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  1. tribalbc

    Possible Lockup

    I'd say your clutch hub nut backed off and rattled free, or something similar in that area. Pull the clutch cover and pressure plate and have a look.
  2. tribalbc

    2003 RM 250 Build

    Sorry went ass backwards on you on the HSC setting. Go to 2- 2.5 turns out from fully seated. Yes out is counter, in clockwise. I'm not sure of stock offhand, would have to check manual. If you can't find it with google let me know.
  3. tribalbc

    2003 RM250 exhaust valve cam replacement

    These have been discontinued for a few years on 03's. I needed to replace mine for same reason as you 2 or so years ago. Not available anywere. I ended buying an 03 complete PV assembly on Ebay in good shape. Let us know if you go 04 and how it works.
  4. tribalbc

    2003 RM 250 Build

    Biggest thing I would say is to drop hsc on the shock down to 1/2 - 1 turn out and maybe one click in on rebound. Forks are pretty close for a baseline.
  5. tribalbc

    2003 RM250 Crank question, and engine rebuild

    As others have said just get the crank rebuilt with a pro-x kit from a professional crank rebuilder. As far as bearing removal goes the simplest solution is to put the cases in the oven at 250 for 20 min or so. All the bearings should just fall out on there own and if not just give the case a soft wack on a piece of wood and the rest will pop out. For reassembly heat and cold our your friends, work smarter, not harder. For bearings and crank you need to have them in the freezer for at least 24hrs prior for proper contraction. Use oven again to heat cases for bearing installation. Any questions let me know.
  6. tribalbc

    In search of neutral

    Other than pulling out and inspecting the shift shaft you are down to splitting the cases. Is the clutch side case on when you are trying shifting? I ask because if the shift shaft isn't completely seated in with the RH case it will give you shifting issues.
  7. tribalbc

    2005 Rm250 project build

    Totally normal the tight fit on the crank. Put the crank in the freezer for 48hrs. Then put a slug over the bearings and torch the slug to get the races good and hot. Now it will all fall together with ease.
  8. tribalbc

    In search of neutral

    Are you bench shifting? If so are you rotating the wheel or countershaft when shifting? If you aren't rotating the tranny in some way it will not shift through the gears properly.
  9. tribalbc

    2005 Rm250 project build

    Looks like a stock basket, but I've never seen anything like those slides???? Basket looks like it's near new from the pic anyway.
  10. tribalbc

    2005 Rm250 project build

    Have a look at the shift forks and clutch. Clutch basket is notoriously weak on these bikes, might as well just factor in a good aftermarket replacement now.
  11. Well I don't see whats so confusing about my comment Pretty simple really.
  12. Been posting in it since the beginning bud
  13. Umm yes when I learned to skydive many years ago most of the prior training was how to roll out of a hard landing. All that laugh at the idea of being able to minimize impact of a crash are obviously not very athletic/ nimble and have very little experience in action sports.
  14. tribalbc

    2001-2003 Rear shock fit to 2007 RM250

    I put a softer HSC spring in my 03 and love it now for woods and mx. Much more plush in the chop. Simple cheap fix, $25 bucks plus shipping or something, I've had it apart multiple times and have not felt the need for anymore changes.
  15. tribalbc

    2001-2003 Rear shock fit to 2007 RM250

    Closer pick would be better but looks like 01-03 KYB.