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    Save $$$ on the new WR450

    Cnacc, it's very simple in Washington state to bring a Cdn bike down and register it. I paid my wopping local 8.1% sales tax (on the converted Cdn price, another savings) and paid the $15 fee for inspection. This was in Jan of 01. Now you don't need an inspection at all on out of state vehicles (not sure if that applies to out of country though.) Saved a heck of a lot of $$$$$. Ekemner......you purchased the euro model that doesn't have a "US certified spark arrestor". It's much more free flowing than US exhaust, but aviod the rangers if you ride. Which is crazy in my opinion. If anything is going to start a fire, it'll definately be that red glowing header. Cheers
  2. Hick, I did type "somewhat" dialed. I agree this engine has a good deal of untapped power with the stock jetting. I have a Canadian model. If I can remember correctly, the pilot air jet (?) is different than US and the needle is also a bit different. Ive only changed the main jet to a 168 from 170 stock and raised the clip position two (thereby dropping the needle to lean it up). I had purchased a US pipe, and ran with the plug in (I like to talk with my 7 year old son when we ride together). I went back to the Canadian pipe, which is much more free flowing than US with plug in. BK mod done also, but without much notable change. I've always run rich it seems, and was fouling plugs on a regular basis until I dropped the needle. Sounds like if I use Dodger's settings, It should be a starting point. Is it a major issue leaving the pipe the way it is?
  3. Hick, I too have an 01 and have toyed with the idea of going to YZ timing to get a little more punch. I realize I'd have to rejet and am a little reluctant to fiddle with it because it's somewhat dialed right now. Anyway.....in your opinion, can I use the same numbers as Dodger and expect results or should they be different due to my relative elevation (about 2500 to 6000). Thanks.
  4. Mojo

    do you remember?

    I remember the kid down the street, spoiled rotten with a 78 YZ80 and me standing around crying, "can I ride it, can I ride it". Took 23 years to finally get my own. Yes Hugh, it is never too late. (BTW-where'd you grow up.....hmmmmmm).
  5. Hey guys. This is my first time on the KTM side. A relative of mine recently purchased a 2002 canadian 520EXC and wants to register it street legal in Washington state. I've already got some info for him after doing some searches (like loctite is a good thing for his bike). Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this? Thanks for any input
  6. Mojo

    Gear for wife?

    Thanks to Firecracker and Sarah for the useful information. She's quite open to learning how to ride and I've read enough posts in the past to know to be patient. The school sounds like a great idea. Sorry Boxsterboy, no trade.
  7. Mojo

    Gear for wife?

    Well, I finally did it. She had been hinting at it for awhile and I woke up a few Fridays ago and says to myself, "today's a good day". Got the wife a TTR125L. Brand spanking new and all shiny blue. She's like "why'd you do that" and I'm thinking she's all mad and I just wasted a bunch of money. Turns out she's scared to death of riding it. She did great the first time EVER on a motorcycle (never stalled it once, which is more than I think most of us can say for our first time). Hey, there's a good topic for discussion...."Do you remember your first time on a motorcycle"?. ANYWAY...She asked me about WOMEN SPECIFIC PANTS AND GEAR and I'm like...???...daaa...Idunno. Any sites out there you know about????? Thanks for the help.
  8. Thanks again Kevin. A sink...???? I have a little finishing to do in my basement. I'll bet alot of us are in need of sinks. I'll take two in fact. Where do I send the money and how much???
  9. Mojo

    Jetting Help!!

    Omni, James is spot on (as he usually is). Just as a word of encouragement....I have a canadian 2001 and had similar difficulty as you speak on. For me it was solved with moving the clip two positions up the needle. still working little bugs out but if you don't find solutions, you'll keep fouling plugs. Good luck to you.
  10. Mojo

    Needle check!

    Larry, you gotta take the carb out of the bike to get the idea of what everyones talking about. I wouldn't suggest looking in there when you raise the slide (basically the center portion of the carb); it squirts out about two feet. It's not on the airbox side, it's the opposite side. Once you have the carb out, you'll understand what i'm and everyone else is referring to.
  11. Mojo


    Same problems I had. For starters, read your manual and learn about the carb. Then take the carb out and raise the clip one position (will cause the needle to drop and lean it out a bit). I had this progressively richening problem as you describe eventuallly causing a fouled plug after about 20 minutes of riding. I finally went to position #2 with the clip and have been trouble free for several months. I wouldn't be too concerned about running too lean. The syptoms your describing show you are WAY too rich now. I haven't gotten any indication mine's running lean yet, but when and if I do, I'll just raise the needle again. Believe me, I know how you feel, I still have lumps on my forehead from banging my head on the wall. Good Luck.
  12. Mojo

    BK mod - this time in metric

    Sirhk, It's not that hard. Pull the cables off, unroute the drain tubes and pull back on the rear boot. I've had mine out so many times, I've stripped the phillips head screws on the boot clamps. Replaced them with allen head ones.
  13. Mojo

    Found a JERK Cop today

    Thumper, Why is it that when a police officer has to do his job, he's being a jerk? I'm sure you wouldn't have parked your car up there. You know sidewalks are for people. (hell, ain't going there, it's not why i'm replying). Think of it in this light....police spend most of their day reminding or trying to correct those things which their suppose to enforce...the things your legislature or city (by ordinance) have put into place. Occasionally police encounter someone who disagrees with these laws or just doesn't like being told what's lawful or unlawful. By the very nature of their contact with the public (confrontational) they are seen as Ogers or jerks. I'm getting way into this too much. Here's another perspective. Someones going to complain about your bike on the sidewalk and that's not going to help others in the future who want to license theirs. It's a licensed motor vehicle, treat it as such.
  14. Mojo

    Anyone using new SIDI boots?

    Ron, I'm really happy with my "flex force" boots. They've held up well this entire year. I didn't want them too stiff, so got the traditional soles. I was told the replacable soles were very stiff. In retrospect, I might have gotten them. The boot hasn't broken down much at all and fit MY foot well from day one. Cheers, Mojo
  15. How true Pmaust, how true. Last night put the kids to bed and went down to the basement (I have my own cycle room there, french doors out the back to 5 acres!). Just sat there reading on some jetting ideas. Radio, no TV. You are not alone.