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  1. absolutely gorgeous bikes ! so jealous , why dont you post a pic of your crf as well ! miswhile if you still have it
  2. crosby_880

    October MX at MotoPark

    each jump (section) basically has a number, they just use it too communicate for races and announcing and such .
  3. crosby_880

    post your cleanest bike pic

    2011 kx250f .
  4. crosby_880

    kx250f recall

    yes tire tubes
  5. crosby_880

    kx250f recall

    if they go at the wrong time it can get ugly lol , thats probably why they sent letters out. Clearly people were getting hurt. Im thinking about just replacing both of them and not going to the dealer , id rather just avoid the dealer .
  6. crosby_880

    kx250f recall

    Anyone else get a recall on a 2011 kx250f for the inner tubes? I just recieved one today , mine aernt leaking so they clearly werent pinched and i dont feel like leaving my bike there as all the dealers will be backed up , says on the notice .
  7. crosby_880

    Any carb cleaning tips?

    not that hard , just take some pictures. Thats what i usually do , grab a can of carb clean and get yourself some air. Take your time , snap some shots and have fun
  8. crosby_880

    How Many Hours Does Your Bike Have..?

    2011 kx250f , basically brand new . 0.9 hours . 0.7 of those being actual riding time , other being idle time hahah . when i brought it home : before first ride out :
  9. crosby_880

    guys show me your kawasakis

    I have the t7 decal works kit , it was well worth the money .
  10. crosby_880

    Blown 2011

    Let us know how you make out , thats a bit rediculous . im a bit worried now
  11. crosby_880

    Anyone still putting off the recall work?

    people are going to be taking advantage of this now ... its kinda rediculous , anyone seen this ? http://cgi.ebay.ca/NEW-2011-KX250F-TPS-THROTTLE-POSITION-SENSOR-11-KX250-/110699979921?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19c63ba491#ht_500wt_922
  12. crosby_880

    new crazy rmz 450 !!!!

    thats pretty cool how you have his bike , i bet you i saw hiim riding that exact bike in 07 at the gopher dunes. Looks great , wouldnt do anything but provide the most loving care for it and maybe get the suspension set for you , nice bike ! cool track too btw:thumbsup:
  13. crosby_880

    The kid on my 2011 @ logroad

    your kid is fast haha ! great riding and excellent quality , gotta love the go pros
  14. crosby_880

    Tire pressure for upcoming race?

    yeah id say around 12-14 .
  15. crosby_880

    08 kx250f motor mount on frame cracked?!?!?

    id probably take it to a shop and see what they say . but if it was me personally id buy a new frame , no one can tell you how much that can weaken the frame .