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    Been there a couple of times. Lots of rock lots of sand too. Just depends on what trails you ride. So much fun stuff there. Any decent tire gets ridiculous traction on the slick rock. So go with a good intermediate tire. We stayed at arch-view RV park right before you get into town. Lots of good Stuff right from there without a plate. Do some research and figure out what you want to hit
  2. dead eye dad

    Recommendations on riding in and around Joshua Tree?

    We did a nice loop ther a couple years Ago. Street plated bikes only on roads in park we camped at sheep pass went out to geology tour road and down berdoo canyon to town for gas then parallels freeway back up Pinkham canyon to cottonwood and hit pavement back on slab to sheep pass. Nice 1/2 day 100 mile ride. If you are street legal do it. VERY REMOTE FEELING actually going to Jtree this weekend. But no one to ride with so pedal bike time
  3. dead eye dad

    Dualsport in California

    What he said. !!!
  4. dead eye dad

    Dualsport in California

    I can vouch for the xr400 I've got a pre cut off plated 98 xr4. I've ridden it for 7 years now had to put appropriate springs for my weight it is uncorked well armored and when needed I can put the 5+ Gallon tank Needless to say that's well over 200 miles. Sure it is not real fast won't wheelie unless you really work at it. But I've ridden it all over. It will top out at only about 80 mph. But seriously how fast do you want to go on pavement with knobbies any how. So cruising 65 on the pavement isn't too bad. . I've ridden it on Kennedy meadows single track all sorts of desert and two trips to Moab i think my longest day I think was around 275 miles on dirt. It works in technical rocky stuff desert sand and does everything reasonably well best is that i paid all of $2800 for it. I can actually pick it up. I also have a 200 xc for when no plate is needed but the xr will be last bike to go if that ever becomes necessary or I decide to get a Ktm 500. That seems to be the progression It's a great buddy bike to keep around to as its hard to hurt.
  5. dead eye dad

    The Usual Suspects!

    ha that's what my riding buddies always refer to "us" as too. My wife will ask, "who's going riding with you this time??" "Oh, just the usual suspects..." I guess we will have to switch monikers.. I've always wanted to hijack the enduro alaska guy's : "metamucil militia" name.. that's more in line with our age demographic anyhow...
  6. dead eye dad


    I live in Irvine, and I see them few times per year usually at night when Mountain biking in the local hills. they seem to move onto the trails to warm up I guess, as they are usually just hanging out. I've tried a variety of techniques to get them to move, kicking some gravel, stomping feet etc. but that just pisses them off. Best technique is to squirt them with water, they do not appear to like being cooled off...In the bush, i leave them alone, in my yard, they get it. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I was always told that Ravens walk, and Crows hop.. either way darn smart birds..
  7. dead eye dad


    I wish I could get the videos off my phone. But oh well. Snakes are "Muzzled" which basically looked like they were very carefully taped so they couldn't strike. that'd be a fun job eh? The gal I spoke with there said they have a lot of snakes and they take good care of them, they seemed to be very concerned with their welfare too. The mojave green they had was huge, and actually very pretty and very GREEN ! the only other one I've seen was out at mead and much more bleached looking. So..I've been told dogs hould be at least a year old, but i did my 1st brit earlier, this one later.. Basically they put a training coller (AKA Shock collar) on your dog and let them introduce themselves to the snakes The dog's are naturally curious and so they just stick their faces right into the snakes, and they get a "Correction". They are just doing what dogs do and investigate the new critter/situation. My New Britt had never had an e-collar on, so they had it set way down low. Of course she gave the 1st one a good sniff, and the little rattler struck at her and they gave her a zap. After that she wouldn't go near the other two. NO WAY ! I had my previous dog trained every year for a few years prior to quail hunting season, and it became very apparent that she knew to stay away. Many years of hunting in snake country (My brother lives in Tucson) and she never got hit. I've had a few up close encounters with them and I am a big fan of the 12 gauge treatment, we had one on my front porch (In Irvine! ) a few years ago and the gal I had watching my kids flipped it into the street and ran it over with the car, about 200 times.. My Dad has an awesome belt made from one that was about 5 feet long that he "shoveled" on his porch in Cabo. That damn thing interupted cocktail hour! Cool Belt! I'm always amazed at what a good shot I become when faced with rattlesnake. "Shoot where you look" training works I guess... I agree that in their environment if I can leave them alone I do, but on my property or in my face. it's no question. I see them all the time riding Mtn Bikes give them a squirt of water and they leave. These are the folks I used.. http://socalrattlesnakeavoidancetraining.com/ Guy's name was Darryl.
  8. dead eye dad


    Follow up, Finally got around to getting it done, took the new dog for her snake aversion training saturday am, very impressed with the company who did it. (Out behind Lake Perris, but they move around..) The gal there told me they train 12,000 dogs per yer. They walked My brit up onto 3 different species of snakes, A small southern pacific who I could hardly even hear rattling a large Western Diamond back, and a very large Mojave Green, who was actually very green, and a nice looking snake other than being ridiculously poisonous. Dog learned quickly to stay away ! ..
  9. dead eye dad

    Wide grips

    that is true, I was thinking maybe ODI "lock On" since they have a grip bonded to throttle tube. And that was what was on my 200xc but couldn't find anything on their website.. BTW's that system is great, until you have to change grips with some other brand...
  10. dead eye dad

    Tennis Elbow?

    Tennis elbow is ligament / muscle inflammation. Cubital tunnel is nerve damage. BAD !!!!
  11. dead eye dad

    Tennis Elbow?

    Ive currently got tennis elbow badly in right arm but Tennis elbow is different than cubital tunnel syndrome I have /had both if it feels like funny bone it's probably cts. If when your arm is extended palm down it hurts on top of your forearm. That's tennis elbow. (the muscles that lift your hand) treat them differently. Sounds to me like cubital tunnel syndrome. See a GOOD arm hand orthopedic dr
  12. dead eye dad

    Wide grips

    Anyone know who might make a longer or wider grip for large hands?? I'm tired of my hands hanging off the ends or being cramped space wise depending on bike set up
  13. dead eye dad

    Annual Kennedy Meadows Trip

    Just got back. Dty snd Dusty dusty dusty. Hope for rain
  14. dead eye dad

    Riding gear Thread

    Love my Gaerne sg 10s. Bought them last fall and are comfortable and feel like they also protect well. 3rd pair of boots I've owned. Oneil and AXO prime Oddly my favorite pants contine to be my old ripped up shift over the boot model due to large pockets. And they breath better than the swanky Klim mojaves I bought to replace them. Squadrons I think. Just right for S cali conditions.
  15. swap fenders with a sticker that's what friends are for...