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  1. todds924

    Rekluse clutch availbility for KTM 65?

    I have the IRP Auto clutch on my son's 2015 ktm 65 very good product.
  2. todds924

    Piston pin not central

    never re-use a circlip and the piston pin floatsbetween the circlips
  3. todds924

    07 Kawi will only jump/pull start. *help!**

    I had one with the same problem . You could bump start it no problem but no kick start.Turned out being the flywheel. Lost some of its magnatism. New flywheel and it Kickstart first kick
  4. todds924

    Engine bulletin on 2015?

    Yes there is a tech tip bulletin and yes they are having you grind flats on the pushrod only some of the bikes are making this noise
  5. todds924

    ktm 50 clutch ?

    All of the aftermarket stuff is garbage in my opinion. Spend once/spend right. Just get the oem stuff.
  6. todds924

    anyone come from 09 kx450 to the 10yz?

    I raced an 09 KX back to back motos with my 10 YZ and I hated the KX.it would have been alot better if I had a little set up time though. Motor was good, gearing was weird,suspension ok. shifter was way to short for my liking.
  7. Try it with JUST the Pipe first. I've tried a dozen different maps and keep going back to stock. The Marmont map was only good for WIDE open high speed tracks for me.
  8. I hated this map. It falls off to much on tighter tracks. On a wide open track it is ok.
  9. todds924

    Pilot jet problems

    No WAy, not in a million years,,,,could any reasonable person consider "Welding" the pipe together.."doing it right"I dont think theres enough metal shavings in that filter yet........And the crank is still good?
  10. todds924

    How reliable is the 10-12 450?

    C'mon Brent, i've seen you riding that thing at Perris........Looked like it was hauling ass to me.I think you might of just got a "BAD" one.
  11. todds924

    How reliable is the 10-12 450?

    Working on these things everyday............Reliability is the reasonI chose the YZ over the other brands. They are simply the mmost reliable 450 4 stroke..
  12. todds924

    Renthal TwinWalls on 2010 YZ

    Thats a sharp lookin YZ. Sweet! I like the triple clamps. Stock offset?
  13. todds924

    Renthal TwinWalls on 2010 YZ

    I am gonna try a set. I have been using the Henry/Reed ProTapers for years but want to try something different.
  14. Anybody with a 2010 using Twinwalls on there bike...and if so what bend do you prefer?? Just curious what bend you prefer with that bar.
  15. todds924

    love my 06 yz-f will i like a 2011 yz-f

    Or sitting for a long time of non-use. The ones I see fail are streetbikes mostly. and a couple KX 450's. Many times a good tap with the end of a screwdriver will get them working or with Hondas case on most of the VTX 1800's, they had a service bulletin they wanted you to very briefly hook a 12 volt power source directly to the pump while tapping on it to "free it up". That actually worked 50 percent of the time. A submerged in fuel pump that has been sitting for awhile WILL get gummed up just like a carburetor.