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  1. ivtriedeveryusername

    dented gas tank

    Iv heard of freezing water in the tank, but Iv also heard NOT to put the cap on. I dont know if this works or not, or the exact reasoning behind not putting the cap on. I like the heat spray trick, makes me want to go buy a can of air duster.
  2. ivtriedeveryusername

    2 girls with 2 DR650's - 3 weeks - 4 time zones - Australia

    There THONGS not flip flops. Very interesting read.
  3. ivtriedeveryusername

    Fork advice wanted

    I Just to clarafy things the 2 sets of springs with their correct spacers measure approxamatly the same overall lenght, only the springs are different lengths.
  4. ivtriedeveryusername

    Fork advice wanted

    I forgot all about fitting the springs, I seem to start so amny things but never quite seem to finnish them. I got the springs and it wasnt untill weeks later I opened the box and found that they had included the spacers from the 96- DR, the spacers looked shorter than my 95 and at a guess Id say combined with spacers the 2 sets af springs would be aprox the same height. My thoughts on the new springs was that they were 3 weeks and 1000kms old not 15 years and 80,000kms old, but does sprung steel loose its spring over time? This reminds me to spend the 1/2 hour and just do it! but unfornatly its low on the priority list and if I spend 1/2 hour on all the other things above this on the list I might get around to it in maby 7 years. or 7 days as this list changes daily.
  5. ivtriedeveryusername

    Foreign rear handle grips?

    Australian design rules are very strict, indicators have to be a minimmum size, height from the ground, width apart and be seen from howeaver many degrees and be seen from so many degrees from the mid line, by moving them back this would increase the angle that they can be seen.
  6. ivtriedeveryusername

    '90 DR350s Fuel Injection Conversion

    Here in Oz they kept points and carbs on a lot of the 4x4's, even after years or proven performance from the same engine FI'ed in cars. IMO the thinking was that the 4x4's would be more reliable and easier to fix in the bush by the backyard mechanic used to working on "older" engines. As time went by and FI became understood by most, cheeper to produce and reliability proven, no vehicles here are manufactured with a carb, probably the polution requirements are a contributing factor as well. The outlay of putting the bike on a Dyno to get the final tune would be IMO a good investment to ensure that under load the mixture remains at a stable/known level. +1 here, but with FI you may be able to alter the torque curve and decide at what RPM the max power is delivered and how smoothly it is delivered, also you have the option of upping the power output to the limit of the engine, at a risk of shortening the service life, Im guessing that a DJ kit which a lot have including me, dosnt lengthen the life of an engine. Sounds like its all comming together to a point where you dance around the bike in a raindance like mannor reflecting to frankenstien whilst yelling its allive. Ill put in my request that your next project be adding a 6th gear to the 650 please.
  7. ivtriedeveryusername

    '90 DR350s Fuel Injection Conversion

    Just caught up on the thread. Its good to see that you are leaving the bike running untill the end. If it was me I would probably start with fitting the TB and have a non running bike, then try to figure things out from there. You have the patience, experience and equipment and seem to be working through the conversion in a logical and well thought out way. Looking forward to a detailed parts list and step by step sticky when its finnished, so the rest of us can read and re read and dream of converting our own bikes.
  8. ivtriedeveryusername

    Vacation to Austraila

    Watch out for Tasmanians, they are the worst of the worst, thats where they sent repeat offending convicts, you think they would have learnt their lesson the first time they were caught stealing a loaf of bread to feed their starving family, then shiped to the other side of the world to carry out their sentance of hard labour. Got to watch out for the Tasmanian tigers, Tasmanian devils and Tasmanian people.
  9. ivtriedeveryusername

    Vacation to Austraila

    In Cairns even the rabbits have to toughen up, they mutated from grass eating game animals introduced here 150 years ago, to snake killers. http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2009/09/16/63995_local-news.html The comentary is from some amazed American, but to us this kind of evolution where only the strongest will survive is common place. I hope Im not turning any potential tourists off, the sights are great.
  10. ivtriedeveryusername

    Vacation to Austraila

    Ever played crash bandicoot on the play station? Just like that action figure the bandicoot is an elusive agressive animal about the size of a big dog smashing and rolling its way around our neighbourhood, hunting down small children and killing all our livestock. Never leave the house without a sidearm!!! Never pat a koala, they are not fluffy leaf eaters.
  11. ivtriedeveryusername

    Vacation to Austraila

    Australia is a large country, its bigger than all of Europe put together. But most of it is empty except for the coastline. Cairns!!!! thats up there with New York and London. The biggest expence is getting here, take a look around while you are here. Its comming into summer so expect it to be stinking hot, especially that far north. PS watch out for the crocs and spiders and snakes and drop bears and bunyips, everything here bites and most animals will kill then eat you. As a country made up of deported criminals dont belive most of what people tell you.
  12. ivtriedeveryusername

    Newbie DR650 Jetting/Kit Suggestions

    With the exhaust and snorkel mods the PO probably dabbled with the carb as well. The joys of buying a modified bike, you can never be sure what has been done. From memory the DJ kit suggests a 155 main when exhaust and snorkel mod is done, so a 137 would be leaning the bike out a bit. If you have the cash a Dj kit would be good, so you know what you have. But the fcr carb is apparently the HOT thing to have, so may be worth saving for.
  13. ivtriedeveryusername

    '90 DR350s Fuel Injection Conversion

    Hows about a EXUP exhaust from a FZR400? for somthing totally tunable and exact torque delivery. Just need a trigger to open the servo. This may be only suited to multi cyilnder bikes but it would certainly make the bike a one off. What ECU will you use?
  14. ivtriedeveryusername

    6000km+ trip, what to farkle?

    Ditch the jeans and get somthing that will handle a slide down the road like some draggin jeans. Wet weather gear, a bright coloured rain pants than can be put on over your riding gear easly, water proof gloves as well, even if its some dish washing gloves over your gloves. I hate being wet whilst riding. There is no need to carry fuel on the East coast, but from Adalaide on you will need to carry at least 5-10L, Id buy a small jerry can down there and carry it from there, no need to lug it till then. A sheep skin cover for your seat, even with the corbin. Cut one to fit and securly strap it on. Depending on the time of year you will need to carry entirly different clothing and sleeping gear. Camping? or indoors? solo ride or going with someone? How long do you plan to take ie 100-200kms per day or 1000kms a day and be back within the week? The route you have chosen is straight down the Pacific Hwy, ok if you need to get somewhere fast but for an adventure ride id do one direction inland and maby zig zag in and out to the coast to see particulay places of intrest like Byron Bay (over rated I live 40mins from here) Nimbin etc. Basic tools! Id carry more, even take a spare oil filter, you will be able to get oil but may have to wait a day for a filter depending on where you are. If you do the long way round the bike will need several services allong the way. Spare key hidden on the bike somewhere. Disc lock or padlock through the disc. Steel cable to tie the bike to somthing. I had my DR stolen in Pearth (long trip G) I live near point C, got it back next day minus ignition barrel and number plate luckly, rode using a screw driver for a key for the next year. It is an enjoyable ride as long as you take you time and see the sights.
  15. ivtriedeveryusername

    winterizing the DR

    No bike mods required here for winter. Liner in my jacket and visor down whilst riding to the beach, anyways winter just ended and its going to be a hot summer.