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  1. John Dowd didn’t start racing until he was 21 years old. He had a great motocross career. Follow your dream but for every one John Dowd there are thousands that had talent could of made it but had injuries. As a career motocross is a crap shot. As a hobby there is nothing better. Get an education have a back up plan and most of all have fun.
  2. Have been looking for used wr 250 F cant find many. Looking for 2016 or 2017 Did Yamaha sell small numbers or are they great bikes that no one wants to sell ?
  3. That pic is a goalie chest protector which is huge not practical for riding. However hockey shoulder pads vary but some include rib protection and can be used under a jersey
  4. Thanks so much I have ace hardware near my house and will pick them up appreciate the help
  5. Need to replace o rings for fuel pump on 2017 Ktm 250 excf 55 bucks from rmatv Any cheaper source? are they mounted inside or outside the tank?
  6. Is that a wr 200 ? If so the cases are very thick and known for reliability
  7. Kx100 Works yz125. I think Ron Lechein rode this bike
  8. Anytime the us govt is involved the project will run over budget and be ineffective. SOme politicians relative will have a lucrative contract
  9. Looks like the drawing shows a mounting base suggestive of industrial application. Bummer
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