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  1. heart_of_darkness

    Cr250 lighting for MOT from a battery

    Many of the kits include the wiring loom, specifically so there is no further re-wiring required. Yes, most any 12v battery will work. Even a tiny 9v battery will work, briefly. Beware that these battery setups may make your bike nominally road legal, but not actually suitable to ride at night.
  2. heart_of_darkness

    Showa CR 01--05 fork internals.

    The 05+ forks are about 1/4” shorter than the earlier ones.
  3. heart_of_darkness

    Cr250 lighting for MOT from a battery

    You can add a completely independent “piggyback” wiring circuit with a battery and lights, without any modifications to the existing wiring. Most of the “dual sport wiring kits” are what you’re describing.
  4. heart_of_darkness

    XR600 remote reservoir shock blown seal What now?

    There are plenty of rebuild parts available for the later xr600 shocks. Sealheads, bladders, bumpstops, etc. And plenty of info and knowledge here You can easily disassemble the existing shock to determine what’s wrong. As long as the chromed shaft isn’t rusted or pitted, the shock is likely rebuildable if you can source a seal head and / or bladder.
  5. heart_of_darkness

    Roots on the gas

    Maybe increase bleed by running the rebound clicker further out, but compensating with stiffer low speed rebound valving (add a face shim). Or may try removing a compression face shim or two. I found the stiffness of the low speed compression stack to have a noticable effect on small chop.
  6. Have you gotten the engine running long enough to reach full hot equilibrium temperature? That requires 5 or 10 minutes of warm and riding.
  7. Yup, was the bike running well with the old carb? These engines inherently will idle much slower when cold. To compensate, turn the idle speed knob up for a cold start. Then turn the speed back down when the engine is hot. The FCR carb has an abrupt jump from on-choke to off-choke, both in idle speed and in mixture. They really need a half choke position, which Suzuki (I think) variants do have. I just manually hold the choke in a partially engaged position until the engine will idle without any choke. There is a way to use the 650L’s bar mounted cable to operate the FCR choke. My starting procedure for a cold engine is to increase the idle speed by about one revolution of the idle speed knob (starting from the position it last was, for correct idle RPM for a hot engine). Engage the choke, start the engine. After a minute of idling on-choke, when the RPMs start to climb, I disengage the choke but hold it partially open to sufficient to keep the engine running. Over the next minute I progressively lessen the degree of choke until the engine will idle with no choke. Then as the engine continues to warm the natural idle speed will progressively increase, so I slowly turn down (out) the idle speed knob.
  8. The FCR enrichener choke automatically increases the idle speed. So when turned off, the idle speed will drop dramatically. You’ll need to adjust the manual idle speed knob to a sufficiently fast RPM to keep the engine running. Also, these big thumper engines will naturally idle at a slower speed until up to operating temp. So if the idle mixture knob is adjusted for a low RPM when at high temp, it will be too low when the engine is cold.
  9. heart_of_darkness

    XR600R FCR-MX Swap - Throttle Cable Issues

    I just used a CRF throttle housing, which of course matches the CRF cables. It’s probably cheaper than custom cables.
  10. heart_of_darkness

    XR600r first ride/narrowing down issues..

    Have you washed the bike? Water trapped around the cylinder head area will boil audibly.
  11. heart_of_darkness

    Can a shock body be shortened?

    It might be easier to adapt the existing shock body to use the newer compression adjuster assembly. I don’t know about the XR250, but the XR600 used a dramatically different lever ratio and than most modern bikes. And so the shock overall length is much different, the spring rate is much different, and the damping is different. So even if you make a different shock fit, there could be stroke length issues, spring rate issues, etc.
  12. heart_of_darkness

    Another electrical question (regulator/rectifier)

    Your bike probably has two accessory electrical circuits, a higher wattage 12vAC just for the headlight and a lower wattage 12vDC for everything else. Everything but the headlight is already DC current, so there’d be no problem with LEDs. Do you want to run LED headlights? I doubt the factory regulator-rectifier has the capacity to additionally filter the headlight circuit’s wattage. But you could swap an aftermarket reg-rectifier in place of the existing regulator. Be aware that bike style rectifiers require a battery or capacitor in the circuit to produce good DC current. I don’t know if LEDs require it.
  13. heart_of_darkness

    CRF450 wheels on XR650L

    Convert to modern CRF forks, and then you’ll need the crf front wheel...
  14. heart_of_darkness

    95 XR600 shock bumper replacement

    I initially experimented with bleeding through the compression adjuster. But the cup- like structure of the 600R adjuster holds a pocket of air internally that will not be passively bled when the adjuster itself is oriented with the knob upward. Either during bleeding the piston, or when reinstalling the adjuster in the shock body during the surface tension (drinking straw principle) method. When I do the upside-down method of bleeding, the comp adj. is the first thing to be bled, and it releases some noticable air bubbles.
  15. heart_of_darkness

    CRF450 wheels on XR650L

    The front wheel can be made to work. I’ve done it, but it’s not practical. Sell the crf wheel and buy a spare 650L wheel, and you’ll be money and effort ahead.