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  1. RToth

    My SM gets a stable mate...Now torn

    Thanks for the feedback all. Looks like I might sell the Z after all. Nice to know I'm not the only Canadian getting screwed over at the license bureau. For the record, insurance isn't bad here...I pay $165.00 per year for full coverage, so I guess it balances out...I like the Brocks system, but it's too loud to sneak by and I prefer the cleaner look of the aftermarket under tail slip-ons...Besides, once you approach 170hp and 97 ft lbs of torque, how much more power do you need?...lol ...I don't even think I can ride the Z to its full potential.
  2. RToth

    My SM gets a stable mate...Now torn

    It's a 2009 Suzuki B-King ABS model. Basically a naked Hyabusa...Same engine. As far as the cost of the plates, there is an insurance contribution which makes up the most of the cost. I have a clean record (Everyone pays the same amount depending on classification of bike). You still need to get insurance on the bike as well. In order to register the vehicle in Ont/NY I thought I had to be a resident or have a perm address. I know the folks in ont pay peanuts for reg.....Something like $40.00. If you want a laugh, the guys with a 50cc scooter pay just under $250.00 for registration per year here. It's a joke.
  3. Hi all, Been a while since I've posted here.. Figured I'd share my latest aquisition. She's an 09 with 13000 kms on it from original owner. Was able to haggle to $7800 Cdn. She's in beautiful shape. Only mods so far are fender eliminator, HID kit and aftermarket Puig windscreen. Now I have a dilemma...I can't justify the expense of plating 2 bikes (I'm from quebec and we get hosed with the cost of plate renewals...550.00 for the King and 370.00 for the Z per year). My buddy offered me $4500 for the Z, but am not sure if I can part with it. Maybe I'll keep it as a track bike. Thoughts? My man room below. Cheers, Rob
  4. RToth

    Videos of DRZ-400 taking Trails and Track - Offroad

  5. RToth

    First ride with Go-Pro

    Thanks..It's a used Hero I picked up for $150.
  6. RToth

    First ride with Go-Pro

    Last ride at Camp this past weekend. Saw first bit of snow. Traction Sucked..Almost lost her at 11:04. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qL0BjV0FSZw
  7. RToth

    Tried a B-King.......What's my Z worth?

    That's the stock pipe, but as with all bikes there are many more appealing aftermarket options.
  8. Hello all, Considering jumping ship after 6 years of reliable service from my 07 SM. Made the mistake of trying a B-King for a week. Needless to say, getting off 180+hp and jumping back on old reliable was disappointing. Found a deal on an 08 B-King with low mileage and was wondering what I may expect to see for my bike; 2007 SM - Black (Original owner) 33,000 kms. Oil and filter changed religiously at 1,600 km intervals with only Motul 300v full syn Full Yosh RS-2 Stainless Exhaust Milenium 440 BB kit FCR 39mm Carb Carpenter racing LTZ head porting job RHC single piece valves Hot Cams Stg 1 cams 3x3 mod BMC Filter Zeta pivot levers Zeta handuards with integrated LED flashers Aftermarket N-Style gripper sear New battery Bike is clean...1 little dent in the tank from my knee (Almost not noticeable). I love my Z, and probably should have known better than to scratch the itch but I can't get over how responsive and easy it is to ride the B-King. Can anyone give me an idea of what I could reasonably ask for and expect for my Z? Thanks, Rob
  9. RToth

    160$ ticket for my MRD/SSW exhaust

    There is no way in hell that an RS-2 is quieter than stock. As long as you take it very easy on the throttle when around leo's, you should be ok (or at least more likely to get by than with the MRD). I'm sticking to my RS-2 because I know the day I pop for the MRD, I'll have to sell it used within a week on top of having to cough up for a noise infraction.
  10. RToth

    160$ ticket for my MRD/SSW exhaust

    They're cracking down on the pipes...QPP are now running around with decibel meters and imposing $300 fines......If you had a spark arrestor, you likely wouldn't have been given the pipe ticket, but as others have said, the bus lane infraction is what nailed you in the first place. I know my days with my RS-2 are numbered. I got off with a warning once because of the pipe.....(Warning only because of the spark arrestor and they couldn't prove it was wide open). They stopped me initially because of a small wheelie over train tracks and then proceeded to inspect the bike for DOT compliance....You may be able to get off with the pipe infraction due to an improperly filled out ticket... I know many that got off for that very reason (at least in Quebec). Good luck
  11. RToth

    OEM Battery finally crapped out

    In the end, I went with the OEM yusa.....My local Suzuki dealership gave it to me for $99 plus tax...For 5 years of reliable service, I can't justify switching.
  12. Looking to see if I broke a record.....07 SM bought new in June 07....Always kept on tender. As of last night she decided she had done her time and had enough. Anybody supass the 5 year, 10 month mark yet?
  13. Not listening to the sound advice here and going for the 450 bb with 13.5:1 comp ratio JE Piston........4 head gaskets and 2 cyls later dropped to a 440 kit and no issues since...Expensive lesson learned. I didn't heed Eddie's warning.