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  1. ..Good luck with it, I think there are cool bikes.. here is my dad's 06 RMZ450.. i had to put a new intake cam in it runs good now..
  2. last Friday ride video.good times,, some technical desert riding. :)


  3. Skideplate is Flatland Racing... [emoji41]
  4. ..oh and from the picture, to me looks like your chain is way too tight and or needs to be replaced soon.
  5. I know a few things but that’s about it…haha..jk! One thing I know about your bike is “safety first” I’m sorry to say this but if I were you I would not ride that bike until you get these mechanical issues fixed. You did good by asking for help here but it is very difficult to diagnose the problem with your bike from what you have described. Is there shop or a good motorcycle mechanic nearby that can actually take a look at it? Cuz that’s what I would suggest.
  6. whoa !! a couple close calls there I'm glad all went well and you guys had a fun ride!!
  7. Nope, we got very lucky somehow. I pulled the head off expecting the worst but there was no damage to the piston or valves. Pics first two are 1. side view of cam gear and small hole towards front of engine 2. top view of cam lobes face back wards almost 180 from where they should be.
    So far this light has worked out great for me.. I wanted a bright enough light that would allow me to ride the trails at night during the hot months here in Arizona. I also wanted it to be easily mounted and removed from my bike. My bike is a MX bike '08 YZ250f and I didn't want to fiddle with the stater so this battery powered light bar seemed to be the way to go for me. This light bar bolted right on to my hand guards. the only set back was that the original bolt for my hand guard was too short to fit through the supplied Task Racing bracket so I may just may have to hit up the local hardware store for a better fitting bolt length..but in the mean time i just used the supplied bolt(which is too long for the location) along with the spacers that came with the kit. At first I wasn't sure where to put the battery but soon discovered a nice place for it right behind the number plate. I made a video of my first ride with the light I'll try to post a link to it here.. anyways I am not the best "reviewer" i know but I hope this has helped anyone who is looking for a light like this or considering this one. Thanks!
  8. 1 review

    Task Racing has created a great package for ease of use on ALL bikes. No stator power or rewind necessary, and can be transferred to ANY bike easily and quickly in seconds. Motocross bikes, Enduro bikes, Trail bikes, old bikes, new bikes---it doesn't matter! Can be mounted to 2 stokes, 4 strokes, ATV's/UTV's, Snowmobiles, Tractors, etc.--- all with one light! Super Universal!!!! Each lighting system is easily transferable to your NEXT bike too! One 12V 2.6+Hr rechargeable Li-Ion battery, one battery charger. Strong Stainless Steel mount tab design. 2 Bolts and a plug! Easy Mount On/Off bike in seconds! Tough T6 aluminum exterior, with strong lexan plastic cover Can be tightened down and adjusted up and down to point light where you need it ON THE FLY. Custom adjustment. Includes mounting directions, Extra Extension Spacers and bolts for brake line clearance, and Task Racing stickers. 12 LED Design. Pattern: 12 Spot Beams in the Middle. 35 Watts of Power. Super Bright. 3100 lumens
  9. I believe the cam gears are press fit onto the cam shaft. It is very rare when they spin or move out of position but my understanding is that it can happen. Thank you for this comment it prompted me to check the cams of my dad's '06 RMZ450 and sure enough it was what had happened ..somehow the cam gear and shaft got twisted making it out of time and run like crap.. here is pic of two intake cams.. the cam lobes should line up with the small circle on the gear like the one on the right. the one on the left, which is from my dad's bike, is incorrect.
  10. ..Thanks Motox367.. the look on his face made all the time and effort worth it .. check it..
  11. ..ok is a 1992 PW (y-Zinger) 80 but gave this little bike a make over for my cousin's son..
  12. ..was able to squeeze in a mid-week ride last night.. turned out to be a real nice, little night ride... ;) keep on riding y'all!!! :thumbsup:


  13. '08 after installed fresh plastics and graphics...
  14. ..nice ride along the tracks.. a thousand miles from no where!! <3 AZ:thumbsup: