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  1. slowstepper

    michigan documents required XC-W300 Michigan

    Ok guys, I bought a deceased TT - KTM Talk members 2013 XC-w 300, mostly because there were a couple of slime balls here and otherwise, trying to steal the bike from the widow. (no problem, gave her high bluebook - fair deal for both of us, twice what some other clowns were trying to tell her it was worth. ) anyway, now I want to plate the bike in Michigan (mostly because that gives me all sorts of riding options in other states). So I have the original Bill of Sale from Linwood Cycle sales in Pinconning. But thats it. I'm assuming I will need to get the bike titled to register it, so what do I need paperwork wise to get that accomplished? I'm using this as my guide for required equipment *Headlight with high and low beams (needs to be visible from 500 feet) *Tail light AND brake light (although I cannot find a requirement for this in the law the brake light should be actuated by both brakes and the light also needs to be visible from 500 feet) *License plate light (making the plate visible from 50 feet) *Horn (audible from 200 feet) *Brakes (front and rear) *Rearview mirror (Only one is required on the left side and it is not required if you have a mirror on your helmet) *DOT approved tires in good condition (1/32 inch tread, no exposed cords, etc.) *Exhaust system (no excessive noise or smoke) *Seat (permanently attached...sorry trials guys ) *Handlebars (no more than 15 inches from the lowest point of the seat to the highest point of the grip) and that's it. Once you get all the equipment you need installed download this form: Michigan SOS TR-54 so I guess I need to know what paperwork I will need besides the SOS TR-54? and how would one go about obtaining said documents? thanks in advance for any help SS
  2. I have fires burning 200 miles to the north, and 120 miles to the east. Utter devastation, seeing stories of people camping out at walmart. no place to stay. I'm really Thankfull, have a nice place to live, safe, family gathering. So i have a big place up in the mountains above Fresno, horse set-up, room to run for dogs, plenty of space in the house. Any and all are welcome here. we would love to help out any way we can, come on over, or if you need a ride, just let me know. You are welcome in my home, for as long as it takes to get you resettled!
  3. slowstepper

    michigan west side MCCCT Fern overgrowth?

    Ok guys, so last time we rode the MCCCT 10 years ago, one of the things that really stood out was that alot of the trail on the western side was overgrown with giant ferns, you could not even see the trail. so we are 10 years older, 10 years stupider, and we are doing it again. so we are trying to fit schedules, times etc. So anyone have any solod idea about when the fern overgrowth becomes an issue? we are targeting late may - mid june - and hoping that would be early enough in the year!
  4. slowstepper

    single map MCCCT with cities on it as well?

    yeah - the interactive maps are really nice - just been working with them. But I have a question about them. You can click on a section, and it shows you the info of that section (and highlights the section) it tells you how long, how wide, what surface etc. However, for example, say you click on the redbridge to atlanta sectrion (#1 of 3) it shows it as 14.6 miles long, and 24" wide. But it clearly is following the country roads. so is that a motorcycle trail running parallel to and right along side the road?
  5. got lots of high resolution small area maps, jeremies VVV maps are great, but I'm looking for a single map that shows the trail, and the roads and highways and the cities and towns - trying to plan my next assault on the MCCCT, trying to do it "modular" with a series of Home bases, so a map showing both would really speed up my process
  6. slowstepper

    Ambrose lake state park for camping / riding?

    I appreciate the feedback and info. I will keep it in mind. For this particular trip - ride in ride out was a big priority, as well as modern restrooms/ showers.
  7. slowstepper

    Ambrose lake state park for camping / riding?

    Thanks guys, we finally settled on clear lake state park, and riding atlanta ORV. I'll let you know how it turns out!
  8. Ok guys, have a new rider, 18 years old good athlete, not real familair with the bike (I put em on a KYTM 250 with an autoclutch - de-tuned, seems to work good for these guys!) . want to go somewhere to camp, and ride out of the camp. coming out of Troy , so east side is a plus. I'm thinking ambrose lake state park, with with the Ambrose ORV trail head right there. anyone have any good info / intel on thois site, or better suggestions? thanks
  9. slowstepper

    Parking spot on North Loop west Higgins Trail

    unfortunately, we didn't get that far. the nearest trails were Kalkaska ORV, and the parking lot was less than 2 miles from our cabin, right on M-72, just east of Dingmans Tavern and the Blue Buck. so we started there parking lot was big - served as a great place to get beginners starting stopping and shifting properly, and then we had several 5 or 6 mile loops available, some 2 single track fairly easy, some 2 track and some "roads" on each loop so we could switch off riders. Has 7 kids, 4 adults, 2 big bikes 250/ 300, and a beginner 100. everyone got to ride multiple times each day, so all that worked out real well!
  10. slowstepper

    DNR/Sheriff. Want to BS

    must be a "quiet talker"?
  11. slowstepper

    Parking spot on North Loop west Higgins Trail

    Thanks, thats what I will plan for!
  12. Ok guys, I see parking marked at the extreme southern tip of the route, w pine drive/ deadstream rd. But I want to use the Northern loop for kids/ beginning/intermediate riders, so I am hoping for a parking area we can base out of the let kids ride portions. anyone have any ideas? thanks
  13. I suspect all that money is going into side by sides. I don't think the money has dried up, I just think it's going to other markets!
  14. I agree with you there. And Harley is their own worst enemy, only thing they have going for themselves right now is they saw that almost all of the new bike buyers were over 50, and they now sell a significant # of 3 wheelers. regardless, overpriced, overweight, undersprung unreliable - not exactly a business model destined for long term success. More interesting to me were the numbers from offroad bikes. you look at the graphs, offroad sales are off even more than road bikes, like from 250,000 - to about 100K. Thats a pretty big drop in 10 years. wonder how many off road riders ran the white flag up the pole, and ended up with a quad - or a side by side! I suspect thats where the recreational Vehicle money is going to, particularly since some states are allowing them on the roads