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  1. http://shophbdmotografx.mybigcommerce.com/
  2. https://www.razemotorsports.com/products/engine-coolant-heated-handlebars-yamaha-450
  3. Because the Plastiguage is not thick enough .
  4. CRE for sale
  5. Trailer
  6. The wireless hour meters can accrue time while you're transporting the bike. From the vibrations.
  7. Better suited to a quad.
  8. Bikebandit.com has that part listed for a Kawasaki. But, not for a Yamaha. https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/2005-kawasaki-kx250-kx250r/o/m149196#sch434227
  9. Knighter will be racing the RevLimiter here in TX early next year.
  10. 2018 GG XC 250 2nd impression. This past weekend I had a great ride with the GasGas. I had 3 days to really put some miles on the bike. Current mods. http://www.midwestme.com/products.html#Clutch Shorter clutch lever. Works beautifully. Nice engagement point and adjustable for reach. https://www.obielinkguard.com/ Excellent protection for the rear linkeage, slides over logs with ease. Attaches to the OEM skid plate. Points taken away for not having access to the oil drain plug. P3 pipe guard. Swapped over from my 2015 GG XC 250. Motor. This bike just rips. Pulls like a freight train. No vibrations through the pegs or handle bars. The power really gets to the ground in a smooth and controllable fashion. Basically, what your right hand does, the rear tire follows. There’s no uncontrollable tire spin on corners. The bike just hooks up and launches. Transmission shifts like butter. I have not missed any shifts yet. Suspension. No complaints here. Forks suck up all the roots. No jarring impacts to my wrists. No deflection on root stubs. Bike tracks straight through the rough stuff. I have yet to bottom the forks. E- Start. No problems at all. Never touched the kick lever all weekend. Ergonomics. Very similar to the ’15 GG. Slimmer in the tank area. No snagging of any body parts while riding. Fit and finish. Bike is holding up very well. No loose fasteners. Plastic still looks new. I am still in awe of how good this bike is. You can make a mistake and the bike just soaks it up. The light weight really shows when you have to bull dog the bike over a big log.
  11. I'm 185 suited up. Yes, still on OEM springs. I like the bike stiff. Suspension is plush. I still need to mess with the clickers and see the affects.
  12. Thanks Glenn. I'm not sure on the wheels. I forgot to mention how well it handles. It's like on rails. Braking is improved also.
  13. 2018 GasGas XC 250 first impressions. I currently have a '15 XC250 and was really torn on getting an '18 GasGas. The '15 has been flawless and performing beautifully. Anyway, pulled the trigger and got one. Made the 4hr trip to SMS Racing in Denton TX to pick up the bike. Just loading it on the truck, I can tell this this bike is light. Just looking over the bike, everything has been improved over the '15 bike. The fit and finish is excellent. The frame guards lock into the side panels. The radiator shrouds have in mold graphics. The air box has NO gaps in the rear fender area. The frame is compact and not over built. The seat has one mounting bolt on the left side, behind the air box cover. A second bolt can be added, you will have to drill and access hole in the right side # plate. Doesn't really need it. I did the usual bearing greasing, The steering stem bearings and the swing arm pivot were fully greased. (a 1st for me). The swing arm was very easy to remove. Captive bolts on the linkage sped up the process. The pivot linkage is very compact and the seals well thought out. The swing arm pivot bolt has an allen socket fitting, so you can turn the bolt to line it up with the locking tab. Next on the list was disabling the auto retract side stand. Standard off the shelf orange bike (OB) parts did the trick. Swapped over the FlexxBars and the steering damper from my '15. The steering damper frame mount had to be modified to clear the GG frame welds. Installed the battery charge cables from the Optimate LI Ion charger. Installed the Obie Link guard. Took the FIM rear tire off. Bike has real rim locks now. Yesterday we had a trail work day to survey a section of trails after the hurricane Harvey. This was a perfect opportunity for me to run the bike in and see how it does. Lots of stopping , boon-docking and log crossings. Got to the trail head and set the sag.There's a little triangle moulded in the rear fender as a reference point for setting the sag. (See pic below) Filled up the fuel tank. Jetting is OEM. At this point I haven't even ridden the bike. It was 40F. The e start took a few trys to get going. The rest of the day it was flawless. With the bike in gear, it took an extra second to start. I have never been an e-start fan. Now, I see myself using it all the time. I used the kick start a few times, just to say I did. The bike started 1st kick every time. Off to the ride. Took me about 2 miles to get acclimated to the bike. This thing is a dream. The suspension out the box is incredible. There is no fork deflections on the roots. It just soaks everything up. I hit a massive sink hole at speed, the forks bottomed out and floated right on. I would have been over the bars on any other bike. The bike is very well balanced. No porpoising in the whoops. The motor revs faster and has more power than my '15. It is very smooth and controllable. The clutch is very easy to pull in, action is smooth and linear. No squawking noise! The lever could be shorter. I kept snagging it on brush. Crossing logs is easier now, the pipe does not hang up. I had to drag the bike over some big logs, this is where the light weight really shines. I was not expending a whole lot of energy to get the bike lifted. The clear fuel tank is nice, a quick glance indicates the fuel level. Overall the bike is slimmer. Slightly taller than my '15. My boots never got hung up on any body panels. Right now, I can't find any faults with the bike. It is truly the best GasGas ever made. And, I've been riding them since 1998. Sorry for the long review. Hope it helps. Auto retract side stand delete. Rear sag reference point on fender.
  14. There's a limited edition coming soon. You ought to appreciate the name.
  15. GasGas has never used that type of frame design.