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  1. No kidding,we're all waiting!!
  2. I was thinking about parts and if it would be harder to get so I was all ready looking toward orange,parts can be an issue as I seem to like my dirt naps!!! Saw other threads on 350 vs 500, I think I'm still in the 350 camp however and yes dirt350 I'm lucky in the wife dept. I think that she's ok with dirt bikes as the get-offs are at 4 mph on tight single track and not a big chance of getting hurt too bad (I know it can happen) however she see's street bikes in a different light and with all the people texting that I yell at when I'm on the street she's not totally wrong there,not sure I'll give it up till her hammer drops (so to speak!)
  3. So true!! Some how I got the ok from my wife to get a new one,so the ktm 350 xcfw or the Husky fe350 appears to be the w-4stroke motor in x-chassis. Both are within 200.00 of each other. Any thoughts?
  4. I come in at 180#ish ,don't race but can ride good enough that I don't want less power! So I had first thought that that a 250 was enough but after listening to posts on this one and one other post and a couple test rides the 350 it is !! Thank you.
  5. Sorry I didn't respond,I was in Disneyland. So thank you to all this was very helpful. Ed
  6. Thank you ,that's not bad considering the performance.
  7. So I asked b-4 about 250 vs 350 power thankx to all for the help,now I've looked at a couple and test rode a couple and the 250xcf-w has enough,so far so good. I looked up maintance on the bike and my question is does everyone really toss there piston,rings,and valves,springs that much?do you go by book or when power drops off or seat of pants feel? It's true I may be use to my Drz-e which lasts along time in between rebuilds. I'm not afraid of maintance ,my oil always looks like honey,air box and filter clean,gas with stabil,coolant full ect.and it's starts and runs every time. I'm just trying to make sure what the real deal is out there from people that own them. Oh and my drz feels like a tractor compared to the 250. Thankx Ed
  8. thankx for the responses,I was already leaning toward the 350. The dealer has 1 the last 2016 that he's going to get (so he says as ktm owns husky and there working to get that line squared away)a six days 350 xcfw, what a cool bike mind you I have no problem spending 11k on a dirt bike it just so happens that my wife does!! So it will have to be as lite of use as I can find and can still say used. Thanks again
  9. S m looking at getting my 1st. Ktm and I'm wondering about the amount of power a 250 xcfw has,I'm 5'10" and 180,I've had 250 four strokes 07wr( not enough power)crf 250 good power but aluimium frames make my hands numb so it's steel frames which puts me with drzs or ktms. I have 2drz400e models,1 is built,1 is piped and jetted both go like hell,but I would like to drop the 30ish pounds from my current bike wt. of 270.Have also been looking at 350 xcfw and the fI sounds good as well. I have always heard that ktms make good power ,just wondering if a 250 is enough. Thank you Ed
  10. Thanks again ,it's ordered but like anything the website says "due to high volumes orders are taking longer"oh well it well be cool when it gets here!!
  11. Thank you for feedback,so are you saying you can't use the clutch to override (for lack of a better term) and pop front end over a root/tree ?.Thanks Ed
  12. So as the title says I'm wondering if anyone out there can give me feed back if your running a recluse auto clutch on a E-model. I've seem them in action on other bikes just not our dezzers. Thanks
  13. Thank you I looking all around this parts store
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