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  1. She wants to ride on the back. They tend to have 1 or 2 couples do the event.
  2. For all my riding friends I've met here in the PNW, this is what is on my next bucket list!! And of course my wife will be wanting to be on the back enjoying the ride!
  3. My list has been fairly short though out my life. I'm not much for wanting much, but happiness for some close friends and relatives. My last two have graced me which I never thought would come about. First one, retiring from the Army with all my fingers and toes still attached, the second, is finding a love that makes you smile everyday, who is my best friend and is hot as hell!!! I have one last bucket list item on my mind. The KTM Adventure ride in New Zealand. I didn't get to sign up for it last year do to a knee injury that I am trying to get fixed (with no help from my heath care provider and insurance, but that is another story). So to show what exactly this is, here is this years recap. It is kinda long, but I bet once you start watching, you won't want to pause it!!! Keep working towards your bucket list and enjoy the vid!!!
  4. ride200mi

    Aprilia 1200Caponord 2018

    0 reviews

    Caponord Rally
  5. This is my only street legal bike I have....
  6. ride200mi

    Are these tires worn out?

    If I was just trail riding, I'd take a razor to the front edge and keep riding. If my next ride was a race, I would have changed them out. Just a personal choice.
  7. ride200mi

    Post Bike Wash, bike will not start 2018 fe450

    Die-electric grease is what I use. And yes you can fill the back of the connector too.
  8. ride200mi

    Post Bike Wash, bike will not start 2018 fe450

    When I moved here from AZ, it was mentioned I should grease all the electrical connectors. I've not had an issue.
  9. ride200mi

    TigerTanker's Bike Build Thread FE450 & FX350

    I'm not doing any lighting on mine but the battery has been great so far, whit aprox 35 hrs on the clock.
  10. ride200mi

    Saturday snow ride Tahuya

    Yeah this sucks.... So much ice underneath the snow..... And I have events starting here in a couple of weeks. Looks like I'm going to need to spend some time in So CA... LOL
  11. ride200mi

    White helmets?

    As mentioned, white in the heat makes for a bit of a cooler helmet. I have this one and though it is black too, most of the top is white.
  12. ride200mi

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    The ARE forks work really well on this bike. It also takes 8 lbs of the bike. This has been the first bike I haven't had to send somewhere to get them to work off road. Just saying....
  13. ride200mi

    350fx/xc or 450 fx/xc ??

    Thanks Bryan!!
  14. ride200mi

    350fx/xc or 450 fx/xc ??

    I went with a FX350. It just feels so much lighter. I'm not a HP kinda guy. I ride off road stuff and want a bike that feels like I can get it around with out me having to be a weight lifer.
  15. ride200mi

    TigerTanker's Bike Build Thread FE450 & FX350

    OK then, there you have it.....