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  1. haychip

    Where the betas

    The 2012 bikes I got ended up being sold before they got here. So I'm down to one 2011 450RS. Tell me what you want and I will get it for you.
  2. haychip

    Heavy duty clutch for 2011 400rr

    we have only used stock with no issues
  3. haychip

    I want a BETA

    Not to stir the pot, but if your dealer only spends 15 minutes putting your bike together, buy it somewhere else. I spend 2+ hours (a tech, not a set up kid) on every dirt bike I deliver. I deliver a bike ready to ride. Not a bike that some min wage kid slapped the handlebars on.
  4. haychip

    BETA 350RR '11 clutch drag

    We run Maxima Extra 15-50W both sides. I'd also consider Maxima 80W Tran lube as a less expensive option, Never any problems, I take a close look at the plates, maybe a bad one?
  5. haychip

    BETA 350RR '11 clutch drag

    I'd try bleeding the hyd system.
  6. haychip

    2012 Beta enduro looking good

    It is the cct, not a thing to worry about. just buy the new 2012 manual cct, no more noise.
  7. haychip

    2012 Beta RR Factory Replica???

    Not now, but you can build your own on BYOB
  8. haychip

    Beta Wins 450 Shootout

    I lot of my new bikes (2010-11) came with the "old" 2008-09 fuel valve, hits reserve at 40 mi +/-. You still have 1.2-1.4 gals left in the tank.
  9. haychip

    2010 Beta 450RR questions

    It does come with taillight and brake light, and already wired (with switch) for turn signals, horn, hi/low beam. The 2010RR came 'Euro Spec" so you have a complete DS wire harness, just not the signals themselves and horn. However because you already the DS wire harness these items are "plug & play". I have not seen one turned down yet. I'm a CA Beta dealer so I am not going to tell you it is legal. I just know of several non-CA AND CA plated bikes. like I said it comes with a complete DS wire harness. just go down and register your bike, you should be good to go. I'm not going to tell you either way, but if you could find one to test/demo I'd sure do it.
  10. haychip

    Beta alternative triple clamps?

    I have a set of BRP clamps black 18mm if anyone is interested. 2005-09RR/RS and 2011RS
  11. haychip

    2012 Beta enduro looking good

  12. haychip

    2012 Beta enduro looking good

    PASO ROBLES, CA July 1, 2011 - American Beta is proud to announce the 2012 Beta Off Road RR model line up with a complete range being offered for 2012 including 350, 400, 450, and 498 versions. (498 RR formerly known as 520 RR) Beginning with the 350RR, Beta feels this is the ultimate single-track motorcycle as its ability to change direction is unmatched while still offering enough torque and power for both play riders and racers. The 350 provides a "2-stroke feel" yet still offers the traction and smooth power delivery of a 4 stroke. Returning for 2012 are the proven 400, 450, and 498 RR models that have helped put Beta on the off road map. These models continue to impress the magazines as well as the riders that own them. 2012 models will be available beginning in August/September and the popular Build Your Own Beta (BYOB) program returns for 2012 as well. Limited quantities will be available on the first shipments so customers should contact their local Beta dealer now if they wish to reserve their new RR early. 2012 Beta 450 RR Updates for 2012 Include: Engine: Redesigned cylinder head including reinforced camshaft bridge, valve retainers, and updated cam chain tensioner to help reduce engine noise. New clutch primary gear and springs for better engagement and clutch action. Updated counterbalance bearings for increased reliability. Stronger cam chain guides Increased oil volume to the engine cam chain for reduced friction. New oil drain plug for easier oil changes. Chassis: All new Sachs 48mm fork with TFX technology, developed by Sachs exclusively for Beta. This new design allows the fork to move through its stroke with very little friction. New SKF fork seals and wipers with self-lubricating compounds to also reduce stiction. New triple clamp to match perfectly with the new front fork. Redesigned frame with extra gussets as well as an increased tube diameter on the lower tubes. This new frame has less flex and has improved stability. New front and rear brake rotors. New Brembo clutch master cylinder for a better clutch feel and engagement. Redesigned muffler (Spark Arrestor) offers better flow while retaining a quiet exhaust note. Redesigned front headlight and front fender support Striking new red color for 2012 2012 Suggested Retail Prices: 350 RR $8599.00 400 RR $8699.00 450 RR $8799.00 498 RR $8899.00
  13. haychip

    Exotic no more?

    A couple here
  14. haychip

    Exotic no more?

  15. haychip

    Beta alternative triple clamps?

    We changed ours to 22mm Huge difference, really put big smiles on my racers. The 2010-11 bikes come stock with 22mm (or 20mm, I can't remember right now).