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    riding anywere we can/hunting/fishing/always putting money in our bikes
  1. kawie

    Kdx frame

    as long as its the same body style it will fit even if its a 200.the 220 is the same motor as the 200 just a bigger bore fore the most part. Kawie
  2. kawie

    Post pics of your CR's

    2002 cr250 before now I bought this bike about 2 1/2 years ago for $1400 an put $1300 plus into it. Kawie
  3. kawie

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    sorry wrong section
  4. kawie

    2007 kx450f ?

    I might have a chance to trade my 02 cr250 for 07 kx450f.i have about 3 grand into my cr, new 04 jug an power vavle ,new piston an rings.all new plastics an seat cover brakes brake lines , tires ,bearings ,wiseco clutch basket an clutch kit.factory connection done suspension plus more that im forgetting. his kxf he bought last year for 3 grand an this spring just put over 2 grand to have the whole top end done , cams ,piston, rings ,valves ect.. has about half a tank of gas through it since done.stock bottom end,mine also has stock bottom end.hes getting rid of the kxf cause he just bought a brand new 14 crf450. I was talking to him today about getting rid of my cr an he showed interest in my cr hes been trying to get it of me for 2 yrs now an he said that he would like to have 2 Hondas an one be a smoker.ive never owned a 4 poke except for my 4 wheelers.im getting older an getting tired of mixing gas reving the piss out of a 2 stroke an the whole plug fouling deal.so is this a good deal an is the 07 kxf a good reliable bike.most of my riding is trail with some track riding here an there but no racing. thanks Kawie
  5. kawie

    Seized hard

  6. kawie

    97 kx250 wont stay in 4th

    throw up some pics of youre bike.
  7. kawie

    banshee vs rm 250

    Bike wins . Banshee loses.banshees down almost 10hp to the RM
  8. kawie

    Thinking of a KDX 200 for my son

    if youre realy thinking about a kdx check out this site. http://kdxrider.net/forums/ tons of info on anything kdx. Kawie
  9. kawie

    Thinking of a KDX 200 for my son

    kdx is a great bike,good suspension an motor.the motor can be lugged unlike a 125.there are people of all ages running the kdx so I don't think youre son could really outgrow it.the motor isn't pipey like the 85 or 125.you could also look at the ktm200 also,both great bikes.the kdx would do light track work also but better for trails.as far as the xr200 it would be going backwards compared to the yz85 he has now,less power an suspension plus back to drum breaks. my son started riding a kx 125 when he was 12 after his yz85 then we picked up a kdx whenhe was 13 an he loved the bike but he went back to the kx125 after awhile because it suited him better because we ride more track than anything. Kawe
  10. kawie

    2002 and 2003 CR250 same cylinder?

    different porting an diferent power valves.i know this cause I have an 02 an went with the 03 cylinder an had to replace the pover valves. Kawie
  11. kawie

    Jug help

    this should help. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkPU6V-cIxE kawie
  12. kawie

    92 cr250 promblem

    thanks ren33. another question,ive never had a promblem with air in the system before,his manuel says to bleed the air out of the system but doesnt say how.so how do you bleed the air out. thanks Kawie
  13. kawie

    92 cr250 promblem

    ok guys this is my buds bike.we just did the topend in it.bike ran fine before top end just low on compression. problem now is he cant get the radiator fluid to flow through the radiators.cylinder gets hot enough to burn youre finger prints off. hes had the head off twice now,filled all holes an hoses with fluid when putting back together.he says fuild level is not dropping so no leaks. radiators stay cold when bikes running so its a flow promblem.only thing I can think of is the water pump not working.what could we have done to mess that up.need to get this fix for him so I can get my 02 cr250 back from him. thanks Kawie
  14. kawie

    2000 KX 250 build (gonna be grand)

    if I was you I would get rid of that wiseco crank.do a search,junk. kawie
  15. you know what they say about fat girls an scooters. there both fun to ride but no one admits to it.