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  1. Hoffy

    Dr. Mark, PCL Surgurey?

    Ok thanks, I need to build my sick leave back up a little first. Than I will call your office and schedule.
  2. Hoffy

    Dr. Mark, PCL Surgurey?

    I am a 47 year old, 30 lb over weight correctional officer with low sick hours on the books as a result from my last bad get-off which tore my rotator cuff. We have light duty positions were one sits in a control room for 9 hours a day and pushes buttons.
  3. Hoffy

    Dr. Mark, PCL Surgurey?

    Yeah it looks like I need to go to Houston. I have many questions so I will call your office when I build my sick leave back up. Speaking of wich, how many days down for this procedure untill I can go back to work on light duty? This will give me a good idea about when I can have it done. And, with a quad tendon, does this leave a huge divit in the good leg? My buddy had a hamstring acl re-con and he said his hamstring has never been the same and there is a large divit or dip where they took it. Oh, and what are you doing up so early? You answered that fast!! Thanks for your reply.
  4. Well I didnt think I would need a pcl reconstruction but it is getting worse. I can no longer do squats for rehab of any kind, the pain is over powering. On some days I can barely walk up stairs at all and going down stairs is ok, than on another day its visa versa. I am getting a lot of pain on the outer side of my knee also now that I didnt have before. My Doctor manipulated my lower leg and said I definatley need surgury. I asked him about his pcl surguries and he said they are rare and most people are not symtamatic however mine is severe. He said he has only done 5 pcl reconstructions as apposed to hundreds of acl's. He also said that because the pcl is a large ligamint, the only way is to use a cadaver pcl. He said the hamstring would be too tramatic. Does this sound about right? Do you only do pcl's with a cadaver ligament or are there any other procedures you prefer?
  5. Hoffy

    Trans Oil Drain Bolt Problem

    I have a great tip for you guys on this. I had the same trouble on my 450R. Some say its clutch material that settles into the threads like a sluice box when you drain the oil on a r model. Others say its an alignment problem from the outer case to the inner case when the oil is changed on a warm motor, who knows?? But the fix is easy. Buy a new drain bolt. Put it in a vise and use a dremel tool to cut a length wise groove up the shaft. Angle the groove off center into the shaft so it creates sharp edges on the threads. Now you have your own thread chaser that works. Buy a thread die to re-sharpen your new tap. I learned of this in the 450R area from other thumper members. Once I drained the oil, I ran my home made chase in finger tight until it stopped, than turned it one full turn and removed it. Than run your chase thru your die to clean it. Re-install the home made tap finger tight until it stops and again only turn it one turn, remove it and re-clean the tap with the die. Continue this untill you can run the tap all the way in with only your fingers. It worked great me, and saved the trouble and expense of having to split the case.
  6. Hoffy

    what do you eat for breakfast?

    3 fried eggs, 4 bacon strips, 4 sausage links, 2 toast with butter and jam, huge glass of o.j. every single day. Than I quit dreaming and whip out my oatmeal and banana
  7. Hoffy

    Dr. Mark was right again.

    Dr. Vanden BoGarde at the Folsom orthopedic surgry center on East Bidwell street. They are "ok" but are not "dirtbike friendly". The funnny thing is this is the office that gets a lot of referalls from E.R. from Hangtown National track, which is where I crashed too.
  8. Dr. Mark, my Ortho here in NoCal told me after my last exam that my PCL/MCL injury is still very loose and I should consider surgery. I took your advice instead and pt'd the he11 out of it. Now I am almost zero symptomatic and dont need a surgery. Besides some very slight tightness from time to time, it feels normal. And thats without a knee brace I might add.
  9. Hoffy

    Help Doc...ankles weak

    An Ortho or an Pediatrist? I have the same problem, with loud snapping with every step.
  10. Hoffy

    graduation gift to my son

    This is so true. It turned my son around from smoking weed and getting all f's to straight A's, no weed, and self esteem. Now hes a Corpl. in the Marines wrenching on Cobras. A bike to a boy is what a pony is to a little girl.
  11. Hoffy

    Lump on inner thigh after crash

    Its been 7 months and I still have a huge lump. I got squirly in a muddy corner at Hangtown and hit a hay bail which caused me to go ever the bars and down the hill. My bike came don on top of me right on the back of leg just above the knee. My back leg was solid purple from the back of the knee all the way up to my my a$$. After the bruising was gone I was left with a baseball size lump. I thought I tore a muscle loose which balled up, but the doc said it was soft tissue damage and I would have a lump there for life.
  12. Hoffy

    Dr. Mark, PCL question

    Thanks Speed, you are an inspiration. Your post really lifted my spirits. I am going to take my friends offer up and race Hangtown in the 40 plus beginner class. He and I raced the CNC races at Marysville last summer and I really want to race again. The funny thing about the over 40 class is everybody is trying to intimidate each other on the gate, than the gate drops, and everybody remembers we all have house payments. Its a great time. Your road race pic dragging the knee you injured is awsome and is just what I needed to see and hear. Thank you.
  13. Hoffy

    Dr. Mark, PCL question

    SpeedRacer42, if you dont mind me asking, what exactly did you do for rehab and how long did it take? It sounds like I will have to get used to the clicking, its just kind of sickening. I didnt take hardly any time off work. I called in sick for the first 4 days, than back to work on light duty. I take it you still ride. I am concerned about falling on the lower leg during a crash and wonder how easy it will be to re-injure it and if it would be so severe the next time if it would be beyound surgey. My Doc said it would take a whole year to completly heal so I guess I have to time to be a wuss and ponder that question. The funny thing is I still havent washed my bike from the day of injury ride back in March. I guess this one kind of spooked me.
  14. Hoffy

    Dr. Mark, PCL question

    Hi Dr. Mark, thanks again for the reply. I dont know how to post pictures of my knee. However I just got back from a follow up appointment. The Doctor had me do what you said. He had me sit on his table with both of my legs bent a little farther than 90 degrees with feet flat on table. He said on my good leg end of my femur is slightly reward of the tibia. He said on the bad leg that the femur is slightly foward of the tibia. He also manipulated it again and said it is still very loose and called it a "grade 3" tear. Than he said I need to consider a pcl reconstruction because its much looser than a state of "moderate instability" and even though he cant make it better than "moderate instabilty" he said it would benefit from a surgury since its so loose. But he also said the same thing you said about symptoms. He said even though its so loose, if the only problem I have is clicking when doing leg press but not when walking stairs and stuff than I may not need it. He said to continue the strenghtening but to stop doing leg press's or just go lighter for more reps. He said all the other stings and pains will gradully subside as time goes by. So it sounds like I am right on the bubble for a surgey. Sometimes it clicks with each rotation on the excersice bike, and sometimes it doesnt. So the way I understand my situation is to just wait and strengthen it more, let it heal more, and see what type of symptons I have and how severe. Atleast time is on my side. I can build my sick leave back up and if it develops worse symptons I will be flying to Houston. Thanks again
  15. Hoffy

    Dr. Mark, PCL question

    Hi Dr. Mark. I wrote several weeks ago asking you about my mcl/pcl tear and posted my mri report, and thank you for your reply. During a recent follow up appointment, my doctor examined my leg by manipulating my lower leg and he stated my pcl is still very loose. He went on to say that I may need surgurey some time down the road if the "giving out feeling" in the knee remains. He said that he will only do a surgury on a pcl if its severe because he can only improve a pcl to a level of "moderate instabality". I wanted to ask you about this because if I do indeed wind up needing surgury I am coming to see you in Houston. Here the latest facts: Injury 3-11-07 , mri said disruption of the mcl and pcl, tear in the patella something? mensci and acl are intact. I was placed into a donjoy post surgey knee brace locked at 30 degrees for 3 weeks, only moving knee for 2 hours a day in a knee bending machine. Knee swelling was severe and I am still having trouble with sweelling. Started re-hab but they were too soft on it, so I quit and started rehabing it myself every day instead of 3 days a week. I am up to 30 minutes on a stationary bike with hear beat at 80 percent. ( my knee could easliy handle more except my butt and "other areas" start to ache from the bike seat). Followed with 4 sets of leg press of 315 lbs for 20 reps each. leg curls using an excercise ball on the floor, strecthing the knee for extension and flexion, and various other movements too help strengthen my hip and back. I can almost get full extension but still having a pulling feeling behind the knee that prevents complete extension. The flexion is well beyound 120 degrees. Here are the current problems: still having swelling. Sometimes on bike my knee has a hitch or a click and if I push on my calf I can move my lower leg foward about a 1/4 inch and the click goes away. I have stinging pain right behind the knee cap when walking stairs, pulling and stinging and tightness at mcl at various different times and situations, and tightness under knee cap and stinging when stretching for more flexion. In your opinion, if the pcl is exccessivley loose, would you recomend surguery? And to what level of improvement of the pcl can be obtained? ( better than moderate instability)? Will the pcl tighten itself over time? And lastly, if and when I go back to riding, will the pcl in question be easier to re-injure if I fell and hit my chin/lower leg backwards like falling on the bike or something? My doctor wants me to wear a prescription knee brace when I return to full duty at work which he predicts wont be untill 7-1-7( jeez, I didnt even have surgurey, why so long). He said the knee brace will help with self confidence for the "giving out" feeling. I am very interested to hear what you think about pcl injuries in combination with a mcl. Thank you in advance