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  1. Ncognito

    2006 XC250w good woods bike ?

    Coming from a 03 cr250r, looking to go orange. Have a lead on a 06 xc250w and was wondering if it is geared for woods. Thought it was xc for cross country and the w was for wide gears. Correct ? Have been on converted mx bikes and wanting to get away from that to something more plush and easier to ride in the bush. Thought the xcw was aimed at woods/harescramble riders but wanted to make sure before I waste my time driving to look at it in person and make an offer. Have been drooling for a 300 exc but money isnt going to let that happen just yet.
  2. Ncognito

    nathan woods killin it

    Nice vid, have never seen it. Something to watch for later. Don't feed the trolls...... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/search.php?searchid=11138808
  3. Ncognito

    What helmet camera to buy

    I would have to agree with the majority, probably bias also, that the GoPro is a great camera. I think the main downside to the GoPro is the settings menu.... talk about rudimentary. You need a freaking map to set it up initially, however just like everything else, you get used to it and it becomes easy. If your looking for a good deal there is a SUPER place to buy one that sells BIKE SUPPLY things (no vested interest, just the best deal I could find when I was looking) Mods can delete if so needed.
  4. Ncognito

    Jawbone Canyon, Ca (halloween 2010)

    Those are some beautiful pics, makes me wanna trek out there and ride some trails to see those views. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Ncognito

    exhaust leak

    Just about everyone I have seen leaks a little there. As suggested put some Ultra black or Ultra copper(my choice) sealant when putting the new one on. No more leaks.
  6. Ncognito

    weisco crank went out

    The difference between a good company and a bad one isn't whether or not there is problems, it is how the problems are handled/resolved. Any business with ANY type of customer relations is going to have problems period. The companies that last are those that take care of said problems promptly and with the customer's well being in mind. I have worked many places where we eat cost to make a customer happy, even lost money, when it clearly was not "our" fault. However, those customer's recommended us to other jobs where we made that up and then some. Customer service is a becoming very hard to find nowadays. (this coming from someone under 30) That being said, I use Wiseco pistons in my bikes and have had 0 problems. I personally have never used their cranks.
  7. Ncognito

    i cant find any cr250's!!!

    I had an 03 for sale but then decided against it, it may be up for sale again very shortly to finance other things. Don't want to get the hammer here since it is not in the classifieds on TT. Pm me if you're looking. In cincy area.
  8. Ncognito

    Three hundreds, Alaska and mud - A video

    Thanks for sharing, great editing and even better commentary. Subscribed and watching the others now.
  9. Ncognito

    anything wrong 02/03 cr 250's

    Completely agree, I don't chime in much but the 03 is a good bike. I have one myself and love it (a bit bias maybe) I ride strictly woods and with the right mods it's a great woods bike. In stock form it is a much better MX bike than a woods bike. There are countless threads on these bikes in the Honda forum to search for pro's and cons.
  10. Correct 420 main and 30 pilot 6bhy38-73 needle in 2nd clip is stock pilot screw 1 1/2 turns out 15.0 mm is float height Read the post about the PWK at the top of the page or search for posts about ditching the mikuni for the keihin, it will make your life easier. The mikuni is a good carb, but is a bit finicky sometimes. Here is the one on the front page http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=877098
  11. Ncognito

    piston sizing

    I won't recommend either way, personally I like Wiseco but other's balk at that and say use OEM only. It's personal preference and of course price. The Wiseco will give you no problems if you break it in right and always let the bike warm up before playing whiskey throttle through the field. You should do the same if you go with the pro-x, art or any other brand. The Wiseco is just a little less forgiving to not warming up because it is a forged piston rather than a cast piston like oem. Either will serve the same purpose and should be checked/changed regularly.
  12. Ncognito

    piston sizing

    That is a nikasil lined cylinder. Just pull it off and clean it up with a green scrub pad and some wd40 and make sure you don't have any of the nikasil worn through and it still has a good cross hatch and no deep scratches. No need to hone it usually. You can tell the nikasil is worn through because it will be bare aluminum and dull, check this after cleaning because the piston can leave some aluminum on the bore from rubbing that may look like it is worn through. Also measure the cylinder in multiple spots per the manual to make sure it is within specs (not that hard) to make sure the cylinder is still "round". You might as well clean up that poor powervalve while it is apart also, it is probably nice and gunky. If you don't have one already, pick up a Honda Service manual. They are cheap and invaluable if you plan to do the work yourself. Here is a Wiseco piston in the thumpertalk store http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Tucker_Rocky_Offroad_2009/default.asp?p=428 Here is the same kit on Motosport http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/product/WISECO-PROLITE-PISTON-KIT-2STROKE/?prodId=1227492&
  13. Ncognito

    2003 or 1998 cr250

    Another note worth considering before getting a jet kit is swapping the mikuni for a keihin. Especially if you have lots of variances in temp around you, the keihin is much more forgiving. Tons of posts one here about it and you can find one cheap if you look around. I think I paid 60 or 80 bucks with the throttle cable and all.
  14. Ncognito

    piston sizing

    You don't say what year but most cylinders are marked with an A, B, or C for manufacturing tolerances specifying different sizes. If you go with a aftermarket wiseco piston (or any other forged piston) they only come in 1 size, ABC doesn't matter. As far as the cylinder there is a thread on here somewhere on prepping it for redoing the top end. If it is a newer bike with a nikasil coating on the cylinder, just clean it up real well with a green scrub pad and some wd-40 and make sure it still has good cross hatching and no spots worn all the way through. If its steel just hone it and clean it up before reassembly.
  15. Ncognito

    96 CR250 vs 97 and newer CR250 for woods bike

    I had a 99 for awhile and now have a 03 and think a lot of it is personal preference. The 03 definitely feels more confident turning wise and has a little better ergonomics. However, IMO there isn't that much different in stiffness than the 99, especially in the woods. I think the 99 was less forgiving on log crossing and big rocks when unavoidable, but once setup properly for you I believe it's negligible at best. Of course a lot of people on here will disagree To each their own. The 96 is a great trail bike and is probably going to be my next trail bike. There all great bikes and price will ultimately dictates what's the best deal