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  1. Marty

    Bike is to slow now...

    Im guessing you have kept constant upkeep, oil changes, are you using a different gas, maybe you have been getting bad gas, maybe water in the gas, dirty carb already. Just some things to consider. Marty
  2. Marty

    Colorado Trail

    I like that idea, anytime anyone wants to ride and does not mind waiting for me, ill ride, what can i say, im learning on a 426, feel the love. Dougie we should go ride somewhere, ill drive, just say when. Marty
  3. Marty

    CO, Rampart - Bear Creek Ride

    Dougie, Lets go ride some time, I know the whole schedule thing sucks, but I have weekends off, and I know you have the baby, busy lives, wish I was young again, haha, wait I am, sorry guys, haha, Howard, Ill come by and say hi when you in town, I have nothing better to do. Ok Im done ranting for now, to many drinky drink in Marty for now, haha. Marty
  4. Marty

    CO, Rampart - Bear Creek Ride

    Hummmm, Doug, I think I might die, woah cool, I guess I better try it then huh, haha. Maybe next time.
  5. Marty

    Need Colorado guys help

    Thanks roostn, i never even thought of imi, hey we need to get together and go ride some time, if you dont mind my slow butt rideing with you. Marty
  6. My friend wants me to teach him how to ride a bike, as in he has never ridden one. And for some stupid reason he asks me, but either way Ill teach him, anyone know anywhere open that I could take him to? Ive thought about going to berthoud but there are always people there and it would be to busy for him. So anyone know any open space in or close to the moutains? Thanks, Marty
  7. Marty

    Salida Ride

    Ill go, I wont be much good for knowing the area, but I would like to go ride. Marty
  8. 20, learning on a WR-426.
  9. Marty

    Colorado get together?

    Freezer, Ill be right next to you on those. Im learning on a big blue beast. Not one of my best decisions in life, but my funnest. Muahahah. Marty
  10. Marty

    Colorado get together?

    Doug just say when and where and ill be there. You know my Number and email. Almost forgot, yes lets go to this woodland place, Rampart gets way to busy. [This message has been edited by Marty (edited 05-14-2001).]
  11. Marty

    4 wheelers.

    Hummm sounds like NHRA, hehe, sorry, anyone can go straight.
  12. Marty

    Everyone in Colorado read this.

    Jake, Sorry cant really make an out of state, camping type trop right now, trying to buy a house and what not so I really cant afford to leave. But maybe some other time. But Ill keep you posted on future events, but I really wouldent call them events, I just want people to ride with none of my friends have bikes and Im not real happy about riding alone. But maybe next time. Freezer, Yeah we should get together some time to ride, just say when, most likely Ill be up for it, so your a "north-sider" where are you? Marty
  13. Well its not really a mistake that I made, but a mistake my parents made, not using birth control, hahah. Sorry, its late and im very bored, I am sorry.
  14. I think we should all get together sometime in the very near future, oh I dont know, say Saturday, we should go ride together, if you dont mind me holding all you pros back a little. Dougie was talking about this saturday, and I really think we should get out and ride.
  15. Marty

    CR450 gets holeshots at Vegas

    Yeah Kevin dont take food out of the babies mouth, cause if you do that Dougie wont be able to go ride with us this saturday.