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  1. Did the change over for same reasons bought a 4x4 quad (not my frist) enjoy it more when out with the family for sure plus where we leave it's really wet in the spring so lots of mud and winters normally more then a foot of snow so can ride almost all year.
  2. All I was saying was the areas where we go a 2 wheel drive don't cut it that's why I got rid if the raptor and bought a rincon 650. Plus this way I can pack enough stuff if I needed to I can stay in the bush for a night. U got to ask yourself where most of your riding will be and are u in a place where u get 4 seasons and plan to ride in all of them that's all
  3. If I had a dollor every time a sport quad said he could go anywhere I can go with my 4x4 quad it puts a smile on my face as I don't care who u are u can't go every where 4x4 quads go.
  4. K I assume I can run all day on res for the last ride of the season thou?
  5. Like it says my 2003 rincon only seems to wants to run on res? Anyone elase havin this problem will it run like that all day? Have a group ride happen on the weekend and need to be able to go hate to go and it only run a few miles tried to tonight rode around a bit as soon as turned the fuel to on sputtered and died?
  6. Think it's the battery for sure not sure about the charging system as it started with a good battery . Buy a new battery take a ride and find out by my 2 cents
  7. So just picked up a rincon and not sure why but once it warms up the idle needs to be turned down or it's to high what causes this
  8. Not west but a little north is vega great ridein for both bikes and quads
  9. So we were out the other day forces ride and part way though the day the wife says that there is a clucking sound? So I take the quad down the trail and yep there is after we get back and load I see oil on the shock and the seal must have blown just woundering other then the sound and ride think it will wreak it as it was a bit of a ride back to the truck
  10. T-Cat


    Do they not make a good trail quad?
  11. Westlock here just got back to dirt riding picked up a crf 450
  12. T-Cat


    We'll after putting a soild 6 hours on the v-rod I love a raw power and sound but I am staying on the SV just need to change the bars to a higher postion to take the stress of the wrist and put cruise control on it and maybe a gel seat(put 3200kms on my own bike over 3 days as we'll and my backside was sore) m. Anyone offer a bar chocie that may work on the SV
  13. T-Cat


    I don't know if the v-rod has it or not.
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