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    So I am reducing my Inventory , and getting all the paperwork straight. I took the bike in trade, used it to ride the Utah Adventure Trail, and some MCCCT in Michigan, but guy I got it from, was the son, owner was his dad, now dead - and long story short, to get it legal here in California, would require more money than it is worth. So I'm parting it out. Complete nice strong running engine - minus Carb - 700 - that is the complete price including shipping here in the USA. I put it in an ice chest and send it to you. I sold the after-market carb, still have the original carb, 50 bucks plus shipping Complete Factory Exhaust including sparky - 300 plus shipping front wheel set-up - w rotor - 125 plus shipping plastics faded but solid, suspension all good, electrics, has a tusk light setup on it, etc. the whole bike has to go, parted out or as a whole unit (so far missing rear wheel assembly, other than that, everything is available) Make me an offer.


  2. Actually, Mono lake is alive and thriving, originally , LA sectretly bought out farmers of the owens valley, to get their water rights - piece by piece to control the water, then set up to run all the water to LA - the whole history is fascinating, in my opinion Mullholand what the devil incarnate, eventually ended up killing a couple of hunderd people in a dam failure - he designed the dam, never had any engineering education or background. eventually, thanks pretty much to one guy , David Gaines, he took on LA, formed the Mono Lake foundation, and almost single handeldy saved mono lake. (later he died way to young in a tragic car crash in the sierra) LA lost the long expensive court battle, and they have to maintain mono Lake at a specific level, plus mitigate all the dry lake bed they created in owens lake,. not ideal, but not the apocolyptic ending many here are portraying. If you havent seen mono lake yourself, you ought to , it is spectacular, and one of the great riding destinations on the east side. Particulalry for dual sporting, if you want to include sightseeing / historical site touring
  3. I appreciate the feedback and info. I will keep it in mind. For this particular trip - ride in ride out was a big priority, as well as modern restrooms/ showers.
  4. Thanks guys, we finally settled on clear lake state park, and riding atlanta ORV. I'll let you know how it turns out!
  5. Ok guys, have a new rider, 18 years old good athlete, not real familair with the bike (I put em on a KYTM 250 with an autoclutch - de-tuned, seems to work good for these guys!) . want to go somewhere to camp, and ride out of the camp. coming out of Troy , so east side is a plus. I'm thinking ambrose lake state park, with with the Ambrose ORV trail head right there. anyone have any good info / intel on thois site, or better suggestions? thanks
  6. unfortunately, we didn't get that far. the nearest trails were Kalkaska ORV, and the parking lot was less than 2 miles from our cabin, right on M-72, just east of Dingmans Tavern and the Blue Buck. so we started there parking lot was big - served as a great place to get beginners starting stopping and shifting properly, and then we had several 5 or 6 mile loops available, some 2 single track fairly easy, some 2 track and some "roads" on each loop so we could switch off riders. Has 7 kids, 4 adults, 2 big bikes 250/ 300, and a beginner 100. everyone got to ride multiple times each day, so all that worked out real well!
  7. must be a "quiet talker"?
  8. Thanks, thats what I will plan for!
  9. Ok guys, I see parking marked at the extreme southern tip of the route, w pine drive/ deadstream rd. But I want to use the Northern loop for kids/ beginning/intermediate riders, so I am hoping for a parking area we can base out of the let kids ride portions. anyone have any ideas? thanks
  10. I suspect all that money is going into side by sides. I don't think the money has dried up, I just think it's going to other markets!
  11. I agree with you there. And Harley is their own worst enemy, only thing they have going for themselves right now is they saw that almost all of the new bike buyers were over 50, and they now sell a significant # of 3 wheelers. regardless, overpriced, overweight, undersprung unreliable - not exactly a business model destined for long term success. More interesting to me were the numbers from offroad bikes. you look at the graphs, offroad sales are off even more than road bikes, like from 250,000 - to about 100K. Thats a pretty big drop in 10 years. wonder how many off road riders ran the white flag up the pole, and ended up with a quad - or a side by side! I suspect thats where the recreational Vehicle money is going to, particularly since some states are allowing them on the roads
  12. thanks 5421, ill download that map, and plan on giving it a go! I'm assuming you mean the loop that crosses and recrossed SE County Rd SE several times?
  13. Probably one reason new bikes are so expensive. when you are selling 1/2 the product, you up the margins to maintain your profits I guess? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-05/can-millennials-save-the-motorcycle-industry?ex_cid=SigDig
  14. Only interested in hotels etc? there are lots of places in the area on airBnB and especially VRBO on lakes. They have photos etc. not sure if thats your style, we much prefer the private houses, and cost wise, its about the same. What about Great wolf lodge in traverse city? is that too far out of the way? , the kids love that place. and there are some underused trails just south of Traverse city that I really like!
  15. So we picked up an old XR 100 so our nephews could learn to ride. got it running, and they can now start stop, shift and turn, so we are making progress. So now we will be taking them on their first big "ride" up around Kalkaska michigan. But the rear knob is completely shot, the front is so so at best. I'm having a heck of time getting tire sizes (I'm in California, I will order up a set - probably from RMATV) have it delivered to Michigan where the bike is. I'll put the tires on when I get there. So it looks like the rear is 3 X 16 - correct? seems fairly standard The fronr? the rim says 140 X 19, and the tire on it says 2.50 X 19? but the RMATV site say 90/100 X 19. Can someone with some knowledge and experience with this bike help me out, so I have the correct tires waiting when I arrive?