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  1. TDW

    Any word on how KRoc is doing??

    Well really its mostly just a sandy beach!
  2. He didnt waste any time when transitioning from the 250's to the big bikes and winning races, and considering the competition he was up against it really was remarkable.
  3. Yep, Herlings is the man!
  4. TDW

    Peick Injury

    Really good news!
  5. TDW

    Peick Injury

    There are probably many different bills related to his treatment, insurance coverage is specific about what it will and wont cover and at what level it will cover something. Specialized transportation must not be one of the listed items his insurance contributes to. So the question really is "what is the right amount of insurance to purchase"? Ever heard the phrase "insurance poor"?
  6. TDW

    Peick Injury

    Yeah his recovery at this point is great news, maybe the travel back wont be as expensive as first thought!
  7. TDW

    250x countershaft seal

    https://thumpertalk.com/shop/oem.php?partcategory=642598&manufacturer=1&category=5&year=2005&model=24743 If you replace the seal you should replace the collar or sleeve and the D ring also, otherwise you will likely still have a leak. The collar can be difficult to remove.
  8. TDW

    Peick Injury

    Its a serious thing and he could use and needs contributions, Im going to be giving something to try to help.
  9. TDW


    Seems like it, he has grown up alot since he started in it, thats for sure!
  10. TDW

    CRF250X: Stock Cam, R Cam, or Hot Cam?

    Again you might actually want to experiment with faster gearing like around 14/51 or a similar ratio. The idea is not necessarily to go faster but to spread out the increased power delivery and allow the engine to work harder in a broader rpm range, in each gear. Unfortunately the frequent responders on this forum typically advocate detuning, sometimes to a lower level of engine performance than stock, and a slower bike speed with a narrow power band. Without having had much experience with any thing other than that, it just isnt good advice alot of the time. But as whats been stated everybody has their own approach and an equal opportunity to promote it on the forums. Bottom line is just trying to help guys who come on here with their questions, with good useful input. Anyway I hope you get your bike dialed in how you like it and enjoy the ride.
  11. TDW

    CRF250X: Stock Cam, R Cam, or Hot Cam?

    Without having tried some of these changes you really cant compare how it would or wouldnt work. You actually would probably be surprised.
  12. TDW

    CRF250X: Stock Cam, R Cam, or Hot Cam?

    Wondering why you would go from a 14 to a 13 front sprocket? I think one of the mistakes that typically happens with this bike is that it gets geared slower (like from a 14 to a 13 front sprocket), then the engine rpm range or power band is narrowed even further than what it begins with which causes more shifting and makes it harder to be or stay in the "sweet spot" where the usable power is available. In other words slow gearing can cause the engine to rev out way to fast and get into the area of the rpm range that is to high, which is not where the X works well, depending on the terrain or enviroment your in. What I found that makes the X a much better performing bike throughout the entire rpm range is to first get more engine power output, then gear it faster. It broadens each gear and with more power it pulls each gear harder and longer. First gear becomes more usable. Anyway if your going to get the valves done and install an 08 cam, it would be a great idea to install the 08 valve springs (especially intake) and retainers also. Depending on what jetting your using now, most likely you could at least start with that and see how it works. What year is the bike?
  13. TDW

    CRF250X: Stock Cam, R Cam, or Hot Cam?

    I can offer an opinion having tried the cams youve mentioned. Each of those cams will give alittle bit different result but overall it wont be a drastic change, so dont worry about overdoing it with any of those cam choices. Next thing I would say is that you will not lose the bottom end power trait that the X has, that part may change alittle but stays consistent. Other modifications also influence the power delivery at different rpm stages such as a higher comp piston and different exhaust components. Gearing is also a big variable and when the power increases, faster gearing is easy to accommodate without losing the low rpm characteristic of the bike. The 05 R cam has always been a good choice especially for an initial upgrade, and again it wont change the bike into something you wont recognize anymore. Just a nice little bump up in power probably most noticed at mid throttle but everyone is alittle bit different about that. It certainly doesnt make it into a high rpm screamer. The stage 1 HC boost will be noticed more from lower rpm and into the mid area but not at the top of the rpm range comparatively. Honestly I would always tell someone that if your going to change the cam go right to the 08 R cam because that will be the cam that will bump up the power throughout the whole rpm range and add nicely to top end. It still wont be a top end screamer, or leave you with no low rpm power. Like I said the X retains the low rpm trait but depending on the person, differences may be noticed. I also was just going to mention that hot cams has several different cams available, but the only one Ive tried was the stage 1. Not really a fan of that one though. I think the X needs more help up higher into the rpm range than it does at the lower end of the rpm range.
  14. TDW


    He's just been spending too much time at the golf course!
  15. TDW

    Clutch Spring Service Limit

    Usually a small spring service limit would be given in psi at a certain compressed height. An overall length service limit on a small spring is not a good way to evaluate a spring. Since these springs are so light and cheap it makes sense to just replace them periodically IMO.