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    Riding dirt with my gasgas EC200 and DRZ400S
  1. I'm using IMS superstock footpegs, nice and wide.
  2. Actually, Tennis balls comes in various pressures, they're usually numbered to represent the pressure.
  3. Yup. I was told that you'll need a 41mm FCR if you intend to bb it up beyond that (?)
  4. Oh and I thought with all the guards (radiator, skidplate, caseshields, etc.) and rear rack and full tank of gas, I'd be pushing 170kgs (374lbs). I guess not now.
  5. A dude I know had the nut on the CS coming right off and now he's a bit of trouble with the shaft fallen in or something.
  6. Honestly I think there's little less you need to do. I would look at the gear ratios at point though, and what works for you (the style and type of riding you do).
  7. Fortunate enough for you, when I had a similar issue, i.e. bike started up but refused to idle and subsequently won't even fire up. I found out that it was a faulty stator coil. Under visual inspection of the coil, it doesn't look like it was having problems, nothing seem worn out. Something inside must've fried. Anyway, the bike's about 7 years old, I guess it was time for replacement. :S
  8. would be like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs if they did that.
  9. if you're hurting yourself more than you should, maybe you're pusher too hard. I lowside through a turn once in awhile. That's ok, cos I know it's just bad posture going through the turn, not sticking my foot out to balance and just a simple lack of focus for a split second.
  10. I just rode alone yesterday for a short while before a friend joined me later. It's quite a change; pull over, stop after a few good laps in the woods, it's you, your thoughts and nature. very refreshing.
  11. Keep them elbows up, don't let them go limp. Most important to think "smooth" and keep your grip on your throttle fairly loose. Don't overgrip. You wanna be "smooth" and not "fast", and keep telling yourself to relax. I was riding my DRZ400 pretty hard through the woods yesterday with a buddy on my tail and I had in me to keep telling myself to 1) breath easy, 2)be smooth and 3)stay relaxed. Keeping my arms up all the way. Made pretty good time with a tanker of a ride.
  12. Actually, we've got a ratings board, similar to that of DOT (I presume), approved helmets would come with stickers at the base of the helmet. Anyway the cops here are not as strict with the standards or so it seems at least.
  13. I didn't like the look of Arai's and far too common among my group of friends. So I bought that instead. So far so good, and seems to be a tad lighter than the Arai TX Motard.
  14. I bought this a couple weeks back. Shoei Hornet DS
  15. My mech tells me that hotcams would be an effective solution to the loss in low-end besides hi-comp pistons and e gasket. Better yet, a big bore kit.
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