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  1. Red_Barney

    Shelton Valley Fun Run

    I had a great time today and my riding budies were a blast to ride with. Thanks to all the PSER members for putting on a great event. And yes Dave the suspension is working GREAT! I had a big smile under my Bell 8 all day. Whoop! Paul
  2. Red_Barney

    Shelton Valley Fun Run

    Greysquirrel, Do you know the milage is for the longer of the two loops (40plus)? Seeing if a buddies tank can make it. Thanks! Whoop
  3. Red_Barney

    Desert 100 Hotel?

    Moses Lake is about a hour from Odessa.
  4. Red_Barney

    KTM Speedo

    I have a 2007 300 XCw that I love, however I can't figure out to change the computer from total hours and total mileage to the other functions. I had a 2008 450 XCRw and the computer looks the same but had lots more functions. The owners manual shows lots of other functions for this computer but I can't figure out how to get to them. Any help would be great.
  5. Thanks Scott, we had a blast, conditions were great! Paul
  6. I'm thinking dry thoughts, we had a couple trucks of guys ready to head over on Sunday. Come on wind! Paul
  7. Red_Barney

    good place to send forks/shocks in Wa

    TBT Northwest just did mine and I could not be happier, easy to deal with and very responsive. Whoop Paul
  8. Red_Barney

    Eddieville Play day on 16 &17

    Conditions Saturday were great but there was a strong breeze. The breeze kept the dust down. Good time. Paul
  9. Red_Barney

    Eddieville Play day on 16 &17

    Thanks for the up date. Any change in weather for this weekend in the Goldendale area? Paul
  10. Scott or Debbie, How is this weekend looking for the play days. Heading over on Saturday. Whoop Paul
  11. Scott, How are things looking for the playday Saturday (16TH) this weekend? Whoop Paul
  12. Red_Barney

    EVO or Devol ?

    I agree TBT did a great job on my 450 and I'm getting ready to send my 300 to Dave next week. And yes he is a very fast and a helpful guy. Whoop Paul
  13. Red_Barney

    Play day at Eddieville this weekend

    Scott, Sounds like a hoot, let hope the weather holds! Paul
  14. Scott, How is the weather looking for the play days this weekend? Looking to head over on Saturday. Whoop! Paul
  15. Red_Barney

    Collecting data: Flexx bars

    I use the 10 degree Enduro height, 5'11".