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  1. OldYelMXer

    Bike bouncing/hobby horsing on the highway

    Hey Reid, I have a 2007 DRZ S and can tell you that it will cruise 65 as smooth a road bike. The E model uses rim locks in the tires to hold the tire to the rim. But it also adds weight and will cause your tires to not be balanced. If you still have the rim locks on the bike, that's likely the issue. = )
  2. OldYelMXer

    App not working

    Not sure. I saw I had app updates and saw the TT app. In the list. After the update, it still errored with a network error about about config something. I bounced my Galaxy 5 but the app still errored. I went in to the app manager and found th TT app as you suggested. Had to dig to find that it was in the Storage tab and then had two choices to clear. I just cleared both storage and the cache and then the TT app was able to start up. = )
  3. OldYelMXer

    App not working

    Hey Brian, I just updated my TT app and cleared my storage and cache and the TT app was able to start up. First time in a while. Thanks for mentioning about clearing the storage. = )
  4. OldYelMXer

    3x3 airbox modification procedure.

    Sorry, I pulled it off by hand.
  5. OldYelMXer

    3x3 airbox modification procedure.

    I was able to pull my snorkel into the air box. = )
  6. OldYelMXer

    Site readability

    Yeah, I'm seeing them too. I'm using the TT app.
  7. OldYelMXer


    Hey Scott, We replaced our petcocks with E model petcocks. Just like the TT model in your picture, we had to carefully route our fuel line. If you get the E model petcock, with the stock steel tank you will need to use the spacer from the stock petcock to clear the tank seams. = )
  8. OldYelMXer

    Site readability

    I use the mobile app on a android device and it looks the same to me. Need to figure out how not to enter my I'd and pwd every time. Took a little hunting to update my avatar.
  9. OldYelMXer

    trouble shoot help

    I'd check your oil and make sure it isn't full of gas. Just start your bike up, let it idle for 3 to 5 minutes, shut the motor off then pull your oil check stick out and see if it smells like gas. = )
  10. OldYelMXer

    Woman leaning towards buying men's gear

    Hey Katie, I also have found that Fly's have worked really well. I also have a set of Moose leathers that fit. Both are over the boots. I use the Fly's for summer (lots of vents) and the Moose for winter riding. When you look at leathers also look at the at the draw systems. I've gone big on the waist to fit my hips but the draw system needs to be able to take up the waist. = )
  11. Hi fpsrandy, I think that you will find that a 250 just doesn't have the power to do the speeds that you are talking about. I've read a number of post from WR 250 and CRF 250 riders talking about their challenges. You might want to do some research in either of the forums. = )
  12. OldYelMXer

    Contitrail Attack 2 17" for my DRZ-400s?

    The original Bridgestone Trail Wings work very well for what your thinking of too. = )
  13. OldYelMXer

    Starting Issue after oil change

    Awesome. Glad to hear. = )
  14. OldYelMXer

    Starting Issue after oil change

    DRZ_Swooz, A common problem with DRZs is related to the stock petcock and carb issues such as a problem float valve or breaking apart o-ring on the needle jet. If thus is the issue, you will find that you have gas in your oil. When you get enough gas in the oil, the engine will run for a shirt period of time and then stall. The you have to wait for a period of time before it will start. Start your DRZ up, run it till it shuts down, then check your oil. While you have the dip stick out, smell it to see if it smells like gas. = )
  15. OldYelMXer

    1978 suzuki rm125 silencer question

    Your dad is correct, you can't repack the stock silencer. Take a look at the FMF silencer. My ears are still ringing from my RM. Sure loved that bike. = )