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  1. OrangeYZ

    Rear brake with MX boots...

    Hey OP, you get those boots broken in yet?
  2. Still fuzzy two or three days later? Probably shouldn't ride for a few weeks or maybe months
  3. Something you can afford to buy lots of. I like Fly. The best helmet is one that has never been crashed before. That means that after a crash, the helmet needs to go into the trash can. No matter how expensive or new it is. If you buy a $700 helmet and crash with it in the first five minutes, do you have the will power to throw it away? If you hit your head but feel fine and the helmet isn't scratched? Did you bring two of them to the track? I can throw a $70 helmet away if I think bird poop hit it too hard. I get Fly helmets four at a time whenever Rocky Mountain does a close-out of the old paint job and will take two when I go riding.
  4. OrangeYZ

    Are you afraid?

    I don't remember Rough Trail being super cliffy. "Steep switchbacks" is kind of an understatement, but if you're going down Rough Trail it means that you got there on Langille and should be accustomed to that kind of rodeo by then. Going up Rough Trail is extremely difficult.
  5. OrangeYZ

    So they fixed nfs23?

    Braver parking spot than I would have chosen
  6. OrangeYZ

    Solar Eclipse & Baumgartner

    Near Stanley would be worse as the eclipse passes directly over it. You would be driving through either Sun Valley or Arco, both of which are also eclipse destinations and will be traffic disasters. Baumgarter might actually be the least bad place to be for mountain riding because it's not directly in the path, and it's not a very good spot for people who want to go to the path that morning because it's 10 miles of rough trails to get there.
  7. OrangeYZ

    HOT weekend, where are you riding?

    105 in the Rogue Valley. Went dual sporting around Chemult. Still hot there, but with mosquitoes. Should have gone snowshoeing at Crater Lake.
  8. OrangeYZ

    Bend Oregon FrostBite Trail

    Go up into the hills and find some single tracks marked "mountain bike only." That's where it was.
  9. OrangeYZ

    Which helmet is the best and why?

    Something you can afford to throw away after a crash, even if it looks fine.
  10. OrangeYZ

    Foam air filter oil alternatives

    No, don't. http://www.maxflowfilters.com/maxflow_air_filter_cleaning.htm
  11. 500. Or 450. Because: 350 transmission: 1-2-3-4-5-6 450/500 transmission: 1-2-3-4---5---6 You can gear either bike to work on the highway or the dirt, but with dirt gearing the 500 will work better on the highway than the 350 will.
  12. OrangeYZ

    Exc not for road use?

    A street mile is easier on a motorcycle than a dirt mile. Same with a street hour and a dirt hour. The problem is that street miles add up way faster than dirt miles.
  13. OrangeYZ

    Riding in ID

    June? Pack two chainsaws.
  14. OrangeYZ

    China Hat in april?

    Sand Springs Campground, March 10 Even out in the open desert there were patches of snow a foot deep where the sage would make some shade.