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  1. NorCalRider

    Fire near Cow Mt.

    Bummer. Where do you live and where are you staying? I was looking at the fire map and it looks like a good part of the southern part of CM is wiped out and the other fire has burned through Middle Creek campground and up the mountain partially.
  2. NorCalRider

    Fire near Cow Mt.

    Oh yeah, I remember you. How's it going?
  3. NorCalRider

    Fire near Cow Mt.

    This is terrible. The evacuations, homes, etc. Not to mention the only two OHV areas around here going up in flames. It's Stonyford all over again but worse. I haven't logged in here in about 10 years. Who is still around?
  4. NorCalRider

    crf intake valve wear HELP!!!

    Every CRF I've owned ended up needing a valve job. It's just the nature of the beast. Crappy intake springs with an aggressive cam profile. Just get the seats recut or a new head, stainless valves and springs and be done with it. You'll. Never have to adjust you valves again. I can't believe this is still being discussed, 8 years of threads about valves. LOL
  5. NorCalRider

    Georgetown Saturday November 27

    You guys are still here huh? Haven't logged in for 8 months, figured everyone would be gone. Does barefootbob still post here?
  6. NorCalRider

    Mendocino OHV trail system closed

    Oh great, sounds like the Mendo Forest is going to end up like Foresthill, close it for winter no matter how much rain or snow we get.
  7. NorCalRider

    IMBA Drinks Wilderness Kool-Aid

    I hate people in general more and more everyday.
  8. NorCalRider

    Can I lower the rear end with a shim?

    This is how you do it correctly: http://www.koubalink.com/CRF9%20Install.html
  9. NorCalRider

    fastway pegs, broken spring.

    I've bought springs from them before. They sent them in an envelope like woody said.
  10. NorCalRider

    McGraths ride.....that never happened !

    Those two guys in the pic look gay.
  11. Crank seal. Do a search, there are threads with removal/installation instructions with part numbers.
  12. NorCalRider

    Nice day for a ride.

  13. NorCalRider

    Border Patrol Jobs

    If you can pass the background investigation and make it through the academy it would be a decent job. I wasn't too thrilled with the pay though.........from what I can remember.
  14. NorCalRider

    Leaking Gas

    Sounds like the float is stuck. Tap on the side of the float bowl with a wrench, I'm sure it will cure it. If not, pull the float bowl and float, clean everything out.
  15. NorCalRider

    Seat Measurements - Please help

    29"L X 7"W X 4 1/2" H................approximately.