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  1. Have a 1996 Honda fourtrax 300 4x4 that sat for a while, with a bogging issue. It will bog for a second if you give it full throttle. Then it picks up, and will rev out like it should. It will do this in gear and also just in neutral. It also is very "cold blood" its hard to keep running when given any throttle when its cold, with or without choke. The bog problem gets better as it warms up but still isn't right. Any ideas?? carb/ air filter is very clean. No air leaks. Pilot passage in housing and jet is clean and not blocked. Mix screw? needle adj? re jet? Thanks!
  2. there you go get a monster edition ambulance:thumbsup: or just ride your bike to the track with a sleeping bag on ur back:banana:
  3. 03klx125l

    kips broken????

    thanks pit_man! that is great. i think i found the problem. i went over and looked at my friends bike and turned the nut on the KIPS shaft and his sprung back when i turned it. mine doesnt do that. it is sticking so im guessing it dirty.??? but what is strange is that it worked fine before i rebuilt the top end????
  4. 03klx125l

    kips broken????

    ok i got the part and ya i took it apart and yes its broken. i need some help on where to put the shaft so i get it timed right on where it goes into the governer down by the clutch.
  5. 03klx125l

    kips broken????

    ya well i didnt hold it when i tightened it. so that is proble my problem im going to go work on it right now and see.
  6. 03klx125l

    kips broken????

    so i got my kdx 220 back together after doing the top end. started right up first kick so i pulled this side cover thing off to vew to make sure the kips are working and guess what they are not. from what i have read is that the shaft in there should move when its reved over 6000 rpms. and mine doesnt. but it reves fine though???????? is this true? the only part i messed with is the part where it conects to the top end. the long shaft from the bottom end anyone have any ideas that might be causing this? also when i had the bike apart i saw that the kips thing was all the way open in the exhaust port is this how its supposed to be when its taken apart? also how easily should the shaft turn when you put a nut driver on the end of the shaft? it has a 10mm nut on the end. (look at the pic, that nut) thanks! please help
  7. 03klx125l

    1990s 125?

    what about the kx s?
  8. 03klx125l

    rust on pipe

    k tippman98 i will give it a try lol
  9. 03klx125l

    starting problems

    up a size on the pilot jet?
  10. 03klx125l

    rust on pipe

    ic well i dont realy want a black pipe. any ideas?
  11. 03klx125l

    rust on pipe

    i got a fmf ganarly pipe and there is a few rust spots on the back side of the pipe. i wondered if anyone had any ideas on how to get it to not rust any more. or shine the rust spots up. or any good ways to make it shiney again. will like chrome polish work? thanks
  12. 03klx125l

    KDX 220 clutch problems

    my guess is that your clutch basket has groves in it
  13. 03klx125l

    Where to sell a bike?

    ya i agree price and pictures i hope ypur not a person with a 01 yz 125 that needs new tires and chain/sprockets and that thinks it worth 1700 and wont budge:bonk:
  14. 03klx125l

    torque on two stroke plug?

    just wondering how they break off from being to loose? are you sure they didnt over tighten them? if you take the gas tank you can torque them but thats a pain
  15. 03klx125l

    Hand Grip Glue

    i have used spray pain and its worked 100% of the time:ride: