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  1. earthmx

    Where the HECK is James Stewart

    JS7 signed to ride with Jason Lawrence's team
  2. earthmx

    Blake Baggett Penalized

    According to Blake's trainer Blake's front tire was on the face of the triple when the flag came out. BS penality
  3. earthmx

    Grant Langston Reason for retirement?

    Grant is not only a great rider he is also a hell of a nice person as are his mom and dad
  4. earthmx

    Grant confirmed on TwoTwo.

    This was probably Josh's best season on the 450,hopefully he can build on it next season Remember K-Dub was almost done at one point but came back and stopped RC's second perfect season
  5. earthmx


    I was hoping Lawrence would straighten up and race,it aggravates me that talent can be wasted on someone who then chooses to waste it. motocross has a short professional career span for the majority of riders,people like Lawrence and Hansen choose not to take advantage of their abilities which is their choice.it is just a shame talent has to wasted on pinheads
  6. earthmx

    J-LAW Sighting! He's back!

    if he can stay out of trouble it would be good to see him back.i hate to see talent wasted.
  7. earthmx

    Dungey to race A1 with an Airshock!?

    sorry,i was referring to the air forks
  8. earthmx

    Dungey to race A1 with an Airshock!?

    KX and honda also have it
  9. earthmx

    J-Law coming back to moto

    his career in mx is over
  10. earthmx

    Im sorry to do it, but...

    as of 2011 his semi was still parked at bills pipes in corona,bill said his agent was still paying rent on the space lawrence rented from him. i talked with a couple of guys that know him and they said he was still acting like an ass. its a shame so much talent is wasted on someone who doesnt appreciate it
  11. earthmx

    concussion ****ing suck

    how do you know?
  12. earthmx

    concussion ****ing suck

    Have you tried St. Johns Wort ? It seems to help her with some symptoms.
  13. earthmx

    concussion ****ing suck

    i am looking for any info anyone might have on post concussion sndrome i.e any idea how long it lasts,what kind of medication if any your doctor is prescribing etc. my girl friend is 3 months plus and the doctors have not been much help. anyone ever suffer this or no anyone who has any and all info would be appreciated
  14. earthmx

    post concussion syndrome

    my girlfriend crashed may 1,2011 she was okay at the time,but in june she was having her nails done and became ill to the point the people at the salon called 911. she was diagnosed with post concussion syndrome,we are now at sept.5th and she is suffering anxiety which to date the only thing that has helped her is ativan. this has been going on for 3+ months now,has anyone else had this? if so how long did it take to get over it? what were you prescribed that helped you deal with it etc? this doesnt seem to be something the doctors are completely familiar with so any input would be greatly appreciated. the crash was not a simple fall over she races the 40 master class and got sideways doing a step down,so the impact was pretty hard. thanks pat