was looking for someone "local"
  4. matt415

    NorthCarolina suspension shops

    What are some good suspension shops around the Hickory, NC area?
  5. matt415

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    i need one too. PM me please. I will pay it forward.
  6. how were the trial conditions today?
  7. matt415

    Is Engine Ice worth it?

    yes, plus it is non toxic.
  8. matt415

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    here is one good to the 26th. nj6088667
  9. matt415

    4 hour ironman race

    that race looked fun. i should have done it. maybe next year.
  10. matt415

    The Brown Frown

    Im down for riding brown tomorrow. What time are you going to be there?
  11. matt415

    The Brown Frown

    ok ill probably be out there in a white frontier with a yz and green number plates
  12. matt415

    The Brown Frown

    sorry i misread the posts. I thought you guys said you were going to brushy but that was just skidaddys' post. I have been wanting to try brown though so might join you tomorrow.
  13. if i were you i would look for proof of maintenance, meaning receipts. i save all my purchase receipts so i can prove that i do periodic maintenance and more when i am selling my bikes.
  14. matt415

    Brushy OPEN Sept 4 and 5

    i need to make some serious bike changes before i head to brown. my FL sand set up didnt work so well in the mountains:bonk: what kind of tires are you guys running? anyone know a good suspension guy in the area?
  15. matt415

    Brushy OPEN Sept 4 and 5

    I rode there today for the first time. I just moved to hickory,NC from FL. The place was awesome, cant wait to go back. The enduro trail was the best. Very challenging and technical.