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  1. dragoon13

    My new Video of Glamis

    nice editing. great song to go along with it.
  2. dragoon13

    Riding sand dunes with all the boys

    sick vid! you guys had some bitchen booters in that shit. good tunes to.
  3. dragoon13

    Freeride Jumps

    i wouldnt call that fmx, thought this forum was dirt bike pics and video? or is this forum just for the trail guys now?? what this site needs is seperate trail riding forum then all you trail guys can post up your boring ass vids there. no wonder i rarely visit this site anymore. sweet hits by the way blu. keep it up.
  4. exactly, anything over 10 or 15mph on big jumps is sketchy, rode the other day in 40 to 50mph winds and even the small jumps were an accident waiting to happen. wind sucks
  5. dragoon13

    Julien Lieber 2!

    ya this is some sick shat. saw this on brotocross a few days ago. best vid ive seen on this site since the marshalls.
  6. snowmobiles, golf, fishing, bowfishing, drinking.
  7. dragoon13

    Toby Price Ripping

    sweet vid
  8. dragoon13

    Stewart IS DOWN

    he just cant the pressure of someone else being as fast as he is yet.
  9. when we were kids we couldnt afford anything but clapped out 70s bikes. this was in the late 80s by the way. so if we wanted to ride we had to get the bikes running and then the hard part keep them running and fix whatever broke.
  10. good vid but the song was gay as hell
  11. dragoon13

    Replace CRF450R motor back into the frame!

    get some more sleep.
  12. dragoon13

    Favorite Bikes for each year from the past Decade (2001-2011)

    mcgraths 93-96 cr 250s. ooh since 01. you pretty much have it dialed.
  13. dragoon13

    changing my clutch crf450

    sounds like your clutch is out of adjustment. check that before spending the cash on new clutch plates. just replaced mine on a 08, original clutch made it 230 hrs.
  14. dragoon13


    yup. marine grease.