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  1. My Curtis Honda. Great motors these and very capable
  2. chamber66

    XL250s 1979 more power

    The Curtis by the way
  3. chamber66

    XL250s 1979 more power

    This is the problem with my 540 Curtis. Tracks over here are fairly tight and slippery. I am going to drop the motor in to a 76 Husky frame, if I go ahead with it. we have a pre78 class over here and the 250 motor is class legal
  4. chamber66

    XL250s 1979 more power

    I have taken the balancers out of the 500, also have the smaller flywheel. I remember your posts on this before Looks like I will try the 338cc set up probably
  5. chamber66

    XL250s 1979 more power

    What is the weak part of the gearboxes? I know you can weld steel rings on to the earlier motorsport XL's Are gearbox parts interchangeable with the 500s?
  6. chamber66

    XL250s 1979 more power

    Before I start I may as well mention I have an XR500 I use in MX. I also have an XL250 motor kicking around. I occasionally find the XR a bit of a handful, so was wondering what can be done to the lowly XL motor, for MX racing. I have seen they can be taken out to 305cc, but can find no info on how to do this? Can a jug and piston from a later XR350 be fitted, as I think 350-400cc would be ideal? Any advice and thoughts greatly appreciated
  7. chamber66

    CRF230 pipe on an early XR200

    CRF 230 performance pipe. What do you guys rekon. With a bit of fiddling, will it fit?
  8. Do you guys rekon that this would fit on to the humble XL185? It's saying it 250cc but i'm not so sure? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Piston-65-5mm-Rings-250cc-Big-Bore-Cylinder-Kit-for-Honda-ATC-200-XL200-223CM3/262525645447?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  9. chamber66

    The Honda Flash Red Thread

    It's replica Curtis Honda frame built by Mead racing in the U.K, A bit like a C&J. Been building her for the past 6 months for twinshock racing here in the U.K. 540 cc and a few other mods 38mm Dellorto flatslide carb, and 43mm forks etc https://www.curtisbikes.co.uk/history-curtis-bikes/
  10. chamber66

    The Honda Flash Red Thread

    Here's Curtis XR500 not quite finished yet though
  11. chamber66

    1981 Honda XL500S rebuild

    I Have a load of spares for these if you are interested. No engine parts though. look at xr500 only website for info and help BTW
  12. Just thinking of something different. Something like this SL350
  13. chamber66

    76-78 rm250

    The forks should still be 38mm I think, no no problem there. I have a RM400 alloy swing arm on my 77 RM370 and it fits just fine Hope this helps
  14. Motocross I was thinking. Not the cycle parts, just the engine really
  15. As in the title really. Are they not capable of being made competative?