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  1. AaronBrown

    rear disc guard for XR650L?

    Do you have a picture of it?
  2. AaronBrown

    She blasphemes!!

    My wife has made it very clear, she will not ride on a motorcycle with me ever. She thinks I would ride my L like I drive my STI. Oh well I guess she just needs her own bike. Maybe an L with a lowering link or something.
  3. AaronBrown

    2009 Honda Dualsports are out

  4. AaronBrown

    small sacrifice for rididng a pig

    +1 for the gold bond but not the blue, it tingles to much for me.
  5. AaronBrown

    small sacrifice for rididng a pig

    I wear some Under Armour compression shorts and it solves the problem. They have 2 kinds heat wear and cold wear. Wear the heat wear ones when it's hot and no worries. They even have some football ones with hip and tail bone pads in them, I haven't tried them yet but they look like a good idea.
  6. AaronBrown

    czr exhaust

    I also have one. It's loud, really loud. Mine is about a year old if I remember right and it it's getting louder. The pics on the ebay auction are of my bike. I bought it when the seller only advertised it as fitting a XR600R then told him it would fit the L and sent him the pics.
  7. AaronBrown

    XRs Only Cooling fins--Think about it.

    Do you think we can cook bacon on our air cooled motors? Maybe if we had the big fins we could pack the in between areas with bacon and have snacks while we ride?
  8. AaronBrown

    ...freak'n noobie questions...

    Sorry know a guy who uses that same screen name on another forum I go to.
  9. AaronBrown

    ...freak'n noobie questions...

    Do you by chance have a Subaru?
  10. AaronBrown

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Mounted some Mefo explorers, installed some rim locks, trimmed and ventilated my front fender and put a front fender bag on with a spare tube and tire irons in it.
  11. AaronBrown

    any deals on dual-sport tires ?

    The Mefos came in today. Twenty days to get from Rosalia Washington to My house near Portland Oregon. I don't think I will be ordering from them again if I can help it.
  12. AaronBrown

    any deals on dual-sport tires ?

    So I ordered the Mefos on the 30th from KLR650.com and hadn't heard anything from them yet so I sent them an email requesting a tracking number. Seems they will take your money and your order but not mention that they do not have the tires in stock or that they are in fact on back order until you email them for a tracking number. I wish they would have informed me at the time of my order that they didn't have the tires I was paying them for. Kind of irritates me.
  13. AaronBrown

    any deals on dual-sport tires ?

    I've been using the L on road a lot more lately but I do like to cruise the fire roads so I thought the Mefo would be a good choice. My commute doubled in lenght recently and with the price of gas it just makes sense to park the car and ride the L. Plus it's just more fun. I think I might add a windshield to increase comfort a bit though.
  14. AaronBrown

    Si Or No Rim Tape?

    I like the look, but I like that caliper guard better.
  15. AaronBrown

    any deals on dual-sport tires ?

    Just ordered a set of the Mefo explorers, they have to be better than the stockers right?