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    Motor oil for 2-stroke

    Holy crap........1974, Sappers, you must be a fossil like me..........

    Motor oil for 2-stroke

    LOL......... Walmart ATF type F in my KX and CR.

    After drinking the 4 stroke koolaid

    I was tempted to try a 250F (At least they are thin and light) and make it woods ready but even the late model used 4 strokes seem like a ticking time bomb to me. I was never afraid to buy a used 2 stroke as it can be rebuilt on my workbench for short money. Actually, never had a 2 stroke grenade on me. The used KX's can be had and resurrected for reasonable prices and built into a great bike. I've often pondered a late model YZ125 as a fun bike/project also. I really was pretty happy to see the 450x go....especially watching the guy who bought it and his friend wrestling it into his pickup truck while I spun the back wheel to get it up the loading ramp. Yeah......light 2 strokes will make me happy :-))
  4. Well, I gave it a shot. A few years ago I bought a mint CRF450x from a guy in my town. I had high asperations for this bike, electric start, big torque. I finally come to the realization that while it is an amazing piece of enginneering and build quality, it just wasn't for me. Luckily my poor neglected 03 KX250 was sitting in the back of my garage. Friday night, my CRF went off to a new owner and Saturday morning, I pushed the KX to my work area to resuscitate. The first thing that struck me was how much lighter the KX is. I had drained the carb and fuel when I put it away so with some fresh premix, the engine was running and after a brief ride, I feel like I've been reborn as far as off roading goes. The bike is set up for woods riding with all guards and steahly flywheel weight. I may just have to get some new plastics and graphics to pretty my rediscovered gem. I really wish the Japanese companies hadn't abandoned (Other than Yamaha) the 2 stroke market. Around where I ride, its still mostly 2 strokes I see. I'm getting pretty excited about the old girl. Maybe I'll get a second one to keep her company......

    My 2001 KX 250 build

    Not really sure. Been on the bike for about 6 years if that helps determine edition. Works well though.

    My 2001 KX 250 build

    I have the Magura on my 03 250.......I like it.

    Carb question

    Definately going to do that........I put stainless allen screws in my KDX floatbowl after the phillips head screws got all bunged up. Much easier to remove especially if you use a ball end allen wrench.....anyways, thanks all for the info!

    Carb question

    Even the Pilot jet?

    Carb question

    Can the carb be turned enough to remove the float bowl and access the jets? I know on my 2 strokes I can do this but I'm not sure if you can on the 450x.

    Rivet style master link

    RI sucks.........no legal riding at all! We go to Mass but it still is nothing compared to out west. I keep trying to talk my wife into moving.

    2002 kx250 gear oil?

    So is my 03 KX..........only its a bit bigger! Custom Rock clearance.......

    2002 kx250 gear oil?

    I 2nd the ATF type F. Works great in 2 stroke trans and cheap enough so you can change it often.

    CRF450X Death Stumble

    3 never works for me below 50. Its more like 8-10 before it lights. Once it is warm it starts very easy. I start with 5 turns.........hit the button, if nothing 3-4 more........usually sputters to life. Not sure if this is common or if my settings/jetting is off. I was going to inspect the pilot jet to see if it was completely clear but bike runs and idles fine after it starts and warms a bit. I read that enrichining the air screw a 1/4 to 1/2 turn helps with cold starting.
  14. Great post and nice job!!! I also had that exact bike back in the 70's. Never had any issues at all with transmission or kick start.

    05 CRF250x Update to 2010

    I have a Q4 on my CRF450x. It's louder than stock but not really obnoxious like the R muffler. I personally like the sound and I'm not really a loud exhaust guy.