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  1. Hawaii-Rider

    RK Tech Head for a YZ250x Review

    Nice, I have one on my 2018 TC250 and same reaction, performance gains and jetting ease (finally) This thing is the real deal and a Money back guarantee if you dont like it? WHO does that with dirt bike parts? HR
  2. Hawaii-Rider

    RK Tek Head - 2018 TC250

    Track Test/Tune Update: Took it to a track south of me (Riverdale) and got some good track time. 480 ended up to be perfect for the main 43-73 needle on the 2nd clip (leaner) was the $$$ setting 42.5 pilot AS - 1.5 out. One major issue with the motor now, when you really start grinning and ripping, there is a severe Helium-over-fill issue in the front tire that while controllable, you have to be careful with the happy grip on the right .😂 Im 250 pounds in full battle rattle, and at times I cannot keep the front end on the ground - which is not an issue as it is controllable so its all on the rider. A good friend rode it, thought he would do a couple of laps and come back in....nope....lap after lap after lap... LOL He came back and wide eyes said that motor is amazing, a 250?? and he said if it wasn't for the exhaust noise, it is sooooo smooth you'd think you were on an E bike. RK Tek Head on my TC250? 👍👍👍👍👍 so much so, Im putting one on my TE300 this winter.
  3. Hawaii-Rider

    TX300 tall rider setup

    My set up for all my bikes (6'3") Fastway pegs down/back position Tall saddle (on my 2 huskies I use the OEM tall complete saddle (RMATV) Pro-Taper Pastrana Freestyle Bend = amazing bend but almost 5" of rise Bar mounts forward depending on how the bars/pegs/saddle works It works, easy sit stand transition, etc etc....after 40+ years of doing set ups on bikes I finally have one that works every time. Good luck!
  4. Hawaii-Rider

    RK Tek Head - 2018 TC250

    From what I have read throughout the inter-web the approach/design etc from the S3 (Portugal), stock and RK are all different in trying to achieve some motor improvements. which one is best - who knows. From my last run last night on the 480 main Im thinking a 485 or 490 will be the sweet spot. Jetting/conditions: 0-1000 feet, currently in the 50s and 60s and humid (western washington) Im on a 42.5 pilot currently and I may go up one......but thats later after I get the main finalized and then some needle work She starts first kick when cold (just need a bit more ugggmph with the SIDI with the RK-Tek head) Currently 43-73 needle on the 3rd clip Needle is in the ball park but I can tell after the 'main' runs she wants some more fuel from 1/4 through the mid for grins I tossed in the 43-74 on the 3rd clip and it was fat off the needle so I put the 43-73 back in. The sweet spot I am thinking is the 43-73 but on the 4th or 5th clip, if not go to the 2nd clip on the 43-74 etc. Stock slide etc.
  5. Hawaii-Rider

    RK Tek Head - 2018 TC250

    Fine tuning the jetting currently... but the value vs JUST performance gains is for me (doing this since the mid 70s) is easily 3-5x the gains of a pipe silencer and no compromises either (gain here loose there routine with most pipes). Power boost across the board and smoother - it didnt make it a monster at any level. I'm running pump ethanol free 93 octane mixed at 60:1 Most gains and performance is right off the bottom completely through the mid range I can take all corners at least 1 gear higher than with the stock setup (had to force myself to, but it does pull them and Im not a small guy) - so Im working much lower in the power band and working smoother (Marty Smith told me you have to go slow and smooth to go fast) = Im not as fatigued as quickly Mid rush starts oh - guesstimate of ....at least 1500+ RPM lower Noticeable gain in rev - over-rev The head likes a rich setting as RK Tek told me it would, so Im gonna keep throwing fuel at each circuit, methodically until she tells me too much then go back one step. Needle adjustments is next. Before the RK-Tek I was pretty sweet jetting wise with a 440 main and stock TC/SX head. Through testing here at the house (have my own track) I am now up to a 480 main and going to run a 490 tomorrow - the 'performance' difference in each step on just the main was WOW 😳. 440 to 460 felt a touch anemic at full WFO, then tossed in a 465....okay she likes that still a touch at the top feels like it can take more, then the 470 went in (holy smokes WFO batman) and up to 480..., just keeps pulling and hard. There is a severe 'helium' in the front tire issue that I need to resolve 😂if I am not 'vigilant' with the right wrist. Need more saddle time, but right now, I will NOT be shipping the head back, its staying on the bike. Jetting this thing is now very straight forward and the way methodical jetting testing should be - not the fix one thing but have something new pop up you are chasing....... and no reason at all to swap the carb to a Keihin or Lectron. Although if this keeps up im gonna need a soda straw for a main. 🤣 Honestly see NO - ZERO reason for the 300 kit, at all. 2011 pounds (ish) and 50 HP with this kind of pull and spread of power? More testing tomorrow, going to a different track with more LONG straights and such to finish up the jetting. This head is the real deal here (for me), thinking of dropping one on my TE300 now.
  6. Hawaii-Rider

    RK Tek Head - 2018 TC250

    Was looking to broaden the power of the TC a bit and importantly get some more down low. Not really searching for more 'HP' as the stock TC is NO slouch on the track. At 58 YO and grown up with Open Bikes, my prefered ride style is lower in the RPM (if possible) and not 125 on steroids full up attack mode (why I dont own a 125). I know what pipes can and cant do and 90% + of the time they give somewhere and take elsewhere, not what I was searching for. Why not the TX300? I thought about it, but at $1800 more, and I wanted the MX tank, MX valving in the suspension and 19" rear and this is a TRACK ONLY bike (I have a TE300 for off road/single track) it was a no brainer. I could still toss a 300 kit at this TC and be big $$$ ahead for what I want. So...here is the RK Tek - Tons of research before I pulled the trigger, but with his 100% money back guarantee (only one in the industry) I had zero to loose if it didn't do what I wanted, and it was cheaper than a new pipe/silencer. HR
  7. I used the search, can't find anything at least with the SX or TC 250 platforms LOTS of threads on these on the off-road/Single track machines (TE/XC/XC-W) Anyone running any of the much talked about after market heads (S3, RK-TEK, etc etc) on their SX/TC 250? If so any insights into changes/improvements/seat of the pants/track gains? TIA!! HR
  8. Hawaii-Rider

    lithium ion battery winter storage

    Most LI battery makers recommend the following if you are not riding for a while 1. Disconnect the battery 2. Run it on their charger/maintainer. FWIW:......What I do on my LI in my TE300, installed it in on Jan 2015, its on the charger now and right at 13.98 volts. The LI I had in my 2004 CRF270x finally died after 10+ years, but I believe it was because I FAILED to put it on the charger this year and it sat for close to 9 months. Thats on me, it now won't get up past 9.5V, she is gone, cant be revived. How we get experience! (these LI aint cheap!!!) Good luck! HR
  9. Hawaii-Rider

    more comfortable tx300 seat

    Not sure if you need the height, but on my TE300 and my TC250 I added the Husky Parts Complete Tall Seat (base, foam, cover) That did it for me, I need the height and the stock seat, while not as bad as my Canondale E440 is still up there with a brick covered in sandpaper. Taller saddle is still firm, but way softer than the stock saddle (probably just MORE of the same density foam). That did it!! Got mine at Rocky Mountain. HR
  10. Scrub down to get ready for wet winter in the Pacific North-Wet! HR
  11. Just picked up a 1993 CR250 for a frame up restore. Started the tear down and low and behold, I am going to need a new rear wheel assembly (hub specifically I could lace up a new rim etc) Anyone know what wheel sets will fit from different years and models? (If I find one at a parts place or Ebay) The hub itself is the same for many years of the CR125-250 and 500 Sure I will find other "oddities" as I take her to the frame. Thanx HR
  12. Hawaii-Rider

    '14 FE350

    Bingo primary reason I am looking soooooo hard at the FE350 from Husky is THAT combo. kind of rare around me, there were two shops that had one each, but they are sold... decisions decisions.... HR
  13. Hawaii-Rider

    Meca Radiator Guards - any USA distributor?

    Well let me rephrase it Im open to all suggestions, protection being the key. I use both the Evans and the Amsoil water additive and yes its good stuff. Just want good solid protection on the rads is all - hate a ride ending etc due to my lack of being able to stay on two wheels ! HR
  14. Hawaii-Rider

    Meca Radiator Guards - any USA distributor?

    Not sure Im a HUGE fan of the braces that completely cover the radiators in the front, especially in the tight snotty single track. I noticed yesterday they have a 1.8 cap on the radiator on the 2014 300rr and that with a fan kit.. but then, there you go adding a fan kit to overcome the lack of flow for a rad guard that is effectively blocking 30-40% of your flow. Big computer like do-loop I will keep digging - wonder if flatland has any yet. HR
  15. I know these are very popular in the EU, does anyone know of a dist here in North America/USA? http://www.mecasystem.fr/pr/1138/beta-arceaux-radia-300-rr-2-tps-am-13.html HR